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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. ZMan2k2
    Just bought a Cozoy Astrapi, to use with my S5 and T10i's. I'll just use it at the house, as I'm not a fan of bulk or extra cables while walking around. We'll see how it pairs.
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor

    It's a great little dac/amp, we're touring Astrapi around Australia atm. It's so small, honestly smaller than pictures make you belive.

    Sounds good too.
  3. ZMan2k2
    [​IMG]  [​IMG]
  4. hqssui
    Zero Audio Carbo Basso - good bass, warm and fun . Got them yesterday morning and been listening to them since. The bass is punchy and it responds well to the Eq adjustments.
  5. fumoffuXx
    Just received my 1964ears v8 universals. Using them with my Cayin N6.... :D BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  6. GrandNagus50
    Ok, the bassiest in-ears ever are (were?) the Ultimate Ears Super fi5 EB's, now long discontinued. They have basssssss and everything else is kinda thin. I still have mine, but I confess I rarely use them because even for a basshead they are a bit much.
  7. GrandNagus50
    I now have used both the Pioneer SE-CX8 and CX9. I confess that my ears may be less discerning than some, but I find their sounds to be all but indistinguishable. Therefore, I can recommend that bassheads pick up a pair of CX8's at their current $79 price on Amazon or NewEgg. There is nothing em else quite like them except for perhaps Skullcandy Crushers, which also are fun.
  8. fumoffuXx
    asg2 with bass crabked up too max? till the bass just becomes distortion lol
  9. diamondears
    No love here for the Shure SE215? It's got both bass quantity and articulation/definition.
  10. somanydynamos
    SE215 is good and entry for over-the-ear IEM
    My gf liked that but asked her to push her budget abit for JVC HA-FX650
    She is a bassist btw =)
  11. obsidyen

    My gf plays the violin, hah! [​IMG]
  12. zxathlon
    I believe it's still YMMV. No best for everyone.[​IMG]
  13. WhatToChoose
    Had the shure se215s

    Sub bass was weak, overall sound was muddy and had a dull signature. Only thing they had going was their sound isolation
    fumoffuXx likes this.
  14. diamondears
    Not what I find. In fact find it very clean sounding, the bass and sub-bass is great both as to amount and articulation; it's not bloomy nor muddy, but very defined. Plus it's mid-bass is amazing, and doesn't intrude into the mids. It's mids/voices are great, and it's treble I find just right, and not sibilant at all like other IEMs. I think this lack of emphasis on sibilants is why many find it "lacking sparkle"; but not my ears. In fact I long for this because it doesn't fatigue my ears even a bit. If I'm to describe its sound in one word, I'll use "live", or "realistic". This has the Harman curve frequency response and I think the Harman curve is right in the money when it comes to mimicking real, live music.

    Yet, there's the "Special Edition", which has more sub-bass but also more treble making it more sibilant. I find the regular SE215 cleaner and having more separation between instruments though, and very good soundstage; there's distinctness between sounds and instruments. Again, "live" and "natural" sounding.
  15. Vignelli
    JVC FX850
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