Need help choosing Tanchjim Oxygen or other similar priced IEM (DM6, IT01s, Kanas Pro)
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Jun 13, 2019
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Hi all! Made an account to get some experienced input.

I am looking to purchase a new IEM as a long term investment. Through my research I have discovered Tanchjim Oxygen will be a great buy.

My source is an LG G6 (quad dac) which I will use with Audirect Beam and I am maybe purchasing a Fiio A5.

I am on vacation and I got to try some IEMs (nothing available back home). I tried Final E5000, iBasso IT01s, which is I think in the same range as Oxygen according to what I see, and I tried Kinera Idun as well.

Out of these, I love the bass of the E5000, and like the detail of the IT01s. Idun was really good too, but maybe a little something missing in bass/sub bass for me. Will the Oxygen be good in these aspects too?

I have seen that Kanas Pro, BGVP DM6 and now the TFZ No. 3 Ti are competitors to the Oxygen.

Can anyone help me make an informed purchase?

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