1. BGVP NS10

    BGVP NS10

  2. BGVP DH5

    BGVP DH5

    Features:- >Powerful five-driver hybrid configuration. >10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver unit. >Four high-performance Balanced Armature drivers(2 from Knowles+2 custom BA units). > Three-way frequency distribution for distortion-free, clean sound reproduction. >3D-printed...
  3. BGVP DN3

    BGVP DN3

  4. shenzhenaudio

    Mid-Year Sales reaches at SHENZHENAUDIO

    Mid-Year Sales approaches, and the best deal reaches SHENZHENAUDIO, you can spend a pleasant shopping carnival week from June 21st to 25th. For providing our customers a worry-free shopping experience, a 30-day price guarantee showing up, that you guys can purchase now and get a...
  5. BGVP NS9

    BGVP NS9

  6. BGVP DM8

    BGVP DM8

    BGVP has announced it's latest flagship pair of in-ear monitors from their highly acclaimed DM series, the BGVP DM8. It is a premium pair of IEMs with rich, classy build quality and outstanding sonic performance. Exquisite Looks:- The earpieces in BGVP DM8 are made with high-precision 3D...
  7. BGVP DM8

    BGVP DM8

  8. BGVP ArtMagic VG4

    BGVP ArtMagic VG4

  9. BGVP Zero

    BGVP Zero

    BGVP ZERO Electrostatic Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone Description High performance accessory applications Micro electrostatic dynamic driver , using 10mm carbon nanotube dynamic driver, 7mm electret electrostatic driver has high amplitude, low distortion characteristics, can bring...
  10. BGVP ArtMagic V12

    BGVP ArtMagic V12

    Technical Specifications. Driver – 12 Balanced Armatures (Knowles & Sonion) Frequency response: 10-40kHz Sensitivity: 114dB Impedance: 25Ω Channel balance: ≤0.5dB Distortion rate: ≤1% Waterproof: IPX3 Connectors – 2-pin 0.78mm
  11. BGVP EST8


    Specifications - Drivers: Sonion Electrostatic Driver*2 | Balanced Armatures*6 Features: 3 Tuning Switch; 9 Styles of Tuning Available Sensitivity: ≥110dB SPL/MW Input impedance: 30 Ω Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz The distortion rate: ≤0.5% (1 KHZ) Channel balanced: ≤1 dB Rated power: 10mW...
  12. BGVP EST12

    BGVP EST12

    Technical Specifications - Drivers: 4 ESTs + 8 BA “Knowles & Sonion” Switches: 3 Tuning Switches (9 style options) Sensitivity: >110dB SPL/MW Impedance: 30Ω Frequency Response: 10Hz – 40kHz Distortion Rate: > 0.5 % (1kHz) Channel Difference: <1dB Related Power: 10mW


    Description 8MM bialogical diaphragm + custom-made high-resolution 30019 balanced armature Thanks to the high resolution advantages of balanced armature, sound clean, vocal ears, bass surging warmth. It is suitable for use with sponge earmuffs Crossover is use of a physical capacitor...
  14. BGVP DX5

    BGVP DX5

    BGVP DX5 DLC Diaphragm MMCX HiFI Earbud Description Balance of texture and weight control The whole 6 series aviation one-five axis fine carving molding, with thread type special acoustic wave reflection channel, let the sound more pure and natural. Create delicate metal aesthetics Using...
  15. BGVP ArtMagic DH3

    BGVP ArtMagic DH3

    Description Envision TEC 3D printing equipment DH3 is based on German Envision TEC 3D printing equipment and made of PMMA acrylic fiber skin-friendly material, which improves high temperature resistance and impact resistance. More professional combination of dynamic, 2 Knowles + biological...
  16. H

    Need help choosing Tanchjim Oxygen or other similar priced IEM (DM6, IT01s, Kanas Pro)

    Hi all! Made an account to get some experienced input. I am looking to purchase a new IEM as a long term investment. Through my research I have discovered Tanchjim Oxygen will be a great buy. My source is an LG G6 (quad dac) which I will use with Audirect Beam and I am maybe purchasing a Fiio...
  17. F

    Best IEM for 200$? (DM6, CP, IT01s, etc.)

    I would like to know what is the best IEM for 200$: I have seen this video ( ) that is a sound test of various IEM and listening to it I really liked the iBasso a lot (not the best bass but really clear mid and high), also the DM6 is doing good. I was...
  18. BGVP DMS


    BGVP DMS IEM 6BA+1DD Hybrid Earphones. To achieve a more professional driver configurations, DMS adopts SWFK-31736 Knowles driver for high and extreme high frequency, two DEK-60318 drivers for mid and low frequency, one 10mm macromolecule driver. These make the sound more flexible and...
  19. BGVP DM7

    BGVP DM7

    3D printed resin cavity shell Germany Envision TEC 3D printing equipment. PMMA acrylic fiber is made of medical-grade material, which improves the high temperature resistance and impact resistance. The left and right channel error is within 1dB, creating a cost-effective class of custom...
  20. IcedFrosty

    Tfz tequila... Or bgvp dmg?

    Hello head fi! So I've been torn down, choosing between tfz tequila and bgvp dmg. I got tfz tequila for about $110 here and bgvp dmg for about $107. I've watched a review on both IEMs. Based on the review i watched, both are amazing. Tequila is superb on soundstage, while dmg is superb on...
  21. V

    BGVP DM6 - My opinions/What do you think?

    Here's a link to a bunch of pictures: TL; DR You need a good source and a good file to enjoy these properly. They reveal the amp, DAC, as well as the quality of the recording. Given that is taken care of (which is not too...
  22. Hawaiibadboy

    BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

    Pictures are welcome. All colors offered and a pic of each type would be cool RED courtesy of @chinmie Ok, I am making a final effort to explain to everyone how things work, regarding the "fake shippings", and everything else in general. First of all, we know about the demand, and...
  23. W

    Budget dac for Honor 6X.

    Honor 6X has a really bad sound... I want a dac as sound card for it. I listed some dac/amp. Walnut V2s , Zishan Z2 , Walnut F1 , FiiO Btr1 Earphone : BGVP DS1 Sorry for my bad English.