[SOLD] WHITE BGVP DM6 IEM w/Braided MMCX Cable $100

    SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. SOLD SOLD What's up Headfi Gang-gang... What I have is the popular BGVP DM6 IEMs in white. These are used, but in perfect condition with braided mmcx cable for $100. Will provide extra case and tips for the DM6 too. I will take care of shipping. Deals will be done...
  2. Karendar

    BGVP DM6 in great condition

    Hello, Selling a set of BGVP DM6 in original packaging with original accessories and I'll toss in a new mmcx cable in the deal, as the stock one flakes out. Just don't use them as much as I would want to. Will ship anywhere as long as seller pays shipping.
  3. MrFaust

    SOLD: BVGP DM6 (Blue) IEMs

    I have too many sets of iems and need to let some go. These sound great, I just don't find myself spending much time with them since I got my set of Shuoer Tape I do not have the original packaging for these. But they will be packaged very securely. Included are the iems, the original braided...
  4. josesol07

    (SOLD) BGVP DM6 in mint condition

    Up for sale my absolutely mint set of blue translucent DM6, bought in October 2018 from Linsoul Audio via Amazon USA. Purchased right after watching BGGAR´s video hyping DM6, so I believe it belonged to the first batch and have had no QC problems whatsoever. Sonically and cosmetically in perfect...
  5. headpfizer

    SOLD - [FS][UK] BGVP DM6 - Price Drop

    Clearing out some of my lesser used gear. These have seen minimal use and are in excellent condition. Pet and smoke free home. Foam tips won't be included but all original accessories and tips are. Any questions please ask.
  6. OldDude04

    SOLD - BGVP DM6 Clear

    SOLD Up for sale is my great condition BGVP DM6. Comes with all original accessories and packaging except for the foam ear tips. The included ear tips have never been used. I'm looking for $95, that includes shipping and Paypal fees (CONUS only). Not looking for any trades atm, thanks for looking.
  7. Torac

    BGVP DM6 - For Sale

    Looking to sell my BGVP DM6, barely used and well looked after. I am selling as they don't get much use since I have decided to stick mainly to over-ear headphones. I am looking to get £113.34/$140 which doesn't include shipping to allow me to ship worldwide, although would prefer to ship within...
  8. viveksaikia22

    [SOLD] BGVP DM6 up for sale or trade

    Hi, I am looking to sell my BGVP DM6 earphones. I am open to trade offers as well and a few IEMs I will consider are - 1. Campfire Comet 2. VE Zen 2.0 3. Surprise me! I am expecting $160 which covers the shipping and the PP fees. I will ship to CONUS only. Thanks Vivek
  9. H

    Need help choosing Tanchjim Oxygen or other similar priced IEM (DM6, IT01s, Kanas Pro)

    Hi all! Made an account to get some experienced input. I am looking to purchase a new IEM as a long term investment. Through my research I have discovered Tanchjim Oxygen will be a great buy. My source is an LG G6 (quad dac) which I will use with Audirect Beam and I am maybe purchasing a Fiio...
  10. BGVP DMS


    BGVP DMS IEM 6BA+1DD Hybrid Earphones. To achieve a more professional driver configurations, DMS adopts SWFK-31736 Knowles driver for high and extreme high frequency, two DEK-60318 drivers for mid and low frequency, one 10mm macromolecule driver. These make the sound more flexible and...
  11. KC-130

    [SOLD]: BGVP-DM6 (New In Box - Unopened) Solid Black

    **SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD**SOLD** This pair was delivered today and have not been opened. They are the Solid Black edition (not the clear black). Firm on price but CONUS Shipping & PayPal Fees are included.
  12. Mirimar

    Sold: BGVP DM6 (RED)

    Purchased late last year and in excellent condition. Comes with all original accessories. I will cover PayPal and shipping within Australia. International buyer please PM to discuss shipping.
  13. JoshG1217

    For Sale FS DGVP DM6 with Dekoni and Comply Tips

    Bought these tips: And these: Dekoni Audio Moldable Foam Ear Tips Premium Memory Foam Isolation Earphone Tips - 4.9mm 3 Pack SM MED Lrg Sample Pack Black (EPZ-Mercury-PL)...
  14. jason96

    BGVP DM6 IEMs Ocean Blue (CT03) as New, Complete

    BGVP DM6 IEMs Ocean Blue (CT03) as new (Only listened 3 times), complete with all tips and includes Unused/New KZ Startips. They are mint, without any scratches or damage (see picture). I bought them from Linsoul and decided sell them because I got a new set of IEM which suits me better. The DM6...
  15. F700

    SOLD BGVP-DM6 to sell - transparent red

    Here is my 1 month old pair of BGVP-DM6. They are mint, without any scratches or damage (see picture). I bought them from Linsoul and sell them because I got a new set of IEM which suits me better. The DM6 come will all the accessories and the original box. I am shipping worldwide from...
  16. C

    (For sale, NJ) BGVP DM6 IEMs - CT-02 clear blue - Brand new and unopened ($190)

    Hey, I'm selling a brand new box of DM6s. I bought them from China through Aliexpress, but shipping was so incredibly long that I bought another pair elsewhere. I finally got the original DM6s in the mail, but already have a pair now! Selling for $190, $10 less than retail, with free shipping...
  17. robm321


    Let me know if you are interested in selling these. Thank you. Rob
  18. tolisgtr

    [SOLD] BGVP DM6 Transparent [Europe]

    I have a pair of BGVP DM6 in transparent shell that I'm willing to let go. This was purchased in January from a fellow headfier. The IEMs are in mint condition, no scratches or marks whatsoever. All original accessories included. The photos attached come from the original owner, my phone's...
  19. Smurfs2010

    SOLD - BGVP DM6 Cable optional

    Lightly used DM6, excellent condition. I may not have all the tips but everything pictured is included. If the tips are not pictured, I probably used them and you don't want those anyway. DM6 w/Null Cable $ 200 PayPal $ 0 Shipping (US/CAN)...
  20. Benz-Fi

    WTB: BGVP DM6 in White

    Must be white color and in good condition. Please send me your offer. Thanks!
  21. scottsays


    Emerald green universal -Barely used-EX condition Comes with ALL original package--tips, cable. ect..... As close to brand new as possible-- I cannot use universal iem's---finally realizing this. I spend more time fiddling and adjusting then listening to them. $ 175 paypal and shipping...
  22. johnchpark

    Fearless Audio S5T - A First Look

    This may be the first posting on the Fearless Audio S5T (Turbo) made in English. 5BA (Knowles & Sonion) made from China. Background I was originally going to purchase the BGVP DM6 from Linsoul, but right before placing the order, a Linsoul representative suggested to buy the Fearless Audio S5...
  23. F

    BGVP DM6 Clear - SOLD

    $175 - Clear DM6 is very good condition. Never used outside and comes with the original box. I have a balanced 4.4 copper cable I will include for an extra $30.
  24. drag0nslayer

    SOLD New Custom Clear BGVP DM6 With Pure Copper Cable

    Selling My New Box Packed Custom Designed Clear Transparent DM6 With 2.5 mmPure Copper Cable. Box Contents: Custom Designed Clear Transparent DM6 x1 2.5 mm Pure Copper Cable x1 Other Accessories Like Tips As In Usual DM6 Box The reason for selling: I've ordered two now its spare. Price: $209...
  25. V

    BGVP DM6 - My opinions/What do you think?

    Here's a link to a bunch of pictures: TL; DR You need a good source and a good file to enjoy these properly. They reveal the amp, DAC, as well as the quality of the recording. Given that is taken care of (which is not too...