Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. audio123
    change cable?
  2. Ritvik
    Just checked the Q-Jays page and it showed $34 with international shipping for the standard cable.

    They have an anniversary model out and the cables are silver or white, can't quite tell on my phone. These are a closer match to the AKR02.wonder if they'll sell them individually.

    On another note, my custom tips for the AKR02 are ready, can't wait to pick them up later today!
  3. jwbrent
    I would send them an email about the AE version of the cable on whether they sell it separately. Since I own the q-Jays AE, I can attest the while cable uses higher purity copper conductors and is a bit better in build quality.
  4. Mic131
    Nice day, I've just received my FI-BA-SS.
    I tried it just a few minutes to have a reference sound in mind. Now intensive burning has started ... (Taralabs cascade, XLO sweep and densen demagic of course !)
    But i may be facing an eartip issue from the fact that the smallest ones seem to be a little too big for my ear canal. I may get used to them but can't be sure of that .
    Is someone know where i can find compatible and above all smaller eartips for that great iem ?
  5. soundbear
    No burn in needed with my Heaven V. All other makes of IEM's from hifiman to DBA did.
  6. bidn
    Dear Mic131 ,

    while the Piano Forte VIIl-X have to really be inserted deep in the ear canal,
    I understand it is not the case with the Fi-BA-SS.
    Enjoy them!
  7. HiFiChris Contributor
  8. bidn
    Hi Mic131,

    have you solved this issue?
    The FI-BA-SS have indeed large diameter, you have to force them a bit in your canal, but not deep, just enough for them be locked in position and not loose.
    At the very beginning you feel some pressure in your ear canal, this is normal and then this feeling vanishes very quickly.

    They are very punchy, fast and detailed (more than the Piano Forte) with more bass, so great for metal, but then I don't like listening to them in bed because they keep me awake
    (they're better for the morning), at night I prefer the PF or the Sonorous X which make me dream and help falling asleep well.

    Keep in touch,
  9. Mic131
    Hi bidn,
    I ordered several eartips. I've already received some of them (Spinfit CP100 size ss) and still waiting for the others (assortments).
    I like the Spinfit's feeling, insertion is easy and they are comfortable. They don't affect the sound .
    I didn't have enought time last days for further tests.
    So I can say that the issue is closed to be solved. Furthermore , I'm still trying to adjust to the FI-BA-SS 's bundle eartips ...

    See you later.
  10. CH23
    please do post some pics!
  11. HiFiChris Contributor
  12. Jaylat
    An update. A&K later responded that they actually can replace the cable - and they sent me a new one. That fixed the problem, but the new cable is thicker and heavier than the original, which tends to pull the IEMs out of my ears easily. Also they have more microphonics.

    Meanwhile I ordered the q-JAYS Anniversary edition cables ($29 with shipping to US). These work fine and are much smaller and lighter, so the IEMs stay in. The look and build are not as impressive as the all metal AK cables, but they sound great. So I can confirm that these fit the AKR02 perfectly.

    I still have the original defective AKR02 cables. I'm thinking of using them for parts, taking off the connectors to use with a custom cable solution. Something light and high quality.
  13. haiku
    New FAD Piano Forte X-CC-T25 in the house!

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  14. haiku
    Are the PF really meant to be inserted deep? So, how deep do you push them in?
    As I´ve understood it, you just insert them so they lay softly on the outer ear..... Sounds also better to me than pushing them in too deeply.
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  15. CH23
    I found with the FI-BA-SS that over-ear is a lot nicer, this also removes strain from the connectors, dampens harmonics, and keeps them in your ears much better.

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