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What model are these Shure headphones?

  1. GusGF
    Dug up (literally [​IMG]​) my old Shure IEMs which go back as far as 2005 if not earlier but have no idea what model they are. They look like E4Cs but they are damned expensive and I wouldn't have paid that much I'm sure. Bass is weak compared to my Jaybird Bluebuds X for example but that could be like comparing apples to oranges! 
    I've added a bit of Sugru to support the cable and help keep it intact as the insulation become brittle. They still work fine!
  2. milford30
    Looks like E4c to me, E3 doesn't have the reflective band and e2/e5 is a totally different shape
  3. GusGF
    Actually let me qualify that about the bass, on the above the bass is positively wimpish compared to the se215. Is this to be expected?
  4. B9Scrambler

    Spot on good sir;

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