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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. twiceboss
    BA has no burn in. Stop believing on that. It will sound like that forever. Also, i had the same experience with you. I received dm7 back then and somehow it was unbalance. Tried to reconnect the mmcx and then it sounds quite balance. However, the sound is sooooo veiled and the soundstage is worse. Returned it and got an Andromeda. Im a happy andro user now.
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  2. pstickne
    Audeze iSine10 + Cipher (lightning) B-Units also at $149 now for US sales (inventory drop?).

    I hope my ears don’t hate the clips :p
    Last edited: Jun 26, 2019
  3. tichyztech
    Just wondering bro
    1. What you DAC/Amp you are using?

    2. What tips are you using? For my ears the stock tips cause too much pressure and affects how it sounds, for my ears I use the Comply foam tips.

    3. What songs did you listen too?

    4. What other iem do you have? I came from the DMG, I skipped the DM6 and saved for DM7.
  4. Aeskualpio
    Not my experience at all.
    These are the DM6 with a more balanced approach to treble while maintaining all the detail of the DM6. I only have about 15 hours in between my custom 8 core OFC 4.4mm terminated cable and my RHA BT cable.

    Some may argue about BA burn in, But my DM6 changed at about 40 hours. YMMV.
    These are really quite good, better than my DM6, different in tuning from the Kanas Pro.

    Not enough time in yet to say difinitively but I suspect that the RHA CL2s will remain my favorite IEMs.

    I suggest rolling tips and changing cables to see if the veil vanishes, otherwise you may need to initiate a return
  5. smasherat
    I tried spiral dots, spinfits, symbio w and final e tips and foam tips and they all had veil. But then as a last ditch effort last night, I tried foam tips that were a smaller size than I normally use with my other IEMs (I usually use L but tried a M) and it worked. Veil gone. These sound great.

    Enjoy your Andromeda. I loved the Andromeda's and kinda regret selling them.

    1. es100 and dragonfly red. They should be pretty transparent without coloring the sound.

    2. See above to another response.

    3. I tested it with a variety of metal tracks, edm tracks and hip hop tracks and,,,Sir Elton John.

    4. Right now in my possession I have the Moondrop KPE, Ikko OH1, Sony MH755, KZ ZS10 Pro and Shure SE530. I previously owned the DM6, CA Andromeda (miss that thing), CA Atlas, Westone W30, VSonic GR07, KZ ZSN and Audeze iSine 10
  6. Hans-NL
    Hi everybody,

    Hans here from the Netherlands (if that wasn't obvious from my nick)
    First of all, after lurking into these great forums for a few years, finally I decided to start posting here.
    Now that's been said, onto what's more interesting in this thread... talk about BGVP.

    I'm quite new to the mid to higher end chi-fi, bought quite a few KZ and TRN IEM's but wanted to step up a bit, especially since I've been following BGGAR's excellent Youtube channel as well.
    So I bought the BGVP DM6, and I already owned a couple of great DAPs (to me anyway), the Fiio X5III and the Fiio X7II. I was blown away with how great the DM6 was, I was hooked on it.
    In the meantime I also received the wonderful Verum 1 planar headphones which is also a big step up for me but that's another story.

    Anyway I saw the reviews about the DM7, still hesitated a bit due to a bit negative infos, but I just ordered the DM7 at the Aliexpress official store, and asked if they could make the included cable as a balanced version instead of just only 3.5mm. Sure no problem they said. One day later and it's available on their store, both 2.5 and 4.4mm. :smile_phones: Can't wait to try these out, I already am loving the DM6. What a great company BGVP, they really listen to their users.

    Well that's my audiophile history in a nutshell :smile_phones:
  7. tichyztech
    Glad that worked. Welcome aboard the DM7 great experience. Sometimes it's just trial and error and some patience
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  8. highlightshadow
    Joined the BGVP family today.... got a set of DM6's
    Really enjoying them so far.
  9. HungryPanda
    I have got to say the DMS is high on my rotation list. They are just awesome.
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  10. Light - Man
    I only had the DMG. How does the Ibasso IT01s compare, and in the pecking order?
  11. loungecat
    OK I have just received my pair connections are tight Phew.

    Can someone tell me is the Red ring mean... Left on the Headphone cable ?

    Also cant see any Indications on the Iems either which is left or right ?
    Eyes aren't the best these days
  12. OldDude04
    The red ring indicates right. As for which is which, use the pic below to help you match up which ear piece goes on which side now that you know red indicates right.

    Last edited: Jun 27, 2019
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  13. loungecat
    Nice one thank you old dude :)
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  14. OldDude04
    No problem bro, happy to help. Hope you enjoy your DM7!
  15. hiflofi
    Are there any ArtMagic V12 impressions to go around? Preferably from someone who's actually paid for it. Would be interesting to hear if they're capable of mixing it with the big kids. My guess is they can (and I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt) but of course the tuning might come down to preference. Also a bit miffed knowing that they have switches.
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