1. A

    Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 vs. Shure SRH240A vs. Sony MDR-EX750

    Hi I'm very new to these forums, and I know these headphones you see on the title aren't in the same range. There is a reason for that. Due to working at an electronics store, I can get a brand new pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 for 125 USD. The problem is that I have quite a few earbuds and...
  2. mifero766

    Bluetooth IEM/Headphones

    Hi! I want to ask for your opinion regarding the following BT Headphones/IEM. I'm choosing which headphone/IEM to buy with good features for my money. For IEMs Sony MW600 $47.50 -can use different earphone/speaker and good battery life JayBird Gear BlueBuds X $170 -expensive but they...
  3. Allanmarcus

    Comfort confusion

    Hello. I have three sets of IEMs with the same tips (Comply TS-500s), but two sets (DN-1000, BlueBuds X) are very comfortable, and one set (IE80) is not. Is this because of different insertion lengths? Any ideas?    Thanks
  4. xHyperNova

    Beats By Dre

    So I have a Ultrasone Pro 900 and the Jaybird Bluebud X. I'm looking for something really muddy and dirty for some dubstep and EDM, are beats the way to go? The last time I tried their IEMs was a free promotion for a HTC phone and I lovveeddd them
  5. Giogio

    Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

    Hello everybody. If you are in a hurry you find the lists of Best BT Headphones on the second half of this post CHANGE OF DIRECTION. As you may know, I am organising what will probably be the biggest side-by-side Comparison of Bluetooth Headphones ever made. More than 100 models, basically all...
  6. kloan

    Jaybird Bluebuds X still the best bluetooth earphones? Who has the best price?

    What's the general consensus on the Jaybird Bluebuds? Are they still considered the best sounding in-ear bluetooth earphones?   Anyone know who has the best price for them?
  7. adv07

    Earbuds for the Jaybird Bluebuds X

    Ive found that I have very abnormal ear canals. No common ear bud fits my ears, theyre always too big. I recently bought the jaybird headphones and came across the same problem.The only earbuds that I have found to fit perfectly in the past were the triple flanged (tree shaped) ones given with...
  8. Baroninkjet

    IEMs and exercise: That great sucking feeling

    I know I am not the only one who has experienced this. If I get a snug enough fit to get good sound, perspiration eventually leads to an in-ear vacuum effect which is very annoying. Silicon tips are the worst, but I have the same problem with Comply. Currently I am using Jaybird Bluebuds X...
  9. lukevaka

    Help Please! Looking for the best bluetooth earbuds/headphones for gym workouts

    I train a lot. I hate using wired earbuds while training. Any suggestions for a secure fit set of Bluetooth earbuds that stay in-ear or good Bluetooth headphones for training?
  10. swetsaar

    Q: Does anyone have the jaybird bluebuds x?

    Hello I Would like to buy the jaybird earphones, but i have never tried them, i would like to know if the sound leaks   Thank you
  11. bhazard

    Cannice, Handream, & Rambotech (Anker, Audiosynq, Jaycar, Jaybird?, MeElectronics AF71 Air-fi, mWorks) Bluetooth 4.0 Apt-x Earphones/Headphones

    Found an OEM while searching for good chinese headphones called Rambotech. These seem to be one of the first few good apt-x bluetooth (rechargeable) earphones with in-line controls. They also seem to be very similar to the $150 Jaybird Bluebird X and $90 MEEelectronics AF71.   Rambotech...
  12. thinh4u2

    Looking for wireless IEMs for workout/gym

    Looking for wireless IEMs for workout/gym Budget: $100-200 Music:  variety (but mostly Kpop and mainstream American/British)     So far, the Jaybird Bluebuds X looks enticing.  How do the Jaybird Freedom Sprint and Planatronics Go 2 compare?  Any other suggestions?
  13. TheDarkKnight

    Powerbeats2 or Jaybird Bluebuds , which is the better bluetooth model?

    Not sure if this is the proper forum to put this in, but wanted to get some feedback for those that might have one or have used both.   I used the Motorola S9 for many years, skipped the 10 because of bad reviews, then bought an S-11 Flex and it actually sounded better than the 9.   Now that...
  14. GusGF

    What model are these Shure headphones?

    Dug up (literally ​) my old Shure IEMs which go back as far as 2005 if not earlier but have no idea what model they are. They look like E4Cs but they are damned expensive and I wouldn't have paid that much I'm sure. Bass is weak compared to my Jaybird Bluebuds X for example but that could be...
  15. exzacklyright

    Sport Bluetooth Earbuds. Anything better than the Jaybird Bluebuds X?

    Tried them on at one point but could not get them to fit so I returned them. I'm wondering if they'll be releasing another updated series though soon. The bluebuds x have been out for awhile now. I also would like them to pair with the phone's volume which they don't do currently.    Any other...
  16. Rurouni

    Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 versus Bluebuds X?

    Hi everyone, been a while since I've posted here, and when I've done so, its mainly with wired cans and in-ears. Due to convenience, have recently purchased a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Go 2 bluetooth in-ears. They sound pretty good for general listening and seems to excel for songs with a...
  17. crazykidguy

    Help making final decision on portable earbuds.

    I've been meaning to finally settle down and pick up a pair of quality ear-buds after having many cheap pairs break on me over the years. At the moment, I'm debating on these ear-buds in no particular order. 1: Jaybirds BlueBuds X Sports Bluetooth Headphones  2: Plantronics BlackBeat Go 2...
  18. JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones

    JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones

    Bluebuds X have been designed and developed with every ideal in mind. Wireless Music+Calls coupled with Superior Audio Performance, a revolutionary 8 hour battery play time, Patented Secure Fit for Sports, Sweat Proof Nano coating locks moisture out, and the all new X-Fit, you have the option of...