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New Head-Fier
Lot of Drivers!!, but is it enough??
Pros: build and fit are great for 10 drivers
good stage and imaging
Cons: treble could be a bit out of coherence
latest product from BGVP 10 drivers at each side for $170
you got tons of nice accessories here, big hardcase, 3 type of filters, 3 types of jack (2,5 3,5 4,4)
and even using 10 drivers i feel that the ergonomics is very good, could wear comfortably during my testing session

they do provide 3 types of filters here (gold/silver/red) but honestly they doesn't really change the overall signature so much, only changing minor peaks in treble while the other frequencies feels very similar

i perceive them as a v shaped sounding iem putting emphasize on both bass and treble while midrange take a step back
bass is punchy and thick , also has noticable decay that gives warmth coloration but won’t be suitable for double pedals, mostly enjoyable on pop and edm

even take a step back in positioning i found the midrange is well tuned, maintaining good balance for vocal and instruments good job here

but the treble is where i found the incoherence, could be suddenly strident and a bit piercing at some tracks (using red filter helps a bit in this case)

technicality is good for the price but don’t expect proper 10 driver layering here
overall good in stage, separation, and imaging but not particularly special

overall a good product from BGVP but the game is tough since there are very challenging planars benchmark for $100-200 price point, overall i could say if you are not into planars signature, you gotta try this ns10 as alternative


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Thanks for the review. You are right at the 100-200 range the competition is really good!



100+ Head-Fier
I received my pair In Friday's mail.

First impression was:
Breaking in another set of new iems
BGVP NS10 hybrids with 2 dd and 8 BA mix of Sonion and Knowles. Build quality and included cable with three different terminations is top notch. These are highly resolving and seem fairly linear. Sub bass bass is amazing but not elevated. Both male and female vocals stand out. Imaging and soundstage are both good. I do need to do some tip rolling. Currently listening with included bass tips

A day later my second impression:

The new BQEZ NS10 iems have been burning in for a few days. The soundstage is wide and at times holographic. Been listening to a fair amount of classical on them. They are highly resolving and frequency response seems very linear. The seem a real bargain at $169

Now after 3 days of use:

I think these are a great value for the price. To me they sounded very balanced almost linear in frequency response. Sub bass response is strong but not over whelming. There is good resolution and higher treble seems well defined and is not fatiguing. I find these are excellent with classical music and have been listening to a lot of orchestral and chamber works. The imaging and staging is good. I had a holographic sound stage on some recordings.

Build quality is excellent, included cable with 3 terminations is very nice. The iems are on the small side and are very comfortable. I have been able to sleep with them. I have been listening with the included bass tips and silver filter. Will plan to do some tip rolling after they break in some more.