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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I just noticed a link to another new basshead IEM thread[​IMG]
    Placed in this thread. Which has tagged IEM over 1,000 dollars in the sidebar.
    Cuz it's ultimate....cuz it's expensive....no
    I already demolished the money buys bass myth in Over ears with visual demonstrations and now folks wanna say that the bass from very expensive IEM are on another level cuz they are more expensive??
    30-100Hz......basshead territory.......is better ...there....only......everytime?
    C'mon man.
  2. WhatToChoose
    Lol, agree with this ^

    Once people start throwing around the annoyingly flowery language, you know whats up

    Still not sure if people here use flowery language to subconsciously justify spending insane amounts of money on IEMs
  3. Fazzer
    thanks bro i will check them out and try to get my hands on them.
  4. obsidyen
    Who said we're talking about bass only? Not just bass, but whole sound is on another level. Earsonics Velvet sounds amazing at any price. The clarity, fullness, soundstage and every other aspect of the sound is amazing. The bass is so powerful and yet so tight, a trait never found in cheap headphones of any kind. More bass doesn't mean high quality bass. I'm not a basshead, but I do love high quality bass in great quantities and I'm happy to have found it finally with Velvet. I've never heard a cheap IEM produce such high quality bass before. Don't draw any conclusions unless you've tried them.
  5. slowpickr
    I'm really enjoying bass (and everything else) on the Kef M200.  Don't think that one has been mentioned yet (sorry if I missed it).
  6. B9Scrambler

    Np. Let me know what you think if you get them. My original opinions of the XB50 were pretty mixed, but over time I've really warmed up to them. The bass they output is just stupid and unnecessary....it's awesome.
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  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     added to the sidebar. All submissions will be organized later after enough info/sets have been submitted
  8. Luckbad
    Just got the Pioneer SE-CX9-S.
    I was expecting the bass exciter to be a gimmick. 
    It is.
    But Holy F.
    Crank the EQ up on these, and it shakes like MAD. The bass is actually quite clear too.
    It has a good balanced armature driver and overall good quality, and the bass exciter actually does what it promises. Shakes your ear canals.
    I assumed I'd be returning these with a smug look on my face. I only bought them because they're $130 right now (usually ~$250).
    I've spent about 15 minutes with them in my ears, and I'm considering the very real possibility that these could become my primary basshead IEMs.
    What. The. Crap.
    It checks all the boxes that try to make it popular. Red and Black. Brushed aluminum. Marketing-speak Bass Exciter. In-line mic.
    As far as IEMs that rock your canals with bass go, these are absolutely right at the top. I can feel the bass in my foot that's resting against the side of my desk. I'm starting my comparison now with the HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 and Audio Technica ATH-CKS1000.
    I really want this earphone to lose with all its friggin' gimmicks. I'm not confident that it will.
  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I was in a massive shop with hundreds of IEM and that exciter one was the only one that gave me that special feeling.
    Pretty damn clever.
    Looking forward to thoughts on that IEM clearly targeting us[​IMG]
  10. eargasam
    Just curious guys I have the jcv fx 1100s and was just wondering if anyone has both the shure se846 and the fx1100s and how they compare with each other in bass impact, the quantity and quality of bass as well
  11. obsidyen

    Don't be a child. This is "IEM bass club" isn't it? Not basshead club? Sound quality includes bass, you know. Just because there's lots of bass doesn't mean it's high quality bass. I can't prove anything to you unless you listen to Velvet. I don't measure headphones like Tyll Hertsens (and even if I did, measurements don't tell the whole story).
    When did I say anything about having too much money? I was just sharing my excitement about an IEM I love. This is a hobby and we all spend more than a regular person. I didn't know this thread was sub- USD 100 IEM thread. Change the title of the thread, perhaps?
    What thread? I didn't open a thread, mate. You're confused.
  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  13. Music818
    Just remember.....Skullcandy 50/50.....Solid, tight and deep bass IEM with its 10.6mm driver.[​IMG]
  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

     I looked right at em' and didn't try em  **facepalm**
    Next time.
  15. Luckbad
    So I've spent some more time with the Pioneer SE-CX9 and compared them directly to HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 and Audio Technica ATH-CKS1000.
    The Bass Exciter is real life. It provides the most visceral impact of any IEM I've experienced.
    That said, the Balanced Armature units provide very clear audio. Very little mud between the bass and mids.
    The reason, it seems, is that the BA driver can't exactly do what a Dynamic driver can do. It doesn't reach into your chest and make you almost short of breath.
    Without EQ, the SE-CX9 has virtually no bass hit at all. It's not exactly polite, as it's still colored toward bass a bit, but you have EQ up your music to get to the point that the Bass Exciter kicks in to feel anything.
    If the Bass Exciter did not exist, these would be nowhere close to a Basshead headphone. This earphone has actually made me far more curious about the Pioneer SE-CX8, because it uses Dynamic Drivers and might provide the deep-reaching bass rumble AND impact in one package.
    The Wooduo 2 and ATH-CKS1000 both have more of a deep, throaty breathtaking quality to them than the SE-CX9. Neither have the visceral canal-shaking impact of the Pioneer.
    If you want clear mids and highs presented by good Balanced Armature IEMs and the skull-rattling physical shaking sensation, these are probably exactly what you're after. If you want your chest to feel almost compressed, lean toward the Wooduo 2.
    The Pioneer SE-CX9 is an absolutely unique earphone. It pairs crystal clarity with visceral bass impact, which is what many people are after. I'm surprised these aren't far more popular.
    That said, I'm willing to accept a little muddiness to make it feel like I'm having a little trouble breathing, so I'll ultimately exchange these IEMs for the SE-CX8 to see if those have what I'm looking for.
    Note that you must use EQ to engage the Bass Exciter (otherwise you'd have to turn the volume up too high). Without it, these are not basshead earphones, but they still sound pretty good. If you don't have EQ and seek bass impact, Wooduo 2 are the best I've heard.
    I'm still updating the Top 3 list for basshead IEMs, with caveats listed:
    Top 3 Basshead IEMs (that Luckbad has heard)
    1. Pioneer SE-CX9 - Very good full range clarity coupled with visceral bass impact. BA drivers sound good, but you don't feel the bass in your chest. However, if you want clear music with the most significant ear canal shaking you can obtain in an IEM, these are for you. Requires ample EQ--the Bass Excited does nothing until you feed it enough bass. You'll know when you hit the right amount of bass EQ, because it's like turning a switch on that says "I want my ear canals to be in an earthquake please." These are pretty bulky and heavy, so if that's a concern for you, you might want to skip them.
    2. HiSoundAudio Wooduo 2 - Small, wooden, surprising. These have quite a bit of bass out of the box and respond well to EQ. The overall sound signature is not as clear as the Pioneer or Audio Technica, but they do the best job of taking your breath away when reaching down into the deepest reaches of bass. If all you're after is bass impact and depth, these offer the best combination that I've heard. Driver flex appears to be common with these--I have to pull the left earphone slightly out after insertion or the driver stays flexed.
    3. Audio Technica ATH-CKS1000 - Dual Chamber bass gimmick. But, it works. These can get down deep into the sub-bass region with ample EQ and provide a fair amount of hit as well. More overall clarity and versatility than the Wooduo 2 with a bit less feeling in the chest. They're about at the halfway point between the Wooduo 2 and SE-CX9. Bulky, but lighter than the Pioneer.
    See my earlier post in this thread for more info on bass-heavy IEMs I've tested thoroughly.
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