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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. eargasam
    Can anyone tell me is it worth going from the fx1100s to the w50s or the se846 in terms of overall bass response?
  2. Music818

    Be understood that the bass response of BA driver is lack of dynamic if compare to the dynamic driver.
  3. Luckbad
    That has been my experience as well. Dynamic Drivers seem to hit harder and dive deeper than Balanced Armature, but they aren't as clear overall. Since this thread focuses on bass first and foremost, I don't expect many BA earphones to make the top 10 list for bass (even though it's entirely possible that the best sounding IEM to you personally that has good bass will be BA).
  4. eargasam
    What about the Roxanne isn't that BA but I see what you mean though it takes that kind of caliber of iem to even compete with the bass response of a dynamic you guys have convince Me i am staying dyamic unless it's the Roxanne
  5. obsidyen
    Earsonics Velvet on warm mode has monstrous bass while still retaining clear BA sound signature. Bass is big in quantities, hits hard and strong, goes very very low... Like a club in your ears. Try it if you can. I prefer the balanced mode though, as there's still lots of bass and warm mode bass is too much for me (perfect for bassheads though). It's a lot cheaper compared to Roxanne.
  6. eargasam
    Great ideal totally forgot about the velvets gonna see if there is a way to get my hands on them appreciate it
  7. obsidyen
    I bought them without trying (because I had and really liked SM64) and I'm perfectly happy. I think the secret to Velvet's great bass is that its drivers are bigger than regular BA drivers. For instance Noble K10 has 10 drivers but they are small in size. Velvet has 2 huge drivers and one smaller driver. I think one of those huge drivers produces big bass, and the other huge driver probably produces mids.
  8. eargasam
    Maybe I can find someone on headfi that is willing to sell or trade their's hopefully
  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Those are damn sexy!
  10. Fazzer
    Ok lol same story with Sony mdr xb30ex
  11. Jetblack08
  12. flinkenick
    I unsubscribed from this thread so I missed the commentary. Like Obsidyen has already remarked, that thread is about top tier iems that provide a complete package which is much, much more that just bass. I'm very glad to hear that you've demolished some kind of myth, but having very powerful bass does 1) not mean that it is a qualtitave good bass that doesn't distort the other frequencies like the mids, and also does not mean that qualititive aspects of bass such as speed, onset/offset and precision are up to par as higher quality iems. But more importantly 2) does absolutely NOT mean that the iem is in the least bit comparable in overall sound quality as a top tier iem.
    Reading your statements leads to the conclusion that you either only care about bass and absolutely nothing else, or you've personally never owned / tried a top tier iem for a longer time so don't appreciate the other qualities that a top tier iem has to offer. I've enjoyed mid level tier iems for more than 15 years, unknowing what a difference a top tier iem would make since I was oblivious to head fi and there existence. Only after my first 'rich folks' iems like the IE800 and Velvet did I understand what soundstage really was, and how much that contributes to the overall sound pleasure you get from an iem. And that's only one additional aspect that top tier iems have to offer. Beside far superior presentation of the sonic frequencies, there are aspects such as attack, precision and instrument or tone separation that multiple BA's do uncomparably better than the $30 iems you're describing as equal to the 'ultimate' iems that you're mocking.
    I'm sorry and surprised to read that this has become a 'rich' vs 'poor(?)' discussion. I started that thread so there would be a place for top tier iems to be discussed on multiple aspects that make them great besides just bass; qualties that make them excellent for listening to music not alone a pounding sound in your ears.
    ps. I am a PhD student. I am not rich. I work hard, and save my money tobe able to buy gear
  13. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I didn't read past the fist sentence because it's days old and everybody moved on. Stop spamming this thread.
    Nobody cares about prices or feelings it's just about the bass.
    Please don't interrupt the thread anymore.
    Talk about IEM's or please don't comment
  14. gikigill
    "Beside far superior presentation of the sonic frequencies, there are aspects such as attack, precision and instrument or tone separation that multiple BA's do uncomparably better than the $30 iems you're describing as equal to the 'ultimate' iems that you're mocking"
    I,m sitting here with the JH16, probably the last word when it comes to bassy multi BAs but the FXZ200 and the XBA-H3 can provide the visceral bass experience
    that the JH16 simply doesn't keep up with. A $1500 VS $250 comparison.The JH is heaps better technically but it simply lacks the rawness of the dynamic drivers.
  15. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     I read his comment after my response. Nobody ever did anything besides ask for input from the affordable section of IEM for ref. I was very clear about that. If he wants soundstage he should get an open back over ear. I heard the IE800's and they do not reflect any outstanding  traits a person moving from 300.00 IEM might expect for more than 2x the money.
     He starts a thread called Ultimate Basshead....basshead.......bass....head.
    That term itself describes a person willing to sacrifice a portion of the response frequency in order to achieve enormous quantities of bass. YOU CANNOT BE A BASSHEAD AND AN AUDIOPHILE AT THE SAME MOMENT.
    At different times you can be one and then the other. You cannot be both in a moment. It goes against the definition of basshead
     So he unsubs
    Makes a thread that makes no sense. 
    Low frequency affinity club?...maybe. Basshead?
    Ultimate basshead?
    You cannot raise 30-60Hz by more than +6dB without interrupting the ears ability to perceive the early mids even if the device is producing them. I am from car audio and we have very separated highs mids and sub drivers....1 foot....2 meters... and good luck catching the early mids even if they are in your door 24" from your ear and the 3 15" subs are 1.5 meters away.
    This is very all very bizarre.

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