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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Pictures are welcome. All colors offered and a pic of each type would be cool

    RED courtesy of @chinmie


    Ok, I am making a final effort to explain to everyone how things work, regarding the "fake shippings", and everything else in general.

    First of all, we know about the demand, and the amount of orders for the BGVP DM6.

    1. Every order on aliexpress has a default 5 day processing time, which is usually enough for items that are in stock. I've ordered several IEMs, all from different stores, and each seller/store pretty much shipped them during that 5 day period. (some shipped on the same day, others 1-2 days later)

    2. No store has any stock of the BGVP DM6 at this moment. Every order/preorder goes directly to BGVP, so they have to manufacture the units PER ORDER (I believe that's something all of you know at this point). Based on what I've been told, and other people confirming, BGVP makes 20 units per day.

    3. People/buyers usually forget about the extremely limited 5 days processing time, with is simply not enough for some custom orders, ESPECIALLY for the handmade DM6, which happens to have more than 400 orders just for the A&V store alone.

    4. Now, I'm not quite sure how the systems work for sellers/stores, but I would imagine, that there is a bunch of indicators (like, red beeping lights on a board), that tells them when a particular order has less than a day of processing time left. Since everything depends on BGVP when it comes to the manufacturing of the product, the amount of orders are simply impossible to fulfill, because there is NO STOCK.

    5. When there's less than 24 hours left on an order, the seller has two choices: - either send a message to every order that is about to expire asking the buyer to "extend the processing time" (hoping that the buyer reads it in time and extends the PT), or let the timer run out, which at this case renders the order canceled, and the seller/store has a "failed to ship" on their record. The most important thing most of you don't know, is that aliexpress is very strict when it comes to sellers who fail to ship their orders. I'm not sure the exact number, but sellers will get suspended from doing business on aliexpress if they reach a certain amount of failed orders (which literally means death to that particular store/seller). Needless to say, that's the biggest fear EVERY SINGLE SELLER/STORE has.

    6. What happens ultimately, they simply resort to shipping basically nothing (a fake shipment), to some made-up place/person (and no, it's not just the "evil/bad" A&V store like "some people" would like to make you believe, because at this point you've all seen that ALL other stores did it as well), just so they don't get a "failed shipment" on their record, which directly puts in danger their whole business. After that happens, they usually come up with some stupid sounding excuse for this, and ask people to give them more time to properly ship their item (when they get it from the overwhelmed manufactures), or offer a refund on paypal (usually at a loss, because they also pay the pp fees, not to mention the order they've placed with BGVP), because it's outside of aliexpress's systems.

    I hope this makes it all clear.

    And I will remind you again, that if you are serious about getting the DM6ses, and don't want the headache of a "wrong shipment", just extend the processing time for 20 days or more, just to be safe.

    It might be required to do it again (we don't know how much orders were fulfilled, and how many remain). I've personally extended on my order twice, 15 days each. And the most important thing, DON'T WAIT TILL THE LAST SECOND TO EXTEND IT, because SEE #5 and #6. Basically, the responsibility is yours, guys. I would suggest extending when you have more than one day left, otherwise you risk the store filing a fake shipment out of fear.


    Last edited: Mar 14, 2019
  2. Kitechaser
    About time this thread started.
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    What color you got?

    Wanna add all the colors to first post :)
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  4. arielext
    I had the purple bit sold them, their treble issues made me sell em.
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  5. zepmaj
  6. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    No purple pic?
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  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    The set was taking over a general thread so the frustration was legit. It was time. What color? Pic please :)
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  8. zepmaj
    Still waiting, so excited about it, transparent though.
  9. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Cool. The wait is worldwide. That site that offered the huge discount sold 400 units and caused a headache for BGVP which had a Massdrop contract and general vendor sales already. Hope it comes soon.
  10. zeppu08
    Need to be in this thread as well!
  11. battosai
    Waiting for mine to be made, transparent color, different vendor but bought it on 11.11 as well. The wait is loooooong.
  12. paddyberger
    I bought the DMG (Black) on the Rec of the OP and loving them. I’ve also got the new champagne filter on the way too.

    DM6 (Clear) arrived a day ago and due to an ear issue I can’t listen to them for a few days. So I’m going to burn them in (not looking to start that discussion again) until Sunday as I can’t use them anyway!
  13. mathi8vadhanan
    Ordered Blue DMG on 11.11 and received it 11.15. I have been thoroughly enjoying them through Shanling M0. Great recc, @HBB.
    It's definitely a tier or two above regular chi-fi populars like Tin T2. The sub-bass is so seductive. Recessed vocals is no problem for me. I prefer it this way vs shouty vocals.
    Imaging is a bit-off though, like a donut hole. Not sure, if it's because of the lack of sound tubes. This got me excited about DM6. So went ahead and ordered a clear DM6 on BF sale.

    @paddyberger, when/where did you order DM6? Looks like even the 11.11 orders are not being shipped.
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  14. Hawaiibadboy Contributor

    Clear :) That is the hardest to make since any imperfection is....clear :)
    Look forward to impressions and pics!

    So far as I know it goes like this.
    They are terrified of losing a grip over quality control due to deadlines.
    I said to a person who has BGVP's ear....that any delay would be forgiven if it sounds and looks as beautiful as what they have seen and heard about the item (customers). If they get bad craftsmanship nobody will care about your schedule,pressure, stress.

    The original questions to me were was if i thought it was a value at $200 and I said honestly a big fat YES. They may have tried to use massdrop as a way to get a lot of units out at one time and use as a mass marketing tool as MD members are from all over and so would those units. Marketing...actually good plan.

    I said my viewers and early buyers got no discount...... that is the way it is I was told... so I linked to MD as soon as it went up.

    Other Aliexpress shops immediately started ordering. Then a shop offered a big discount to compete with the MD but that was not a scenario they envisioned and it became the direct cause of all the delays. I strongly suggested that quality control is #1 and #2 and #3 in ranking of importance.

    I may have influenced their cautious approach or just re-enforced what any smart company knows.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
  15. chinmie

    already posted this on other thread, so apologies for reposting. this two is my current favorite daily drivers
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