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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. bladefd

    Hmm, interesting. I will definitely consider it. B&O provides 15 days of trying while B&W allows 60 days. Do you think these wireless headphones require any burning in like with wired headphones?

    What I'm a bit concerned about is finding a BT adapter that will connect these headphones to my pc so I can try things other than just music, such as movies, flac files and movies. I also would want to compare the mic qualities so I would need an adapter that can both transmit and receive data - only one I found so far that does it while with APTX support is Sennheiser BTD800.. Argh, I am not sure if it will even work with these headphones.. I know p7 has 2 mics while h7 has 1 mic so I am curious how they match up for call quality..

    I can try them on my Samsung Galaxy s6 as well. Basically, I would need to figure out music that goes both low and music that goes high in notes to compare bass and treble. Not sure yet.
  2. Sonic Defender Contributor
    No burn in to worry about IMO. As for BT adapters, I bought an inexpensive one that I used with movies on Netflix and had zero issues with latency. It is an Azio BT USB dongle that has Apt X, works like a charm was about $39 Canadian.
  3. Sound Eq
    been a while when I followed Bluetooth headphones
    so what is the verdict which is the best in the market for best bass, mids, and high and sound stage also that are not harsh at all , in the bleutooth headphones out there
    price is not an issue
    also I like one that sits tight on the head and does not fall easy from the head as I will be using it doing workout, so it has to have a bit of clamping force
    anything that has the conscensus that its the best out there or anything is about to be released that is soon to be released
  4. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I will nominate the B&W P7 without hesitation. I think it ticks everything you mentioned very well. There is a new audio Technica coming out first quarter 2017 that will be Apt X HD, but frankly I think high rez isn't really worth worrying about, but that is me. The AT will also not use a DAC and feature a direct digital amplification stage so that is interesting, but again, likely irrelevant as the distortion they say is removed by not using a DAC I'm positive is completely inaudible under any real life listening situations.
    I think the AT may be an interesting sound signature and it looks nice (go to pocketlink web site for the story). But for what is on the marketplace now I suspect the P7 is very tough to beat.
  5. Sound Eq

    ​p7 looks interesting so shall I assume it sounds better than momentum 2 my grip with momentum 2 was it falls easy of my head when doing some work out, I need to make sure the clamping force is tight and not loose.
    I never was a fan of audio technical especially m50 who everyone loved as those to me sounded too metallic, and that is not a signature I like so I do not know if I like audio technical house sound
  6. Sonic Defender Contributor
    The P7 holds very securely so fit shouldn't be an issue.
  7. Sound Eq

    ​thanks for all the feedback especially I can not try them before buying
    and just to double check that it has no harshness and that the bass is good on it
  8. bladefd


    ^ That? Does it activate your onboard mics too on your p7?
  9. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Preferences are very subjective, but I can't imagine anybody finding the P7 harsh, but I suppose it is possible. The bass is exceptional, but I actually do like to dial down some mid-bass just a little (about -3.5db).
  10. kurochin
    Got to sample it a few days ago, and I agree. Sounds exceptionally good. A bit too loud in the styling department for my tastes (because I'm an unfashionable old git who prefers his headphones understated) and a tad too pricey when you stop and think about how fast wireless headphone tech is moving these days, and earcups might get too warm in the climate I reside in (was fine trying it in the air conditioned store though), but I've got no complaints about the sound. It walks that line between hifi and audiophile signatures very well.
  11. Techfixation
    Another nomination for the P7's...frankly the best out there at the moment imo!

    Definitely don't sound harsh and they grip nicely without becoming uncomfortable. Not sure I'd want to work out in them though....they're a bit too "posh" for that....not sure they'd appreciate being sweated on!
  12. erich6
    I think Amazon listings are way overpriced for the Onkyo H500BT.  I got mine at an Inmotion store in the U.S. for $199 (they are all over U.S. airports).  Great deal IMO.  I totally agree with Sonic Defender's description of these headphones--they have a very good build quality and they sound great.  I also found them much more comfortable to B&O offerings which is important for me since Ill wear them for extended listening sessions.  
    I use them with my iPhone using Tidal and no amp is needed since they are low impedance.  I've tried them wired and wireless and it's hard to tell the difference though it is there (wired is better).  Despite being on-ear they hold their own with over-ear/larger driver cans and the soundstage is great...not quite as good as an open-back can but close.
    By the way, while iPhones don't use AptX they do support A2DP Bluetooth profile and transmit via the AAC codec which is a lossless format.  The Onkyo's are compatible with these profiles/codecs as well as AptX and SBC.
  13. apaar123
    Anyone have any info abt new audio technica bluetooth headphones?
  14. Meepoker
    You can check out the specs here: https://www.audio-technica.co.jp/atj/list_model.php?categoryId=1010111&sortType=releaceDate
    Its sorted out by release date, the first 4 are latest ranges coming sale on Nov 25 (Japan).
  15. Sound Eq
    just purchased the P7 wireless
    it sounds so dam fantastic
    amazing bluetooth headphone 
    i am so glad it turned out amazing, as i bought it without auditioning it
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