General Information

BGVP ZERO Electrostatic Dynamic Driver MMCX HiFi In-ear Earphone


High performance accessory applications

Micro electrostatic dynamic driver , using 10mm carbon nanotube dynamic driver, 7mm electret electrostatic driver has high amplitude, low distortion characteristics, can bring high dynamic frequency response and strong bass.

Patented sound cavity

ZERO adopts a polygonal sound cavity structure, front and rear anti-resonance better, bringing a truly intoxicating sound quality.

Triple frequency balanced, natural restoration.

Ergonomic shell design, more comfortable to wear.

Audiophile level cable

Using 6N OCC silver-plated upgrade cable to reduce the sound transmission loss due to excessive impedance.


Driver unit: 10mm micro electrostatic dynamic

Sensitivity: ≥100dB SPL/mW

Impedance: 12ohm

Frequency response: 10Hz-40kHz

Distortion: ≤0.5%(1kHz)

Channel difference: ≤1dB

Rate power: 10mW

Cable length: 1.2m±5%



Vocal eartips(S/M/L)

Balanced eartips(S/M/L)



New Head-Fier
Anyone tested this set already? Its a bit confusing how shure makes a 3000 dollar iem elektrostatic with special including amp, and these are 'low voltage' Isnt that just the special thing about electrostatc that it consumes and handles much power?

DJ Core

100+ Head-Fier
Shure's version requires a high voltage. These use low voltage from your DAP. Just like you have drivers that require more power than others. I love my shour Tape. This will probably sound the same.


New Head-Fier
Thanks for your reply DJ core. But in the mean time i own them already.
First of all they are tiny and fit perfect in the ear, you can fall a sleep with them, and they dont bother.
Standard cable is very descent, tangles up sometimes, but the best cable i have seen in this low price category.
Detail on these is obviously as good or better as balanced armature's, they give more wheight and body to the mids and highs then BA's.
Instrumen seperation also very very good. I would say detail and seperation is as good as the fiio fa7.
The lows are not in the spotlights when not pushed for bass. But me as a basshead can push 10db sub bass without getting muddy or recessed mids. The lows and sub bass is much fuller then the fiio fa7, when pushed, the lows have enough quantity, and still with much sub bass detail.
I would say, for this little money, the BGVP zero is a steal!


New Head-Fier
Forgot to mention: they block outside noises best of all in ears i have had and tested. They can easily compete with 200+ in ears. Like them so much!!

DJ Core

100+ Head-Fier
Good to hear.I'll def buy them.I've always supported BGVP.I need something I can fall asleep with.last item I had with that kind of fitment years ago was the Shure SE215.