1. W

    Plantronics Voyager 8200-UC Stereo Bluetooth Headset Problem

    Hello, This is my first post here, so I don't know if I am not sure I am posting in the right place, if not, I am sorry. First and foremost, thank you for having me here. I bought a Plantronics Voyager 8200-UC Stereo Bluetooth Headset (privately). I bought it because I was told that it can...
  2. zato23

    NEED HELP from Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 owners

    I am trying to repair my Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 and i need the board scheme I asked company to give it to me but they told me that they cant provide me such informations If someone who own this headphones can open them (it is very easy ,remove the earpads and then 4 screws on each side)...
  3. Playstation

    Getting my Rigs recabled

    I have the Plantronics Rigs 500 series that I've been using with a smsl dac, requiring a splitter/adaptor. The headphones have chips soldered to the speakers on one side and the cable on the other for both ears. I'm wanting to upgrade the cable and possibly do away with the 3.5mm trrs jack...
  4. Giogio

    Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

    Hello everybody. If you are in a hurry you find the lists of Best BT Headphones on the second half of this post CHANGE OF DIRECTION. As you may know, I am organising what will probably be the biggest side-by-side Comparison of Bluetooth Headphones ever made. More than 100 models, basically all...

    Tt Shock or Plantronics .Audio 995

    Hello, I want to get a new headset - for gaming, and I have narrowed my choices down to these... Tt Shock or Plantronics .Audio 995. Please could you give me an idea of which one to get? It would be much appreciated! Thank you!
  6. MT45

    Plantronics Backbeat Go2 Mini Review

    Just got these on a whim for running and exercising purposes so I thought I'd share what I think so far.   They are designed with a pouch that is also a back up battery and I'm not sure in practice where this would benefit - though it's a cool feature. I used these on a flight to SLC and...
  7. kwitel

    Recommendation for a Binaural Bluetooth Headset for the office?

    Hello all-   I am looking for a headset that I can use with my mobile phone, that covers both ears and that would be used SOLELY for calls. This does not need to be bale to play music nor does it need the type of sound that music warrants.   So far I have found the: Jabra PRO 9465 Duo, but...
  8. uber41

    Ear Tip Search

    I'm new to the community, so this question may have already been posted...    A while back I bought a pair of the Plantronics Backbeat 216 headphones.  The headphones themselves were forgettable, but the ear tips were amazing!  They were easy to put on and pull off the earphones, were extra...
  9. headfimarc


  10. Dakkon

    Gaming Headset - Specific questions

    Hey Head-Fi!   I was directed here to ask some questions since you guys are the experts in sound and headphones. Currently, I'm running a logitech ClearChat which has been doing the job and its wireless but its starting to break after a year and a half or so of use so I'm looking into...