1. Scott549

    All the headphones at the Apple Store sound terrible.

    I spent some time in two Apple Stores over the past few days. I tried a bunch of headphones and they were uniformly bad. These were not cheap headphones. They were Beats, B&W, and some other brands, costing up to $300. The Apple Earpods that came with my son's iPod sound better than any of them...
  2. mifero766

    Bluetooth IEM/Headphones

    Hi! I want to ask for your opinion regarding the following BT Headphones/IEM. I'm choosing which headphone/IEM to buy with good features for my money. For IEMs Sony MW600 $47.50 -can use different earphone/speaker and good battery life JayBird Gear BlueBuds X $170 -expensive but they...
  3. frostz

    Looking for portable headphones - Basshead

    I am looking for a set of portable headphones and I need some help choosing. I like to listen to a lot of electro house, trance (emphasis on vocals and classical elements), dubstep, drum and bass, and occasionally some rap, r&b and pop.   I bought a pair of Sennheiser HD 650 but these aren't...
  4. EversmannGT

    Headphones (full-size only) advice for purely for using with iPod/iPhone

    Dear experts,   I'm trying to get some advice exactly for what the title says :-) just because I'm not comfortable with reviews elsewhere before making a big purchase. This is a lower domain (if I may say so) for Head-Fi experts, that is why I want you guys to come down a little – forget...
  5. Giogio

    New Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless: First Impressions and Discussion Thread.

    Hello everybody!   So, I have got them today. And although it is too early to make a real review and add them to my "Huge Comparison" thread, I wanted to give some first impressions :)   So. The build is first class. Really high value. Solid, and attractive.   They are very comfortable...
  6. david8613

    Anyone go to CES? I'm interested in any new bluetooth headphones coming to market.

    Anyone go to CES? I'm very interested in any new bluetooth headphones coming to market. If you see or hear anything cool please give details post some pics...
  7. Giogio

    Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

    Hello everybody. If you are in a hurry you find the lists of Best BT Headphones on the second half of this post CHANGE OF DIRECTION. As you may know, I am organising what will probably be the biggest side-by-side Comparison of Bluetooth Headphones ever made. More than 100 models, basically all...
  8. KElyas

    Why do people think paying a lot for headphones makes no sense but paying a lot for a phone, laptop or anything else does?

    ...sofa or any other product, or even a service like public transport   I think it's becuase it just isn't the norm. I mean a phone's primary use is make calls and entertain. You can get one for £50 that does the same as a £500 but just worse in every way. Just as you can get a £15 pair of...
  9. Xtralglactic

    Heads up! Dick Smith "Premium headphones VT H68" aluminum and leather construct

    http://www.dicksmith.com.au/dse-premium-headphones-vt-h68-dsau-c1621 Just letting headfi know about this possible hidden Gem of a headphone for Australian consumers. Its on sale at $20 now (16/12/14) at DS electronics. These actually remind me of phonak PFE 132's (grey tips) when i listen to...
  10. pedropica

    ANC Bluetooth headphones for the office with low sound leakage

    Hi guys, I know many people have asked a similar question before here in the forrum, but I was unable to find a satisfactory solution for my case. I would like to find headphone with ALL the following features:  - Bluetooth with mic: I want to take and make calls with the headphone.  -...
  11. david8613

    need help deciding on my next purchase, sony mdr1r bt mk2 or logitec ue 9000?

    I really need help deciding on my next purchase, sony mdr1r bt mk2 or another pair of logitec ue 9000? I would like input from those who owned both. I have owned the ue 9000 twice in the past and sold them trying to upgrade. I love the sound sig of logitec for the electronic, dance, R&B and hip...
  12. androidisbest

    Best Headphones under $400

    I need new headphones, I'm going with Monster Diamond Tears, Beats Pro, Sennheiser HD 600, Sennheiser Momentum, Bose QC15, or Logitech UE 9000, I listen to pop mostly, rap, hip hop, rock, and today's hits, which one would be the best out of the ones I picks and (optional) what would you...
  13. TealRice

    Getting the UE 9000 and 900, is it an improvement?

    Ive had the vmoda m100 and sennheiser momentums, is it a good improvement/same sound quality wise as the past 2 headphones? I've returned my m100s because it killed my ears and I'm about to return my momentums because they don't seem really durable long term wise and the leather pads are...
  14. caspe01

    Help! ... Logitech UE9000, Sennheiser 550x or Parrot Zik???

    I need a awesome set of cans that are wireless, noise canceling, preferably with no leakage.  I also prefer a closed set...   I intend to use them often with my iPhone, Macbook Air & iPod Touch mostly.     If anyone has knowledge of these headphones (Logitech UE9000, Sennheiser 550x...
  15. joechoxd

    $300 headphone budget! Help me out!

    So i am willing to spend $300 on a new pair of headphones after recently losing my pair of Bose QC 15 which i had purchased from a close friend for only $40. I prefer noise cancellation and decent bass as my music preference is hiphop/rap. My options so far were either a new pair of Bose...
  16. ufoblue

    How To Disassemble Logitech Ultimate Ears 9000 Headphones - Battery change-*

    I could not find one video on the internet of these Logitech UE 9000 Headphones being dismantled, so I thought I'd do a video of how to do it   Here are pic's and video link:                            
  17. estasislas

    Looking for headphones. Help needed.

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a pair of headphones under $320. I will use them for both travelling and listening at home equally. Thus, they don't have to be noise cancelling, although it will be a plus if they are. I listen mainly to electronic music, although I sometimes listen to other...
  18. david8613

    Any good bluetooth stereo headphones besides the parrot zik and logitech ue 9000 with bluetooth 4.0 and aptx?

    Any good bluetooth stereo with bluetooth 4.0 and aptx out there besides parrot zik and the ue 9000. I was looking at either of those and I ended up buying a pair of ue 9000. from all my reading on this forum it sounds like they have a bit more bass and sound better than the zik when using the...
  19. rjruiz

    Logitech UE 9000 vs AKG K845BT

    Good morning all!   New to the forums, and wanted to introduce myeslf real quick.  My name is Rick and I'm an average listener of all types of music.  I was into car audio earlier and have now sinced moved to the city 5 years ago and no longer have a car.  So now I own a pair of Senns IE 8's...
  20. bluzeboy

    IEM adapter?

    I have Ultimate Ears UE900 that have the larger diameter of the IEMS ,I have some premium Comply Ear Tips that have the smaller diameter, is there an adapter that one could use the smaller diameter tips? 
  21. inline79

    Sennheiser MM450-x Travel Hints and Tips

    Hi.  I didn't see any coherent thread for these awesome headphones so thought I'd start with one.   Overall: Currently these are the best BT, NC, highly portable headphones out there. Nothing else comes close except maybe the MM550X (not tested). But I am watching for UE's next UE9000. The UEs...
  22. Boomshakalaka

    UE 9000 at the gym?

    Hi, i been looking at buying these headphones for a while now and now that they are finally on sale for 230 on amazon i am ready to pull the trigger. One thing i read on the reviews is these have a problem with bluetooth pairing. The review i read said that while connected to an i phone via...
  23. Jharries

    Wireless Headphones

    I'm looking for some good wireless headphones for listening to music while walking around or shopping, and was trying to decide between the Parrot Zik and the Logitech UE 9000. I was wondering what the general consensus was towards which is better?   To be more clear, the music I listen to...
  24. MetalElvis

    B&W P7 vs NAD VISO HP50

    Looking for the best closed over the ear headphones and I´ve narrowed it down to these contenders.   What are your opinions? Which one should have the title?   I know Tyll loves the NAD VISO HP50, so I´m the most interested in that one and the RoomFeel feature interests me ´cause I´m also a...
  25. Michael1026

    Looking for some noise-canceling headphones

    First off, I apologize if there's a thread for headphone recommendations. I looked at the original thread for them, but it's been closed.   Anyway, I need some headphones mainly for school, but for home too, that I can sit there in silence and hear little to nothing. They don't have to have...