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Grado Fan Club!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by vikingatheart, Dec 29, 2010.
  1. lumohomo06
    Second this, you can also find them from eBay for less than 3$
  2. WolfP
    Woo Audio WA6, Icon Audio HP8 MKII, Earmax Silver Edition, MAD Ear+ HD II ....which one is best for GH2?
  3. odessamarin
    Mad Ear.
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  4. WolfP
    Can you explain why you prefer it?
  5. odessamarin
    It has ALL you need for Grado and great sound. Output transformer scheme, simplest and more straightforward scheme of all candidates, perfect for many affordable valves rolling.
    It's handmade and have perfect engineering. Extremely simple and as short as possible schematics. And most important it extrimaly well sound with Grado. I have two :wink: ))
    To be polite, i am sure all amps in the list are very good. But i can guarantee, if you get Mad Ear, you will never regret. If you like Grado as many of us in this topic, you just have to have or at least try Mad Ear sound with Grado headphones.
    Many ppl (including me) concluded it is magic pair.

    ... this what I call simple and straightforward with quality transformers.
    this is sound just great.. nothing extra. Just enough current for low impedance grado!


    .. compare to this :wink: for example

    Last edited: May 7, 2019
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  6. Shane D
    Reply removed due to stupidity.

    Shane D
    Last edited: May 7, 2019
  7. WolfP
    But I want a tube amp :wink:
  8. Shane D
    D'oh!! I never even caught that:flushed:

    Just pretend I was never here...

    Shane D
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  9. mortcola
    Maybe someone has answered you already, but Facebook has an enthusiastic Grado user group
  10. mortcola
    Well, tastes vary, but SCHIIT is, in the opinion of hordes of users, and the folks at Grado themselves, perhaps the best value-for-dollar tube, hybrid, and solid state electronics for headphones on the market. 100 bucks to just over 2000....most reviews calling every model a giant killer. The folks at Schiit are high-end pioneers and veterans of some milestone stuff prior to Schiit; they are funny and offer great customer service - they are literally completely Made in the USA...they offer "fake tubes"....transistor units which fit into their 9-pin tube sockets, so you can switch immediately from tube to solid state in a few models; and they even have a Kindle-ready e-book Schiit Happens about the development of the company and their aim to make no-compromise headphone (and all-purpose) gear without high-end markup. At least worth a look/listen. I've got the Mjolnir2 amp and Gungnir DAC. All Norse mythology names with faux-science-fiction explanations for their materials and design specs.
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  11. elira
    I've a WA6-SE and it pairs nice with my Grados. I've no experience with the other amps you mentioned, nor with the GH2 though.
  12. HungryPanda
    I like my Grados solid state or with tubes. I have a little dot mkii that serves well using mullard or russian tubes
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  13. Monolaf
    I know the Grado G-cush's but I don't like the GH2 with them. What do you mean with "knock off G-cush's"? Do you have a link in Amazon?
  14. Shane D
    I just went back through my order history on Amazon.ca. I bought these last June. I bought two pairs and neither one are available anymore. One was by TurnRaise and cost $15.99pr and the other was by Bluefire. These cost $14.99pr. Prices are in Canadian $'s.
    Both were very similar and I couldn't even tell them apart. I didn't care for them in quick trials.

    When I got my Burson amp I was wearing my Grado's constantly for long periods and they started to really hurt my ears. And I wear them Very loose. I threw on my knock offs and it has been audio bliss ever since.
    I am actually wearing them right now through my Loxjie P20.

    I have no idea how $3.00 pads would feel. Maybe the same? Sorry I couldn't be more help.

    Shane D
  15. James Shoegazer
    *comment deleted*

    reason: found my answer in another thread
    Last edited: May 9, 2019

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