1. lamboman

    Sennheiser Momentum, Harman Kardon BT, and a few others...

    Hi all,   After a rather poor customer service experience with Apple, they have offered me £100 to spend on anything that I would like from their online store (which of course means a limited range of headphones). This should mean that I will be able to essentially get a substantial discount...
  2. Mizwa

    Can someone help me?

    I can't deside between the AKG K 495NC, AKG K 550 AND Harman Kardon BT.   Which one is the better choice for home and travel? And if someone tested these, which one has the better sound? I'am totally new with over/on ear headphones.   Thanks
  3. Giogio

    Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

    Hello everybody. If you are in a hurry you find the lists of Best BT Headphones on the second half of this post CHANGE OF DIRECTION. As you may know, I am organising what will probably be the biggest side-by-side Comparison of Bluetooth Headphones ever made. More than 100 models, basically all...
  4. TritonMan

    which is better Harman Kardon BT overear VS Bose SIE2 sport in-ear

    I listen to a lot of 80's music. Which headphone is the best sound for 80's music and some southern gospel
  5. p a t r i c k

    Bluetooth Headphones' Signal Strength

    For some time I've been using a pair of Sandstrom SBTHP11X bluetooth headphones with my MacBook Pro. The sound quality from these is basic but I use them when watching TV programmes and doing a bit of housework at the same time. They are fine for dialogue. The headphones have died all of a...
  6. oilcity

    HELP travel headphone comparison, UE 9000, or 550-x. ANYTHING helps

    Hey guys, I have been searching this forum for a few days for advice. So I hope I am not beating a dead horse here. I own and operate a heavy equipment business, and am looking for headphones to wear while working in the equipment. Obviously, ANC is desired, however I was looking into a...
  7. Jemi200

    Moved to Full Sized Headphone Recommendations Thread

    I want to get one to eventually use on the PS4 when it comes out.  I currently have Grado SR80i's and they've been great to me for over 2 years.   Should I get them now or by the time the PS4 comes out there will be a better one?   I don't know the release schedule but I feel like even...
  8. quarrymen

    HD600 vs HD650 vs Maddogs vs DT880's for metal/rock and all-round use.

    Dear Head-Fiers,     I'm looking for an all-round headphone that will see use in music, movies and gaming.     I was previously considering a DT880 paired with a tube amp but now I've read that headphones like the DT880, HD600 and HD650 are only good for classical and jazz, and are...
  9. kodreaming

    Eartips for Harman Kardon 720

    Hi guys,   What are some eartips that are compatible with Harman Kardon 720 ?   Thanks
  10. karljs

    Anything with zero noise bleed? Up to $400 or so

    I'm not sure that what I want even exists, but here it goes. I work in a silent environment and need it to stay that way. I've owned several sets of IEMs and just don't find them comfortable. I really want something full-sized.   I know closed-back headphones are generally best for this...
  11. MarioCaires

    Portable Headphones for £300!

    Hi ppl, I'm looking for a Portable Headphones to listen House music mostly, what do you recommend this days? Thanks in advance Mario
  12. bradhull

    Opinions, please?

    I know that head-fi isn't all that big on "popular" headphones (actually, that may be an understatement), but I've got my eyes set on a pair of Fanny Wang 1000 series headphones. I like the portability and durability. Before I buy these, however, I want to make sure that they will be good for...
  13. cdstamper

    Opinions? Good over-the-ear headphones.

    Guess this is the place for this, so here goes...   I'm looking for some decent heaphones to use in the office. To give you an idea, I stream music on spotify, and don't have a decent amp (I have a cheesy Creative USB soundcard). I've have been using in-ear's like Klipsch iS4, Shure SCL2...
  14. soccerdu25

    $200 dollar budget!

    Hey guys,   I need a new pair of headphones for under $200 ( it can go a little over if needed ) I certainly would like to spend as little as possible, but don't get me wrong here I want quality! I would like them to look pretty cool, but that is all personal to me, so just send me what...
  15. jaybar

    Low impedance headphone for iPhone 5 that can handle phone calls?

    Hi   I am looking for low impedance headphone that can also handle phone calls on my iPhone 5, in addition to music. Type of prones in order of preference:   over-ear on-ear in-ear   Over ear would be most preferred. I have never had in-ear. Lighter is better. I am looking for...
  16. angevoi

    Headphones with portable gear Thread - Comparisons & Charts

    It's hard to find an ideal gear with lots of criterias and lack of budget. Here is a chart with headphones selection.                            HD600 is not really efficient, needs a decent amp but i still preferred them with my 9V cmoy amp to...
  17. chumichael129

    Any 2012 Headphones?

    I'm looking for a new set of headphones and to start off (and I feel bad about this now D: ) is that I own a set of Beats Pros and Plan to sell them (to a friend) so I could buy another. I've looked into several headphones, The Audio-Technica ATH M50's, Crossfade M-80's and the Incase Sonic. The...
  18. augustya

    Need Suggestion on a Good Wireless Bluetooth Headphones ?

    Hey Guys Hi !   I need help and suggestion on buying a Wireless Bluetooth Headphones which I wanna use with my Apple devices iPhone & iPad. "Wireless and Bluetooth is a must". I listen to a lot of Techno, Trance, House music so a powerful Bass is also a must. I was thinking about the Harmon...
  19. HiFiGuy528

    NEW! harman/kardon by HARMAN Classic CL vs. BT shootout video

    If you are at an Apple store and have money in your pocket waiting to be spent on headphones, I hope my shootout video will help you narrow down which harman/kardon headphones to buy.  
  20. remmy123

    Harman Kardon BT first impressions

    May be wrong forum but here we go. I picked up the Harman Kardon BT at the Apple store today and here is my first impressions.      Sound: So, these are pretty damn good. Id say these are a serious bang for the buck. HK did a slam dunk on this one. I am seriously impressed as Ive ALWAYS...
  21. Harman Kardon BT

    Harman Kardon BT

    Harman Kardon Bluetooth Over-Ear Wireless Headphones with built in mic. Driver: 40mm Freq: 16-20k hz MSRP: $249.95 Currently available only at Aple retailers