1. Alanaudio

    FS: Final A8000 (Almost new condition)

    Final A8000 is the IEM with the most beautiful highs I have ever heard. If you are a fan of classical music, this is the end game. Purchased 24 days ago from Audio46, almost new condition with the original box and all the accessories. Pp fees and shipping fees are included. A transparent...
  2. JohnPham

    [WTB] Final Audio - 4.4mm Balanced C106 Straight MMCX Silver-Coated Cable

    Looking for a final audio 4.4 mm balanced mmcx cable (C106 model). PM me if you have one for sale. Thanks
  3. JohnPham

    [SOLD] Final Audio A8000

    Hi all, I'm selling my lightly used pair of Final Audio's flagship in-ear monitor, the A8000. I had it for about two weeks and put about 250 hours (200 of those hours were for burn-in time, not worn) of time into them. The IEM look visually new and comes with the box, valid warranty, and all...
  4. Final Audio

    Final STORE and Final E500 introduced by Virtual Youtuber, Kazami YUIKA

    Final STORE In the past, Final has been trying to create opportunities to have direct interaction and communication with the community. From DIY earphone assembly events, open showroom, MAKE tuning event to acoustic engineering lecture which were regularly organized during the past few years, we...
  5. Final E500

    Final E500

    Final E500 The new model in the E-series which delivers the most neutral sound among the series. The perfect neutral sound signature of the E500 is not only suitable for music lovers who enjoy relaxing neutral sounding, the extreme accuracy in sound localization is also working seamlessly...
  6. AudioJunki3

    Mini clear-out (Campfire Comet, Fiio BTR5, Sennheiser TW, Final E5000

    Moving on some of my audio gear as I've settled on a select few that I love. Campfire Comets - Fully boxed, Immaculate, very little use, loads of eartips, original case, campfire pin, the works. £140 - SOLD!! Sennheiser TW - Easily the best sounding true wireless IEM available, bought them...
  7. AudioJunki3

    SOLD - Final E5000

    Lightly used Final E5000 Comes as seen, earphones only. 3rd party tips, but original cable any questions, please ask, I’ll respond ASAP. cheers, Audiojunki3
  8. Final Audio

    Introducing Final latest flagship IEM A8000 featuring Truly Pure Beryllium Dynamic Driver

    Final new flagship IEM, A8000 – Redefining the potential of dynamic driver Awards VGP Lifestyle 2020 Gold Award Winner for earphone between USD1800 to USD2800 VGP Lifestyle 2020 Innovation Grand Award A8000 series concept Newly developed final proprietary Perceptual Transparent Measurement...
  9. endless.skai


  10. Final F3100

    Final F3100

    Bringing the driver unit closer to the ear drum, achieves an even more realistic, vivid sound quality. In order to achieve this in the F3100, we have meticulously downsized the housing with a design consisting of the minimum possible elements. Miniaturized to have a diameter of 5.5 mm, the...
  11. Final  B Series

    Final B Series

    Final B series Each of the latest research results productized into an engineer driven new series. A new engineer driven product series that productizes each of the latest research results. Series concept and retail price are not bound in a hierarchy, productization is by order of development...
  12. Pan Varox

    For Sale: Final Audio F4100

    Used for around six months. Mint condition. All accessories and original box included.
  13. final A8000

    final A8000

    final’s flagship model realizes transparent sound for the uplift that can be gained by listening to music. Awards General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: A series Model Name: A8000 Price: USD1999 Official Website: [Link] Intro / Q&A thread in Head-Fi: [Link] Specification...
  14. F700

    SOLD Final F3100 / mint condition, 2nd hand

    Here is a Final F3100 in an absolute mint condition to acquire at less than 50% of its MSRP. I traded a premium IEM cable against the Final F3100 on Head-Fi a few weeks ago (October 2019). I listened to the F3100 for maybe 1 or 2 hours. Incredibly detailed, zero sibilance or harshness...
  15. Tweeters

    WTS: Final E2000, KZ ZS6 IEMs

    Both SOLD for $45 total
  16. gtrx333

    FS: Final E5000

    Been enjoying these for the past few months, Relaly shines with a balanced cable. Price reduced £140.
  17. A

    WTB: Final Audio B3 (EU/UK)

    Looking for Final Audio B3 in the EU/UK. If you have one to sell, PM me with offer price inclusive of PayPal and postage to Finland. Thanks!
  18. JohnPham

    FS: Final Audio E5000

    Selling a pair of Final Audio E5000 in good condition (minor fine scratches on enclosure) for $150 (Paypal fees included). Includes the IEM's, stock cable and stock tips. Box not included. Will cover for shipping in the US. Will ship internationally, but buyer covers for half of shipping cost...
  19. jwbrent

    CLOSED: Final Sonorous VI / Final D8000 Case & Upgrade 3m Cables Included / New Price!

    I purchased the SONOROUS VI earlier this year from an authorized dealer to add to my collection of headphones. It is in mint condition and includes the Final D8000 case and the Final D8000 1.5m cable. I’m planning on another purchase, so that is the reason for selling this excellent headphone...

    Seeing whats out there for future buy: Final Sonorous VI, Denon D7200, Audeze LCD2C or Focal Elegia

    Whats up Headfi Gang, Not buying quite yet, for I have more gear yet to sell off...but I'm real close. I want to know who out there has some super good deals on the following cans that handily beat online prices: 1. Denon D7200 2. Audeze LCD2 Closed 3. Final Sonorous VI 4. Focal Elegia I'm...
  21. iBo0m

    [WTB] CA Andromeda SE Gold, Final Audio Riho Iida Edition, Acoustune HS1695Ti, Etys er4xr

    I'm looking for some IEMs mentioned in the title. Shoot me a PM if you have one for sale :).
  22. phammed

    [FS] Final Audio B1, Final Audio E5000

    Hey all, I’m selling my basically new pair of Final Audio B1 (1BA/1DD hybrid design) for $650 which I used for about a day or two and my trusty pair of Final Audio E5000 (single dynamic driver design) that have been used for about a year or two for $180. Reason for selling is that I initially...
  23. final D8000 Pro Edition

    final D8000 Pro Edition

    2019 New model, D8000 Pro Edition from final, Japan. General Information Brand: final Country: Japan Series: D series Model Name: D8000 Pro Edition Price: USD4299 Purchase link: [Audio46] Specification Drivers: Planar Magnetic with AFDS technology Housing Material: Aluminium Magnesium...
  24. Zerousen

    SOLD: Final Audio E5000 IEM

    Had this for a few weeks but never quite had the time to use them very much. Comes with everything pictured. I am asking for $170 shipped CONUS, thanks!
  25. heliosphann

    *SOLD* Final Sonorous VI w/extra earpads

    Up for grabs is a Final Sonorous VI dynamic driver headphone with balanced armature. Headphone is in like new condition. Purchased this brand new several years ago and sadly it hasn't seen as much use as it should. This is an incredibly easy to drive headphone that has an amazing sound and...