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Bluebuds X have been designed and developed with every ideal in mind. Wireless Music+Calls...

JayBird BlueBuds X Sport Bluetooth Headphones

  • Bluebuds X have been designed and developed with every ideal in mind. Wireless Music+Calls coupled with Superior Audio Performance, a revolutionary 8 hour battery play time, Patented Secure Fit for Sports, Sweat Proof Nano coating locks moisture out, and the all new X-Fit, you have the option of lifting the cord off your neck for the perfect workout headphones. As the Official traning Headphone of USA Triathlon, you can be confident knowing you are selecting a trusted and proven sport headphone

Recent Reviews

  1. elindil
    Definitly does not live to hype.
    Written by elindil
    Published Feb 3, 2016
    Pros - Best sound quality from a running bluetooth headphone set.
    Cons - Piss poor durability
    Bought a set of bluebuds x in January 2015 ins Singapore at roughly S$230.00. I am not sure whether it was a sweat related issue or a battery issue, but my first pair failed on me within 2 months. I could "charge" it, but headset died almost immediately when i switched it on.
    Went to the local warrenty center, had it exchanged for a new pair. This time i took additional care when charging the headphone, using my pc (low amperage) to charge the headset. Same thing happened to this headset. I was beginning to think that the sweat could have gotten into the device somehow.
    Took it back to the warrenty center, managed to convince the warrenty center manager to replace my bluebuds x with a bluebuds x2. After 4 runs, the headset died on me again.
    Now for something that costs more then S$100, i expected some form of reliability from it. This product is just disappointing. Don't get me wrong, audio quality is one of the best out there, when it comes to bluetooth headsets. But given the durability, this product is certainly not worth it. Not gonna try my luck with "sweat resistant" headsets anymore.
    At this price point, I don't get the company's business model, which is  to keep supplying it's customers with replacement units, knowing that's products will fail. Replacements may be easy in the US, but certainly not so in other countries.
    I am now rocking sony b trainer, which is supposed to be "sweatproof". At S$350.00, it has a gps, hr monitior amongst other sensors. Pricewise this product is definitely worth it. See http://runningcommentarysg.blogspot.sg/2015/08/final-verdict-sonys-smart-b-trainer.html for independant reivew.
    Will keep this review updated on the durability of the sonys.
    Update: Sony B trainers are proving to be a excellent product. No issues with sweat. No signal drops. No issues with battery. Device's ability to track my runs, is outstanding. You will find that sound quality is above average. All in all an excellent product. Moving forward, I am definitely gonna be cautious when purchasing products from un established brands as compared to established brands.
  2. cptcrust
    Does not live up to the claim
    Written by cptcrust
    Published Feb 2, 2016
    Pros - Sounds great
    Cons - Lifespan of months
    I was given these as a gift ...last xmas , they lasted about 8 months then died .Jaybird replaced them Those replacements just died after less than 50 uses ...As I dont have the receipt (it was a gift ) they offered to sell me a pair for $104 .Why would I buy a pair of headphones that consistently die prematurely?
    They are great when they work , but these headphones die faster than any other brand , so buyer beware
  3. ActiveTechREV
    Best wireless sound quality if you don't mind sending them in a few months to be replaced. I will buy these again or the next version
    Written by ActiveTechREV
    Published Jan 29, 2015
    Pros - Best wireless sound quality, light weight, great battery life, very stable in the ear once you figure out the right fit
    Cons - Cumbersome to Fit, Fail easily
    Experience with Customer Service
    In case you want to see a video review, search youtube for "Jaybird Real time Review" and my video should be first on the list.
    I'm going to start by saying that Jaybird as a company has fantastic customer service. I've ran into problems with my headphones and got replacments within a reasonable amount of time.  They're quick to respond and I can't say enough of how awesome I've been treated.
    I bought these back in September 2013 and have had these as my go to since Last week Janruary 2015. This is the longest I've ever owned a set of high quality headphones and I love them.  I'm having some sellers remorse and want them back. There's a good chance I will own these again or the next version of these phones in the future.
    I speak so highly of their customer service because they have a very liberal replacment policy.  It seems that they really care about maintaining a strong brand.  I've been out of warranty but have still gotten replacements.  I guess technically, they were in warranty.  They have a life time sweat proof warranty. So if the headphones were to fail because of sweat they will replace them, just as long as you have proof of purchase. So if you buy these, buy them from authorized reseller.
    Over the course of 16 months these headphones have failed a total of 4 times.  You would think that after it failed I would be upset, but the reason why i'm not is that there is no other set of wireless earbuds that sound this good and have strong customer service.  The first time they failed, on side gave out and i just exchanged it at best buy ( bought it from best buy using an amazon price match).  Second & third time they failed and they stopped charging.  Sent them in and got a brand new one. The 4th time I sent them in I had a pairing issue that was annoying. 
    When I got the new ones back I decided that I wanted a different set up. 
    Sound Quality
    By far the best sounding. Base is rich and warm.  Maybe my expectation were low, but I was blown away that these were wired headphones.  Keep in mind the reason why I was blown away was because I was using apple earpods at the time.  Mids and highs are clear and compliment the base.  Doesn't sound muddy. They are not better than wired headphones.  As I type this review I'm listening to some daft punk on my recently purchased Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro's and the detail I'm hearing is something you won't hear.
    During the time I had to send the Jaybirds for repair, I tried the Back Beat Go 2 headphones and it was dissapointing how poor they sounded.  Jaybird has done something special to make their sound good. It's adequite and the quality you lose from wired headphones is worth having now wires based on my use.
    I've watched some videos on the Jaybirds and the main complain I hear is the fit.  You have to fiddle around with the right fit.  The best fit for me was to wear them upsidedown so that I could have the cable wrap around my ear and hug my head.  I did experience some discomfort with my ears because of the "wings" that are used to secure them in when wearing them for over an hour.  Typically, these can be difficult to wear for more than 2 hours.
    Best Use & Final Opinion
    I'm a personal trainer and work in a commerical gym.  I have gym bags and move stuff around alot. I'm very active.  These headphones are perfect for someone that wants the best sound  in a wireless earbud.  When I do buy these again I will probably get the Comply Foam tips or find a double or triple flange tip to improve the seal. These are great for me because I can keep one in my ear and one out. It's easy to stuff them in my pocket or rest around my neck.
    Closing thoughts
    Figuring out the fit is cumersome and can be annoying.  Take the time to try to figure it out so you can get it work for you.  Be patient and figure out the right set up.  Also, see if you can find better aftermarket tips.  After trying a minimum of 3 fit combinations and you still can't get it to work for you, return them.
  4. wpfloridian
    Bluetooth! You've come a long way baby!
    Written by wpfloridian
    Published Jul 28, 2014
    Pros - Great Fidelity, Long Life Battery along with Functionality to take phone calls!
    Cons - Does not beat wired systems. Even with accessories it is not a perfect fit...
    A decade ago; I had bought into the crappy Logitech Bluetooth devices which I swore NEVER to buy again deeming it a bad technology. Ten years later; I now needed an in wireless in-ear device for the office that would provide me with a decent stereo sound and eliminate the clutter of wires and everything involved in having a portable head amp in my office. At first, the price seemed high but the convenience is worth it.
    The three things to consider:
    Sound Quality. Being Head-fi....I could go on for years debating this. In one sentence: Stereo sound is good but is does not win over wired headsets. The quality during phone calls though was excellent. It does NOT have a bassy tone; but they sound great in the mids and highs. If you want bassy sound buy something cheap and save your money.
    Comfort. The package came with accessories for comfort.. my ears care NOT symmetric and what works on one side is short or falls off in the other. I am still working on this. But for being stationary at the desk they work.
    Battery Life. Have had them for a month and they will stay powered for almost eight (8) hours. I cannot complains.
    I hope this helps.


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