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Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

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  1. SpringBiscuit
    Hi guys,

    i'm a Final Audio Design user, been experienced with their series such as Adagio, Piano forte and Heaven, they sounded awesome to my ears. 
    The brand had been underrated for quite some time mainly due to the price factor according to some users, however for more and more new product lines came in, the brand started to diversify their product range, to suit different market needs.
    Surprisingly I spotted there are user who’s enjoying their Heaven, Adagio Series in Headfi Forum, so I believe there should be a place for everyone to talk about!     

    *Strictly no bashing base on impressions you read, try them before making your decision
    *Ask any questions about Final Audio Design

    *Sorry for my bad english


    Changing the Concept of Earphones

    Music is “Power.”
    This is the basic premise behind final audio design.
    It is not just about music constructed out of soft and sweet sounds;
    It is “Pianissimo” – deeper than the abyss – and “Fortissimo” – with crushing force.
    This is our belief; delivering the sensation and reenactments of the performers’ outpouring of passion.
    final audio design is a never-heard-before, Distinctive brand bound to change the concept of earphones.

    Kanemori Takai
    President, final audio design

    Final Audio Design Links 


    Review Section

    Final Audio Piano Forte VIII Impression

    Final Audio 1601SS & 1602SS

    Final Audio Heaven IV Review

    Final Audio Heaven S & A Review

    Final Audio Adagio III Review

    Final Audio Adagio II Review

    Final Audio Adagio V Review 

    Final Audio Piano Forte II Review

    Final Audio FI-BASS Review

    Final Audio Muramasa viii Unboxing 

    Swimsonny Adagio III Unboxing Review 

    Swimsonny Heaven IV Unboxing Review

    Swimsonny Adagio V Unboxing Review
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  2. driver 8
    The general aesthetic of these products/the company has really grown on me, to the extent where I have preorders placed for both the FI-BA-SS and Fitear TG334's, which seem to be more well-regarded, but am far more anxious to get my hands on the former.
    So yeah, I obviously have no sound impressions yet, but I expect I'll be a fan.
  3. MuppetFace
    I'm one of the more vocal fans of Final Audio Design here on head-fi, and I'm currently working on a guide of sorts that will explain FAD's catalog and offer impressions for [most of] their products. Unfortunately I've been a bit swamped recently, so it's currently on hold.
    My FAD collection at the moment:
    1350 M1
    1601 SB (coming soon to me from FAD Taiwan)
    1602 SS Piano Forte IX
    1602 SC Piano Forte X-CC
    Adagio III
    Adagio V
    FI-BA-SB Heaven S
    FI-BA-SS (black cable -- on loan from James444)
    FI-BA-SS (white cable -- special prototype edition for FAD employees)
    Heaven IV
    Piano Forte II earbuds
    I've also got the Muramasa VIII full-sized headphones on the way to me this month, so impressions for that will probably take priority over anything else. Apparently no one outside of Asia other than me ordered these lol.
    That aside, I must admit this thread has quite a bit of potential for turning into a train wreck. Whenever FAD gets mentioned 'round these parts, it tends to solicit comments about outrageous prices, questions of value, accusations of snake oil changing hands, and a whole host of tired, recycled content from individuals who don't understand the company's M.O. and target demographic and, often times, haven't even listened to a single FAD product.
  4. Swimsonny
    I have a adagio II en route so will stick my impressions here.
  5. SpringBiscuit
    i own Adagio II and V series, in the price range of what they offering, i tried and satisfied with the sound they tune.
    Compare with same rank products? yes i did and still fond on FAD ^.^

    P/S : Hope MuppetFace and users can post their review and impression soon!  
  6. Swimsonny
    Yeh as soon as i get them!
  7. takoyaki7
    From my personal experience, Piano Forte II was overhyped...but Adagio III and FI-BA-SS are amazing IEMs. The latter is still the best IEM (worth about 5 W4s) I have ever owned, and the one I miss the most!! I have yet to find another IEM with the same accuracy, as well as dynamic-like impact. 
  8. MuppetFace
    The FI-BA-SS is really exceptional, and the earphone I point to first when someone doubts FAD's ability to make audiophile-caliber products. Right now I'm comparing my white-cabled FI-BA-SS to James444's black-cabled one. The white version isn't available to consumers, but is specially tuned to the company president's tastes and only given to FAD employees and individuals with connections to the company. It's tuned to be slightly warmer and more laid back compared to the black version.
    As I've mentioned elsewhere, I think FAD has two distinct sides. Their balanced armatures have a broader appeal and are more inline with what one might expect from reference earphones. Their dynamic earphones on the other hand are much more unusual and have more of a distinct flavor to them, the result of their "in house" vision: creating earphones that replicate the sound of vintage horn speakers. I simply adore my Piano Forte IX and X-CC. No other top-tier IEM sounds anything like them.
  9. SpringBiscuit

    I always interested on that they mentioned horn speaker tuning (which they're manufacturing that), until i met a guy who's using a pair of Horn speaker.
    The impression he gave me "Amazing and musical Mid that no other speakers sounded the same, but normal presentation on treble and bass."
    I put my doubt until i had tried on Piano Forte VIII, yes it's correct if we compare upper mid, bass etc... its sounds weird compare with tradition earphones we experienced before, they are not outstanding, but the musicality of the vocal... i conclude they are amazingly unique.   
  10. tomscy2000
    Well, I've been hesitant to post here. There has just been too much Final Audio backlash in the past, but I nevertheless want to say that FAD has some of the most engrossing mids I've ever come across. It's the one constant that keeps me drawn to this brand. Even though each of their earphones are tuned differently, the mids somehow find their way to the forefront. While I only have the Heaven IV and FI-BA-SS, I've listened to just about all their products (except the discontinued 1601 series) and the midrange that comes out of each of them are unique to this brand.
  11. psygeist
    ^^will have to agree on that.
    FI-BA-SB is distinctively flavored. Not quite the neutral definition but nonetheless it's still a pleasure to listen. I can see what this vintage horn speaker vibe is about.
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  12. MuppetFace
    If you really want to hear the vintage horn speaker sound, try FAD's dynamic models. Sadly however the 1350 and 1601 lines are now discontinued, which just leaves the Piano Forte line.
    The Adagio line is kind of a departure from the usual FAD sound in my opinion.
  13. SpringBiscuit
    certain models have venture into different market, heavy bass such as Adagio II and Adagio III, i guess they are trying different models and hope to please everyone.
  14. psygeist
  15. tomscy2000
    Sent you a PM.
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