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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. matteventu
    But do you feel tue BBP sounds better than QC25? And compared to some Sonys?

    While no way that BBP is better then H500BT, right?
  2. Techfixation

    The BBP is OK sounding but they are getting a bit long in the tooth and there are now better headphones about for the same cost. I have heard good things said about the soon to be released BBP 2's though, so they could be one to watch out for?

    The H500BT's are in a different league to the BBP's though! If you don't care about NC then the ones to beat at the moment are the Onkyo H500BT's and the B&W P7's. They sound almost identical with great detail and sound quality. The P7's have a touch more mid bass (barely anything in it) and slightly better staging. If you prefer a more portable headphone though and an On Ear design, then at less than half the price of the P7's the Onkyo's are an incredible buy!
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  3. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes, the H500BT are easily the best value in terms of sound quality to cost ratio I have experienced. The P7 just keeps flat out impressing me. I am going to do a proper review of it soon as it really deserves it and I'm looking forward to the opportunity. The P7 would be my pick if I didn't need to weigh in cost or absolute portability as the H500BT will easily win the portability battle.
    I'm surprised more people haven't tried the ONKYO, I guess it will be our little secret for now. Did you manage to sell your H500BT, or did you keep it? I can't bring myself to sell them yet.
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  4. erich6

    ​Onkyo would benefit from a bit of marketing investment and wider distribution.  In the U.S., I only see them in the airport Inmotion stores and usually they have only a couple stashed in a corner.  I love my H500BTs and personally I think they are more comfortable and have better sound than any of the popular portables (like B&O's, etc.). I have yet to try the new P7s though...sounds like a winner (though 2X the cost may not be warranted).
  5. Techfixation

    No still not sold them, if someone was to offer me the £90 I was looking for then I'd happily let them go to a new home where they'd get better use. If not then I'd happily keep them as spares, or if I needed more portability.

    It's strange that so few places stock them inc. Amazon. Currently in the UK there are only 2 online stores that stock them! It's not like they're a small unheard of company, they produce some of the very best audio equipment including my highly rated AV receiver.

    In a way it makes them feel even more special, that so few people own them or have even heard of them!
  6. matteventu
    I was looking for over-ear BT headphones in a range of 150-320£, so H500BT wouldn't fit in the group because they're on-ear, but I am very surprised about the quality you all talk about even more if compared to its low price (169£ in UK).
    The thing that makes me not buy the H500BT, for now at least, is:
    - ok they're on-ear
    - the wired cable 3.5mm connector is not L-shaped :frowning2: and this is a MUST for me since I tend to break all the "I" shaped connectors lol (ok this is wireless so I would most use it in BT mode, but you never know...)
    - they're not sold in Amazon UK (I really can't understand why)

    I would mostly use them to commute from/to work.

    The other headphones that are in my list, and that I've been monitoring on Amazon for months, are:

    - Plantronics BackBeat Pro (pro: features, battery life; cons: size, portability, maybe sound) - never tried
    - Sony MDR-100abn (pro: size, portability; cons: I may not like the sound) - I have tried them at John Lewis, but they are a demo-model with an embedded not-detachable cable (yes) so I couldn't try them via BT (they don't even turn on) and I also doubt that they have something to do with the actual model
    - Sony MDR-1abt (pro: sound; cons: touch controls, availability because probably they're going to be discontinued in a few months) - I have tried them one time in a shop because an agent had them as daily headphones, but sadly I don't remember how they sounded, also if I'm pretty sure I remember I liked them better than the (demo)MDR-100abn.
    - B&O Play H7 (pro: I LOVE the design, the sound seems "ok", they're premium; cons: I'm not sure about portability and durability of leather) - I have tried them as well at John Lewis (real H7 model, not demo), but I think they sounded not very loud at all... But the comfort and feeling was great.

    I have already discarded the various Sennheiser and B&W models, for various reasons.

    Another thing that is a must: they have to not leak much sound. I mean, I know that the more they're louder the more they're prone to leak, but at least I'd like "less as possible".

    Source: I'd use them with Google Pixel XL, that currently doesn't have apt-X but I'm sure I'm doing enough pression on Google that they will introduce it with a software update :joy:

    Does anyone have any advice? :-/
  7. brent00ksu
  8. Techfixation

    I can confirm the Onkyo H500BT's are definitely On Ear, and I've experienced no Bluetooth issues with them at all!
  9. Techfixation

    Although the Onkyo's are On Ear they are still very comfy if that was your concern. However they do leak a bit which I know definitely was a concern of yours!

    May I ask why you've discounted the B&W models?

    IMO I think B&W P7's would be perfect for you! They're in budget, they're a very comfy Over Ear design, they have the very best bluetooth sound I've experienced to date, they have a quirky internal wired connection which is unlikely to get damaged like you mentioned, they are one of the best for not leaking sound, they don't have touch controls and they get very loud....everything you asked for!
  10. brent00ksu
    Anyone have any experience between B & W P5 wirless and Onkyo H500BT?

    Trying to decide between these two.
  11. Techfixation

    Onkyo's any day of the week!

    The P5's are decent sounding but the Onkyo's are much better! More detailed, better controlled bass, less congested, more comfy, better Bluetooth connection...and half the price!
  12. matteventu

    First of all, thanks for the analysis.
    Now I just bought the BBPro, I saw them on Amazon at 129£ (usually they stay at around 145-160£) and I couldn't avoid to press the "Purchase" button xD
    Also after having seen this list: https://marco.org/headphones-closed-portable
    I mean, are them really SO good?
    Anyway I bought them because 1) Everyone's happy about them and 2) Even if my budget is up to 320£, if I like them... better to save money lol, while if I don't like them I'll send them back and probably go for MDR-1ABT/MDR-100ABN(?)/BeoplayH7.
    About the B&W P7W: i really really can't stand the design lol
    I know it's very silly, and they are built great, etc etc, but I can't look at them xD
    Anyway: I'll get the BBPro on Wednesday, so I still have time to think what to do lol
    (another pro of thre MDR-100ABN is that they're fully foldable and comes with good hard case, plus they're the cheaper - excluded the BBP - but as I said I think I don't like the sound, if the actual sound of them is the one of the demo model I have tried)
    What do you guys think about MDR-1ABT vs MDR-100ABN vs B&O H7 vs BBPro ?
    (instead, another pro of BBP I read a few minutes ago is that they almost don't leak sound)
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor
    +1, what he said.
  14. Techfixation

    I understand how the B&W's may not be everyone's cup of tea, and their rectangular design does look rather different to your typical headphone design. I actually use my P7's almost exclusively inside and sat amongst my other hi-fi items I think they look quite nice, but if I were to use a pair outside of the home I think I would rather sport a more understated look, such as my Onkyo H500BT's or the B&O H7's you mentioned!

    It seems the reviewer you added a link to favours a more forward sound signature with an emphasis on treble, whereas I prefer a warmer signature with a slightly elevated bass. From what I understood it appears he was referring to the wired version of the P7's in his review and he had only tested them briefly in store which along with his taste for a more forward sound might explain why he judged them so poorly. Apparently the wireless P7's are actually an improvement on the wired version too!

    Excluding the 100ABN's which I've not had the opportunity to try, the others you mention all favour treble and as such have a more forward/attacking sound. The 1ABT's and H7's have the best sound quality and detail with the Sonys being a touch warmer and smoother, and having a more elevated bass to the H7's. The BBP's may not have quite the same level of detail to the others but they do have the same great staging and openness, and with ANC on they have a pretty good bass and a nice richness to them, however with ANC off they do sound a little flat and lifeless! Unfortunately the ANC does add quite a significant background hiss meaning you'll have to put up with this it you want the better sound!

    They're actually all very comfy too but I'd have to give it to the Sony's in this regard!
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  15. kurochin
    I think I'd just get robbed. Few headphones scream "come mug me" like the P7. [​IMG]
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