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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. gikigill
    Same here, I use time alignment in my car with 3 amplifiers, 2 sets of Focal Kevlars and a 13" JL Audio sub with the HX-D2.

    I can tune it for monstrous punch and more balanced sound however I want and sometimes the punch in my heart/bones from a sub line in a trance track is intoxicating.
  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     I was getting lots of PM's in Extreme Bass so I started this thread so anybody with any amount of money could get a fair estimate of what there was available to bassheads.
    This thread needed to be made. The over ears have Fostex TH900 AND 100.00 cans.
    Price is not the point for this thread until later when the suggested IEM are separated by price but to get everybodys input everybody needs to have a say and be involved.
    Inclusive folks....not exclusive. A community attractive to everybody will never be born if it tries to exclude anybody.
    And that's that.
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  3. obsidyen
    So anybody tried Sony XBAZ5?..
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     I liked em but probably would have liked em more if I wasn't using bass boost on My Cayin C5.
    I wanted IEM specially for isolation and clarity. I love BA drivers apparently. The Z5 seemed to have too much bass. Now that it's the point I kinda wished i had spent more time with them. 16mm driver i think and 2 BA.
     Sony is prolific in their releasing stuff fairly frequently (compared to some other companies) and the Hi-res thing seems to be where they are putting all their eggs so i might grab the next version hoping it's also a 16mm 3 way.
    The latest fw on my X5 sounds better so another listen is in order. Back to Hiroshima I go.....maybe next week
  5. obsidyen
    Must be nice living in Japan. It's hard to find Z5 here let alone try them. [​IMG] They seem to be quite unique though. Do you think it's much improved compare to H3?
  6. CorsairFreak
    Hello all,
    First time posting, just got done reading through all of the over-ear extreme bass thread, and am now a proud owner of the sz1000k + e12, and i'm loving it! But, I have been searching for bassy iems because the sz1k at work is not a good idea as all my cube-mates can hear me. I purchased the Hippo VB's and really like them - LUCKBAD, have you ever heard them? I only ask because some people say they sound better than the Wooduo and maybe they might make your list? I would buy the Wooduo myself but I have limited funds, for the time being. Just curious what you think.
  7. Luckbad
    Haven't heard the Hippo VB. They're on my list to try because they look promising. I have JVC HA-FXZ200 incoming to see how they pair with the JVC SZ2000, but those are much higher budget than the Hippo VB or Wooduo. I don't have the budget to buy the Hippo VB right now, but hoping I might be able to get a review unit before the Top 10 Basshead IEM list is done (working on a website with Hawaiibadboy advising).
  8. CorsairFreak
    Sweet, i would love to try the FXZ200. Hey, if you need help creating that site, i'd love to contribute; I'm a computer programmer with quite a bit of html/javacript/php experience. 
  9. ZMan2k2
    I was using Comply tips with the T10i's, but noticed I've been getting some ear canal irritation lately. So I busted out the T10i's box, and pulled out the double flange tips to try out. Well, the clarity improved, and the BASS, OMG! The bass is canal rattling! If anyone has the T10i's, try the double flange tips with the bass filters.
  10. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     I found them to be almost sonic twins. The Z5 has an aluminum coat that caused the full size Z7 to speed up decay to allow for better mid performance but it kind of made the bass odd as it seems to evaporate too quick. Z5 seemed to do that. I'd take the A3..I bought the A2 which are the replacements for the "H" series.
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  11. fumoffuXx
    Was using Fiio X5 with ASG-2, Now Cayin N6 with ASG-2. GOtta love that impact, this week my 1964 V8 universals will arrive! MORE BASS! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. When I audition stuff, i hear people say toooo much bass... I rebut, There can never be too much bass! But loving bass is a journey, from messy bass to more refined tight bass. I guess the more u explore, you narrow down your preference! :D
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  12. Tr1ppy
    Looking forward to the webiste, although this thread is pretty good already :)
  13. WhatToChoose
    As long as the bass doesnt mess up the rest of the range! If it has nice separation, then there can never be enough!
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  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    An enormous ski jump of a bass slope that  hits the transition to mids just right and doesn't decay so slow it overwhelms anyway.
    I'm all about impact.
    Kick drum like decay with a snap and then a cut.
  15. Luckbad
    Pioneer SE-CX8 came in today. I was impressed with the SE-CX9 and its Bass Exciter. The one thing the CX9 lacked was deep extension. It shook my canals off and had really clean bass, but didn't make my chest rumble. Took feel the bass, I also had to really get the volume higher than I prefer to listen to.
    Knowing that Dynamic drivers are more inclined to push rumbling bass than Balance Armature, I picked up the CX8.
    I'm impressed.
    I feel the SE-CX8 in my chest much more than the SE-CX9. The sound is definitely not as clear or refined, but the bass depth has improved. So, the sound overall is a bit worse, but the depth of bass has improved. The impact is virtually identical, but can be felt at slightly lower volumes than the CX9.
    From the pure Basshead perspective, the Pioneer SE-CX8 outdoes its more refined (and pricier) sibling, the SE-CX9. It (the SE-CX9) does perform the nearly-impossible trick of providing bass impact alongside excellent clarity. But the SE-CX8 is enjoyable, and actually a bit less fatiguing to listen to over longer periods. I kept finding myself putting the SE-CX9 down, but I've been using the SE-CX8 for a few hours now without issue.
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