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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. mredmond
    Interesting, I'm surprised these also haven't been discussed more. They got a very strong rec from BGGAR, he said they were 90% of the way to Legend X. Same price as R1Z too ($600). Could these be endgame basshead level sub-$1k? How does the bass compare to some of the other top recs in here?
  2. mredmond
    Any recommendations for good basshead amp/dacs that can especially bring out the sub-bass? For desktop use. Under $200 is best, but willing to stretch if it makes a big difference.
  3. kdphan
    Bass on the CE-5 is amazing
  4. issuzark
    Exactly why I'm surprised there's barely any mention here
  5. Charlie Norwood
    LMAO yeah 16MM drivers are going to give you more bass than 10MM - ASSUMING YOU GIVE THEM POWER. Can you get more bass than one could ever want from a 10mm DD? Probably. But the 16mm's can still give you more. Suggesting otherwise is ludicrous. This is just bass QUANTITY. Quality of bass is another issue, but that's subjective.
  6. kmmbd
    Hi everyone, long time lurker and first time poster.
    I'm not a total basshead per se, but I do enjoy some good, articulated bass, and had to get these good ol' JVC FX700 as I've heard a lot of good things about their bass performance.
    So far, I can see why so many absolutely adore these IEMs. The bass extension is truly striking, not muddy at all, has a lot of body and slam and can keep pace with fast-paced tracks rather well. The rest of the frequencies ain't too shabby either.
    NowI wonder how much improved in terms of bass response has JVC managed to do in their Solidege Wood lineup.
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  7. mochill
    I'll be getting some exk soon :-D
  8. mayorblurps
    I've read that the sound signature is the same, but cleaned up and less syrupy. At least for the FW01... I don't think it lost the unique JVC Woodie sound, but does vary a bit from the 700/750/850/1100. I'm hesitant to buy them because I love my 850s so much. I would love to have the smaller shells of the FW series though..
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  9. Sundown
    Is there anything basshead under $100? All I see is $500 iems and it's ridiculous.
  10. Raketen
    I haven't tried any of these: On the previuos page someone recommended the Sony mh755. Further in the past IIRC there were some Elecom Grandbass series IEMs a few people liked, I remember some mention of IT01, one of the TFZ models. Radius NHR21 on one of the front page lists, AD01 on the unamped list.For a little more there are the Yamaha EPH M200 which are on HBB's list.

    I wouldnt' necessarily recommend because I'm not a dedicated basshead and there are possibly better budget options, but JVC fx99x, while haven't pushed bass are decent overall and have good extension for being easy to drive. IIRC someone here liked the cheaper fx77x also.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  11. snellemin
    Yes the IT01 can do basshead levels with EQ.
  12. mredmond
    On top of the Sony MH755, the TFZ No.3 is a fairly bassy iem at that price.
  13. skeptical
    + 1 for Radius NHR31. I've tried 80% of iems from no-amp list. With es100 voltage x2 balanced eq-ed, they deliver some serious impact bass. Second are Wooduo 2 and F.S. G10. All of them are not as clear on mids and highs as JVC woodios which are more on midbass focused but R31 come close enough, instead you get this kind of bass
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2019
  14. mayorblurps
    I was going to say that the JVC woodies too... (I have the 850s but want to try the 1100/1200 or newest FW01).

    they are so warm and bassy, but not necessarily what qualifies as basshead in this thread. Easily my favorite IEM of all I've tried/owned/sold. The Woodies just have a unique sound. I always wanted to try the the wooduos also, but didn't buy when they were available :/
  15. Brothred
    I have IT01 and CA Polaris v2 at the moment for bass.
    IT01 are bassy not basshead but have a very pleasant sound and it's nice for any music genre.
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