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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Techfixation

    You have a point!
  2. 05stisilver
    I was ready to pull the trigger and pickup the P7 wireless to compare with my Sennheiser momentum 2's until I read the 1 and 2 star reviews on Amazon. Just reading through the one and two star reviews there were @ 10 reports of having blown either the left or right speaker all within 6 months of owning them. I looked through every page on the P7 wireless thread here and couldn't find any mention of this. Have any of you P7 wireless owners had any issues with this?
  3. matteventu

    Thank you SO much, you have no idea of how much you are helping me lol

    Then I'll listen to the BBPro tomorrow and choose if keep them or go with the MDR-1ABT ^_^

    Is there so much difference between loudness of H7 and MDR-1ABT? And are the H7 so much more portable when "folded"?
  4. Techfixation

    It's seems Amazon US has combined reviews for both the wireless and wired versions of the P7's. This would explain the large number of reviews despite the wireless version only being released in September! In comparison the Amazon UK store only has 10 reviews...all 5* I might add!

    All the negative reviews on Amazon US appear to be referring to the wired version, either naming them "B&W P7" (not wireless), or saying they'd owned them 6 months or more.

    The wireless version purportedly came with new advanced drivers which as well as improving sound quality have hopefully addressed the previous issues they've had with their wired version.

    It's a shame this misinformation is potentially putting off prospective buyers who may unwittingly be missing out on one of the very best Bluetooth headphones around!
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  5. MosIncredible
    Thanks for this. I hate when Amazon bundles products that aren't really the same. The only thing that should be bundled is the same product in different colors. Now the P7 wireless are at the top of my list. How's that sound signature? I like a nearly neutral headphone.
  6. Techfixation

    Hopefully you'll find the BBP's to your liking, especially as they're so much cheaper than the others! If not then personally I'd go with the 1ABT's as I found the H7's to be a bit too neutral and lacking in bass. They both sound great but the 1ABT's are a bit more characterful and more enjoyable in my opinion. You may find the H7's loud enough but I found them noticeably quieter than most of the others I've tested, but I guess it depends on the source? On my Google Nexus 10 they were way too quiet and on my IPhone 5c they could have done with at least another 30% volume!

    I wasn't aware the H7's did fold?
  7. Techfixation

    I wouldn't describe them as neutral but they are well balanced, they have a lovely warmth and richness to them with an extended bass that doesn't eat into the mids and allows vocals to breath while giving them depth and realism! If any headphones were going to allow you to stray from a preferred neutral signature then these are the ones to do it! I'd strongly suggest you give them a try. Take advantage of B&W's 60 day trial period, there's no better judgement than that of yourself!
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  8. apaar123
    has anyone here tried parrot zik 3?
  9. ruthieandjohn
    I have tried and love the Zik 2.0, and as I understand it, the changes of the Zik 3.0 do not affect its sound. They include cord-free charging, more colors, and the ability to input digital signal directly to the headphones via a USB cord.
  10. apaar123
    i heard that touch controls got better
  11. 05stisilver
    Revised below
  12. 05stisilver
  13. anotherscott
    That's interesting about them being sonically similar to the P7s, which I haven't heard. I wasn't really thrilled with the Onkyo. Plenty of bass (possibly more than I needed), but a little "sloppy" there, at least compared to what I felt where the "tighter" and better balanced JBL Everest Elite 300, which were also more open sounding on the top. Not that the Onkyos sounded bad by any means, but from the raves, I guess I expected better. I also really didn't like the Onkyo controls, i.e. sliding your finger up and down the outside to adjust the volume. I found the operation finicky, and I didn't like the mechanical sound of my finger rubbing along the outside of the headphone whenever I wanted to adjust volume. OTOH, they are decent sounding, and probably a bit more comfortable than the JBLs which seem a little tight for long-term listening sessions.
  14. erich6
    So, today I had a chance to briefly audition the new wireless B&W P7.  I must say the Bluetooth sound is very impressive.  I agree with what others have reported here about the sound quality.  I found the bass and soundstage to be slightly but noticeably better than the Onkyo H500BT.  The P7 sound is lush and mellow and definitely warm--it was just right for my taste though I could see it might be too much for some. If you prefer a more neutral sound then the Onkyo's are better.  Then there's the value equation:  the P7 retails in the U.S. for $399 compared to $199 for the H500BT.  They are only slightly better sounding than the Onkyo's and definitely not as portable.  The P7 is very stylish though and they appear to have excellent build quality (the H500BT is well-built as well though).
    I compared the headphones with these tracks:
    Aqualung by Jethro Tull (40th Anniversary remaster)
    Tundra by Amber Rubarth
    Lost Woman by The James Gang
    Angel by Massive Attack
    All played directly from my iPhone 6s using Tidal HIFI quality.
    I also quickly compared the wireless P7 on Bluetooth to the previous wired P7 and the wireless P7 sounded much better (even streaming) than the previous one did (wired.) 
  15. erich6

    ​I agree the controls on the side of right driver are "touchy" sometimes and "iffy" other times.  I mostly stick to my phone's controls because it's more reliable for me.  That said, I found that if I lightly tap I can easily get the headphone to pause and play and that if I approach the drive slowly with my hand I can slide up/down in one smooth motion to get the volume up or down (or slide left/right to skip back/forward).
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