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100+ Head-Fier, Male

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    peer-to-peer, NAS, Linux
    Headphone Inventory:
    [all alphabetically sorted, by company]

    owned cabled headphones:
    AKG K812, K872; Audeze LCD-X, LCD-XC; Final (FAD) Pandora III, Sonorous VIII, 2 x Sonorous X; Focal Clear, Elear, Utopia; Hifiman HE6se; MrSpeakers Aeon, Ether C; OPPO PM2, PM3; Sennheiser HD 800, HD 598, etc.

    previously owned but not kept:
    AKG N90Q

    owned cabled in-ear earphones:
    AKG K3003; Audeze LCDi4; Final (FAD) Fi-BA-SS, Heaven VII, VIII, LAB II, Piano Forte X-G, IX and VIII; Focal Sphear, Sphear S; JH Audio Layla; Sennheiser IE800, IE80, etc.

    owned bluetooth headphones:
    AKG K845BT, Y50BT; Audio Technica ATH-DSR9BT; Bose QC35; Bower & Wilkins P7 Wireless; Parrot Zik 2; Sennheiser Momentum 2 Wireless over-ear, PXC 550.

    owned bluetooth in-ear earphones:
    Focal Sparks; Jaybird Bluebuds X; Sennheiser Momentum 2 InEar BT M2IEBT .

    Gear setup:
    -- next to bed -- : AK240 + Sandisk 400GB -> ALO TRRS -> LAB II, Sonorous X, Piano Forte IX, VIII, JH Layla, K3003, Fi-BA-SS, IE 800
    -- desktop at home office --: iUSB3.0->..-> RME-ADI 2 Pro -> [direct or through Oehlbach XLR -> iCAN Pro ->] Nordost Heimdahl 2 -> Utopia, Clear; XLR ALO -> Sonorous X, Sonorous VIII, XLR Wywire -> HD 800, LCD-X(C), K812, Ether C ...
    -- at work -- : Note 8 + Sandisk 400GB -> Mojo --> Elear or Aeon (or AK240 --> FI-BA-SS, Laya)
    -- DIY --> Note 8 - BT -> ATH DSR9BT or Focal Sparks or P7W
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    RME ADI 2 PRO, iFi iCAN Pro, Chord Mojo, iDSD micro
    Source Inventory:
    RME ADI 2 PRO, Astell&Kern SP1000Cu, AK240, AK100-II, Chord Mojo, iFi iDSD micro, several Synology NAS, Windows and Linux Full Tower computers,

    Bluetooth: Astell&Kern XB10, Radsone Earstudio
    Cable Inventory:
    - Nordost Heimdall 2
    - Lavricable --> 3,5 mm
    - Oehlbach XLR
    - Wywire HD800 XLR + adaptor XLR->jack
    - TRRS and XLR ALO cables for Sonorous X and VIII
    - RCA : Oehlbach XXL-2 8.5 mm Cool Silver,
    - ifI Mercury
    Power-Related Components:
    - iFI USB 3.0 Purifier
    - Sbooster BOTW (power supply)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Living room :
    - Onkyo TX NR5010
    - Dali Rubicon 5 Speaker set
    - Heco Celan GT Subwoofer
    - Oehlbach Twin Mix Two M 6 mm2 cable
    - Oehlbach NF 214 Sub Subwoofer cable

    For DIY : Milwaukee Bluetooth M18 Jobsite Radio/Charger (wirelessly connected to smartphone)
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    I sometimes apply EQ corrections.
    Music Preferences:
    I Listen mostly to most metal genres, ancient medieval and renaissance music, sacred music, baroque, trance (techno), ambient (dark, spiritual ambiant...), neo-medieval, neofolk, folk, ("classic") romantic music.
    [Compared to "typical" profiles, I don't listen to pure jazz and blues, and little to pop, rock and mixed jazz]
    Samsung Galaxy Note series (Note 12.2 tablet, Samsung Note 9 Smartphone with 512 GB base storage)
    computer monitor is 4K 48" TV Samsung (UE)48JS9000 connected to Linux PC, Windows PCs and to NAS
    Computer motherboard = Asus X99 Rampage Edition X with special headphone DAC -amp module in 5" bay.
    Living room TV = LG OLED65G6V


    Utopia, Clear, K872, Elear, K812, HE6se, 2 x Sonorous X, HD 800, LCD-XC, LCD-X, Sonorous VIII, Aeon, PM-2, Ether C, PM-3...
    LAB II, LCDi4, Piano Forte X-G, IX & VIII, FI-BA-SS, Layla, Sphear S, K3003, , Heaven VIII and VII, IE-800 ...
    RME ADI-2 Pro, SP1000Cu, AK240, iCAN Pro, Mojo, iDSD micro...
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