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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. Bob Ley
    Which Burson Amp? Are they all good?
  2. Shane D
    I can't speak to all, but I love my Fun with Classic opamps. You can actually change opamps for a different sound. I just ordered a pair of Vivid opamps from MassDrop.

    For some reason the Fun really matched well with my Grado's. That may be so noticeable to me because you can't change cables. With the rest of my phones, I go balanced out with my DAP. Balanced out on a Sony DAP is a large improvement. That was not available with the Grado's and so they started to slide until I plugged them into the Fun. Wow!
    This was the first time I really understood the whole "must use an amp" movement.

    I am sure the other Bursons are as good or better. Mine was on sale for a very attractive price.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  3. Bob Ley
  4. protoss
    Guess ill try these pairs.

    Its seems like most like these 3 here? Including the RS2e/i versions...
  5. Cruelhand Luke
    I hear what you are saying. The RS2e is the only one still on my radar. My friend that is a distributor, I told him I was thinking about one or the other and we talked about sound signatures and music a little bit...the next time I saw him he put a box of 325e in my hand and said check these out. I liked the sound enough that I stopped thinking about the RS2e and just went with the 325....
    Additionally, and this is a third order consideration (after sound quality and comfort), the look of the 325e really fits in with my personal aesthetic.
    Daily driver watch, IEMs and my glasses....it's not the most important factor, but it's not nothing either.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
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  6. ruthieandjohn
    @Cruelhand Luke ... Did I miss something? Those are not SR325 headphones... they are missing the center button that has "SR325" (or SR325 e) on them. I have speculated that the center button, as a step toward a closing of the open back, actually affects the Grado sound, and it is present on all of their SR-series headphones.

    (I suspect that I missed that you possibly stated elsewhere that you removed the center button. Without the center button, they become like the Alessandro headphones, similar but more tame than Grados).
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  7. elmoe
    To be fair, I thought the same about the buttons until I modded a pair (removed buttons and glue holding them) and if they make any difference, I could not hear it.
  8. SilverEars
    The 325e I heard had the large foam pads that cover the ears. Large ones like these probably provides a more leveled response and enhance the low-end response.

    One of the biggest caveat with Grado for me is the damn foam pads, I really dislike them!

  9. SilverEars
    Something that has been on my mind is that the SR60 had those basic pads (2nd one from the left on the bottom image, and the SR325e of course had the large one with the driver opening open), and I wondered if you put on the large pads like the one above (on the SR60), would that make a significant difference? I think it's the pads that's gimping the sound.

    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  10. elmoe
    I think in terms of sound quality, pads wont make much difference, but in terms of presentation thats a different story. At least in my experience.

    For example, flats imo work best on 325s because they tame the highs some and make them even more 'in your face'. That said, I've tried all official Grado pads and many unofficial ones (some might remember the Headphile C pads made from Beyer replacement pads for example, those were cool!), and flats are my typical go to for most models, L cush being the only other pads I found to my liking, regardless of model.
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  11. Harry Manback
    I don’t get it, you say pads don’t change sound quality, then go on to illustrate that they do change things. Which is it? :beyersmile:
  12. protoss
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  13. elmoe
    Read it again slowly?
  14. Cruelhand Luke
    Yeah, I took the button off...I have a grill with buttons and one without, I don't hear a difference honestly.
  15. Cruelhand Luke
    I have 3 different sets of pads, flat, the ones that are on in the picture, and the larger ones like in your picture...I prefer the mid sized ones.

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