Final Audio Design Impressions and Discussion Thread

  1. jwbrent
    Any chance you can take a closeup picture of the A&K replacement cable? I own the AKR02 as well, and I’d like to see what they’re replacing the stock cable with.
  2. Jaylat
    AKR02 03.jpg AKR02 01.jpg AKR02 03.jpg AKR02 04.jpg
    Here you go, wth pics of the Q-Jay cable as well. As you can see there's a huge difference. The new cable is very high quality, but stiff.

    The new cable is the thicker one on the top. I'll try wearing it over the ears - thanks for the suggestion.
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  3. jwbrent
    Thank you for posting the picture. Interesting, my AKR02 came with the thicker cable, not the thinner one that came with yours. It’s good to know if I ever have an issue, A&K has it in stock. I bought my AKR02 new from an authorized dealer at the beginning of this year.

    I’m familiar with JAYS cable since I own the q-JAYS AE, which, by the way, is a great sounding IEM for $350.

    I’m using the final E-series tips on my AKR02, and I don’t have any issue with them falling out when used with them hanging down. These are my reference earphones strictly for home use.

    You could cut off the outer clear PVC jacket to make it less unwieldy leaving ½ inch on each end for strain relief if over the ear use doesn’t work for you.
  4. Jaylat
    Thanks for the suggestions. I guess everyone's ears are different, as mine keep falling out no matter what, even with the cables over the ears. I might look into getting an extra-large tip, or maybe a custom. Any thoughts on who makes custom tips for these?

    This guy used snugs:

    If you want a replacement cable I would suggest contacting A&K soon, as they might not have them in the future. Their initial response was that they did not have replacement cables, and only later did they offer to replace them.
  5. jwbrent
    Thank you for the tip on the cable. Regarding tips that may help your situation, I’m not familiar with the snugs (although I’ve read good things), but how about Comply foam tips? They’re inexpensive and they will definitely help with keeping the AKR02 in place. The T400 are the series that work.

    Best of luck resolving the issue ... worth the effort since the AKR02 is a beautiful sounding earphone.
  6. Jaylat
    Thanks, I am using the Comply tips and they do work. I just prefer the less intrusive tips that come with the AKR02. Agree the sound is amazing!
  7. CH23
    It finally happened; the glue that holds the back of the FI-BA-SS was glue no more.
    the result: a nice look inside the IEM.
    Also tried to do an 'A-B' between the left and right IEM (with mono audio) and without the back on, there's slightly less bass.

    here's some pics for those interested:
    IMG_20171025_153930.jpg IMG_20171025_152609.jpg IMG_20171025_152425.jpg IMG_20171025_152523.jpg
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  8. jwbrent
    This has happened before with others. I’m not sure what type of glue one needs to reattach the casing.
  9. CH23
    Cyanoacrylate works for me. just be careful it doesn't touch any rubber, but for the stainless steel it's great.
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  10. Dark Helmet
    How does the Heaven II compare to the E3000?
  11. ostewart
    E3000 is fuller and more fun and dynamic, Heaven II is more detailed but lacking in body and a bit thin sounding.

    Personally I'd take the E3000

    Comply tips warm up the heaven II to some extent but overall the E3000 is nicer to listen to.
  12. Dark Helmet
    Thank you for the reply.
  13. ChaosLink
    Hey guys. I've been playing with my Piano Forte X-CC for half a month. It just blows me away. Magnificent for pop, instrumental, blues (I started listening to blues thanks to them), and also quieter alternative. Once you wear it right, you feel like you are in a concert hall indeed. I don't want to listen to my Beyerdynamic T1 2nd Gen for the time being. Granted, they are not for every genre and everyone, and I wouldn't listen to rock with them. But, still, they are a pair of masterpieces! The melancholic songs just get to me. I'm more than amazed!
  14. jwbrent
    Congrats on your X-CC. One day, I would like to own these from all the great comments I’ve read. I’m a big fan of final.
  15. ChaosLink
    This was an impulse purchase for me because of a recent personal event. However, I don't regret even a bit. I tried Piano Fort VIII as well, Not a huge fan. Too muddy. Stay tuned for their second generation models with a suffix of -T, like Piano Forte X-T. Those should have tiny tweaks and come with silver cables, but are just not available in North America yet.

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