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Head-Fi Basshead IEM thread (lists page 1)

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  1. Pumped
    Really helpful.
    I'll wait better and I ll ask Bob if he can send me one for free to test it?
    Thx a lot.
  2. On and on
    Time to start my search again. I’ve been happy with my various wired in ears but fancy some wireless for people like us. Bass and plenty of it but with a nice balanced mid,highs. The Sony xb90ex is a decent benchmark but obviously without wires.

    Any suggestions welcome as none of the current wireless threads are bass head friendly. Too many flat and tonal comments.
  3. redrol
    Im a basshead and i need wireless but only semi. Radstone ES100 converts headphones into wireless. If you get a small cable you get something very portable with the es100.
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  4. skeptical
    +1 for es 100. Retrofit those xb90ex with a mmcx connector, get a short balanced pure copper cable, so you can fed those 16mm drives with double voltage and there won't be nothing else from true wireless on the market to come close to the bass you'll get with this set up.
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  5. On and on
    They’re pretty much dead which is why I’m looking to start again with fully wireless.
    Unfortunately they so for silly money now so I’m not interested in buying another set.
  6. teecee5
  7. mayorblurps
    Yeah.. I have incidentally recommended IMR for the basshead stuff but I would not personally spend $ with them. Too much sketchy stuff in the background... The unfulfilled Kickstarter, taking $ for pre-orders (as Trinity Audio) and shipping absolute crap. Then starting IMR after the shitstorm from Trinity died down. And still doing the pre-order thing, get a hefty discount for 'high-end' IEM. I'd rather spend my $ elsewhere. I'd recommend anyone else do the same.

    That head Fi still supports IMR/bob is just a suspicious to me. But I'm just a pleb :)
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  8. mayorblurps
    Wow, never heard any of their stuff but it would take a lot to spend $2k on those. They do sound intriguing though.
  9. Kapitonov
    OMG I loved them so much! There are still working Coloud Boom!
  10. slowpickr
    Love the ES100. The bass boost EQ setting in the app sounds wonderful on most if not all of my HPs.
  11. slowpickr
    I'm going to echo @redrol. I recently got the Sony EX800ST and did the vent tape mod and they are by far the best bass experience I've ever had with an IEM. That includes JVC FXZ200, Future Sonics G10 and JVC HA-FX850 to name a few.
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  12. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    How you been bruh?

    Any bass bombers I should be reviewing? Gonna add a basshead list to my YT chan now that it has grown
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  13. slowpickr
    Pretty good big guy. Living the basshead dream LOL. After the modded EX800ST, the next best IEM I would suggest is the Future Sonics G10. It doesn't have the quite the sub-bass quantity, details or airiness of the 800, but it is good. Comfort is out the roof and it isolates and fits like a glove for me (YMMV of course). I'm not sure about any recent Chi-Fi or other types of IEMs that would be good for bassheads. Perhaps someone else will chime in.
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  14. eR1k
    Can anyone recommend someone that can recable xb90ex's? I have two sets where the left channel no longer produces any sound, I suspect due to the crappy original cable.
  15. sphinxx
    Why there is no love for Fender IEM? I got the Fender Thirteen6, and it's one of very impressive bass I ever heard.
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