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Jun 19, 2019 at 1:24 AM
Jun 16, 2015
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ezekiel77 Send PM

Reviewer at Headphonesty, Male, from Malaysiurrr

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Jun 19, 2019 at 1:24 AM
  • About

    Home Page:
    30+ family guy indulging and writing about portables.
    CIEMs, UIEMs, DAPs, cans.
    Cables (hoo boy).
    The desktop system when I feel extra special.
    Wife and kids.
    Headphone Inventory:
    Vision Ears VE8
    Spiral Ear 5-Way Ultimate
    Empire Ears Legend X
    Jomo Audio Flamenco
    CustomArt FIBAE Black
    Unknown Custom Juno
    Unknown Custom Quad 2.0

    64 Audio Tia Fourté
    Advanced Acousticwerkes Canary
    Sony IER-Z1R
    DITA Audio Project 71
    Acoustune HS1650CU
    IMR Acoustics R1
    FiiO FA7
    FiiO FH5
    KZ AS10
    KZ ZS10
    KZ ZS5
    KZ ZST

    HiFiMan HE1000v1
    Audeze LCD-X
    Sennheiser HD800S

    =Former IEMs/Buds=
    Oriolus Mellianus (sold)
    QDC Gemini (sold)
    64 Audio A12 (sold)
    Advanced Acousticwerkes W900 (sold)
    Advanced Acousticwerkes W500 AHMorph (upgraded)
    Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 (sold)
    Rhapsodio Galaxy V1 (upgraded)
    Rhapsodio Solar (sold)
    Campfire Audio Andromeda (sold)
    Campfire Audio Jupiter (sold)
    Noble Audio K10UA Rose Gold (traded)
    CustomArt Harmony 8.2 (sold)
    CustomArt Harmony 8 Pro (upgraded)
    Oriolus MK2 (sold)
    Jerry Harvey Audio Angie (sold)
    Jerry Harvey Audio JH13 Pro FreqPhase (sold)
    Astell&Kern AK T8iE MkII (sold)
    Ocharaku Flat4-Akazakura Plus (sold)
    Perfect Seal AR6 (sold)
    Shure SE846 (sold)
    InEarz Audio Zen 4 (review loan)
    Clear Tune Monitors CT-500 Elite (sold)
    EarSonics SM64 (sold)
    FLC Technologies FLC8 (sold)
    Sony XBA-H3 (sold)
    Audio Technica ATH-IM03 (sold)
    Audio Technica ATH-CKR10 (sold)
    Audio Technica ATH-CKR9 (sold)
    Kinera IDUN Deluxe (sold)
    Super Audio 6 (sold)
    MusicMaker Shockwave III (sold)
    ZhiYin QT5 (returned)
    Audbos K3 (sold)
    Audbos DB-01 (sold)
    MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 (sold)
    VSonic GR07 37th Anniversary Edition (sold)
    VSonic GR07 Classic (sold)
    HiFiMan RE400 (retired)
    FiiO FH1 (gifted)
    FiiO EX1 2nd Generation (sold)
    FiiO EX1 (review loan)
    FiiO EM3 (gifted)
    Dunu Titan 3 (gifted)
    Dunu DN-1000 (sold)
    JVC HA-FXT90 (sold)
    Ortofon e-Q5 (sold)
    LZ-A2 (sold)
    LZ-A2S (sold)
    Ostry KC06 (sold)
    Havi B3 Pro 1 (sold)
    Rhapsodio Clipper (gifted)
    Brainwavz BLU-200 (gifted)
    Brainwavz Jive (gifted)
    Klipsch Image S4ii (gifted)
    Ultimate Ears UE350vi (sold)
    Shure SE102 (sold)
    Rose Mojito (sold)
    Auglamour RX-1 (sold)
    Easy UE2 (sold)
    Senfer UE (sold)
    KZ ZS3 (gifted)
    KZ ED9 (gifted)
    KZ ED3c (gifted)
    KZ HDS1 (gifted)
    KZ ATR (gifted)

    =Former Headphones=
    Sennheiser HD800 (sold)
    ZMF Eikon Padauk (sold)
    HiFiMan HE400i (sold)
    Fostex/Massdrop TH-X00 (sold)
    Audio Technica ATH-M50x (sold)
    Ausdom ANC7 (gifted)
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    AURALiC Taurus MKII

    CEntrance HiFi-M8 LX (sold)
    Cayin C5 (sold)
    Source Inventory:
    Sony NW-WM1A "K" Mod
    iBasso DX200
    Questyle QP1R
    FiiO M9

    AURALiC Vega

    Chord Mojo (sold)
    Onkyo DP-X1 (sold)
    Sony NW-ZX2 (sold)
    Astell&Kern AK100ii (sold)
    FiiO X5ii (sold)
    FiiO X3 (sold)
    FiiO BTR3 (gifted)
    Shanling M1 (sold)
    Cable Inventory:
    Effect Audio Leonidas II (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    Effect Audio Lionheart (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    DHC Symbiote SP VE (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    Norne Silvergarde S (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    Han Sound Audio Redcore (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    Whiplash Audio TWau v2 (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    Linum SuperBaX (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    ALO Audio Reference 8 (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    Acoustune ARC13 (MMCX, 4.4mm)
    Uranus IEM-8X5 Silver (2-pin, 4.4mm)
    Q Cables French Silk (mini-XLR, 3.5mm)
    PETEREK 8-Wire Copper/SPC Hybrid (mini-XLR, 4-pin XLR)
    Venture Electronics Junkosha (mini-XLR, 4.4mm)

    Danacable Lazuli Reference (sold)
    PETEREK 4-Wire Nucleotide OCC Copper (sold)
    Norne Therium (sold)
    Rhapsodio RSD Silver Litz (sold)
    Rhapsodio Dark Knight (sold)
    Rhapsodio OCC MKII (sold)
    Rhapsodio Pandora SPC (sold)
    Effect Audio x Music Sanctuary Eos (sold)
    Effect Audio Ares II (sold x3)
    Effect Audio Eros I (sold)
    Han Sound Audio Zen 8-wire (sold)
    PW Audio No.5 (sold)
    PlusSound X Series Trimetal (sold)
    Kumitate Lab Licht (sold)
    BTG Audio Starlight (sold)
    Null Audio Vitesse Copper (sold)
    Headphone Lounge Silver Litz Reference (sold)
    Headphone Lounge Copper Litz (sold)
    Linum BaX (sold)
    FLC Single Crystal Silver (sold)
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Samsung Galaxy S9
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    iBasso AMP1 for DX200
    iBasso AMP8 for DX200
    PlusSound 4.4mm to 3.5mm ultrashort adapter
    Venture Electronics 4.4mm to 3.5mm adapter
    JVC Spiral Dot eartips
    Spinfits CP100 eartips
    Mandarines Symbio N eartips
    Mandarines Symbio W eartips
    AffinityCables LCD to HE1000 ultrashort adapter
    AffinityCables LCD to HD800 ultrashort adapter

    64 Audio apex M15 module (sold)
    ADEL B1 module (sold)
    ADEL G1 module (sold)
    ADEL S1 module (sold)
    Music Preferences:
    Rock, pop, acoustic, vocals, jazz, audiophile.
    =Mid-fi Watch Enthusiast=
    Tissot PRS330
    Orient Star Open Heart Modern
    Seiko Criteria SNDG91P1 Limited Edition
    Citizen Eco-Drive Axiom AT2245-57E
    Timex Indiglo Fly-Back Chronograph
    Casio G-Shock GA-400BY-1A "Predaking"
    Casio G-Shock GA-100MC-2A "Wokei"
    Nayan.Co Classic 02
    ===MY REVIEWS===


    :fire::hot_pepper: 1) 64 Audio tia Fourté - Ignite, Excite, Delight! (6/19/2019)

    2) FiiO FA7 - Flourish and Fanfare (5/29/2019)

    :fire: 3) Lime Ears Model X - The Gift of Duality (5/14/2019)

    4) InEarz Audio Zen 4 - Doctrine of the Docile and Dreamy (3/13/2019)

    5) Unknown Custom Quad 2.0 - Dance of the Invisibles (18/1/2019)

    :hot_pepper: 6) Acoustune HS1650CU - Set Adrift on Lake Rhapsody (12/26/2018)

    7) IMR Acoustics R1 - Musings of the Virtuous Knight (11/5/2018)

    8) FiiO FH5 - Echoes of Grace and Fortitude (9/21/2018)

    :hot_pepper: 9) Empire Ears Legend X - The Sterling Tour de Force of Showmanship (7/6/2018)

    10) FiiO FH1 - The Tunesmith's Wistful Dream (5/24/2018)

    :hot_pepper: 11) Jomo Flamenco - The Benevolent King (12/22/2017)

    :hot_pepper: 12) Rhapsodio Galaxy V2 - Gateway to the Skies (11/17/2017)

    13) Brainwavz Jive - Redefining the Budget Bracket (3/22/2017)

    14) Brainwavz BLU-200 - Singing the Blues Away (6/1/2016)

    15) FiiO EM3 - The Reign of the Ultrabudget (5/23/2016)

    :hot_pepper: 16) Rhapsodio Solar - Arise, Empire of the Sun (5/5/2016)

    17) Dunu Titan 3 - In Search of Balance (3/21/2016)

    18) FiiO EX1 - Titan Reloaded, the EXcellent 1 (10/21/2015)

    19) Audio Technica ATH-CKR10 - Excellent Mid-tier Warm and Smooth Earphones (9/1/2015)


    :fire: 1) Effect Audio Leonidas II - Majesty in its Veins (4/1/2019)

    2) Estron Linum SuperBaX - The Flight Of Excelsior (8/9/2018)


    1) Creative Super X-Fi Amp - Dreamscapes and Explosions (11/28/2018)

    2) FiiO BTR3 - The Harmonious Threads We Weave (10/21/2018)


    1) Ausdom ANC7 - In Your Own Wittle World (6/17/2016)


    :fire::hot_pepper: 1) Canjam Singapore 2019 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (4/2/2019)

    :hot_pepper: 2) Kuala Lumpur International AV Show (KLIAV) 2018 (8/19/2018)

    3) Kuala Lumpur International AV Show (KLIAV) 2017 (8/2/2017)

    4) CanJam Singapore 2016 Part 1, Part 2 (2/22/2016)

    :fire: = chef's recommendation
    :hot_pepper: = spicy


    Destination Endgame City
    WM1A "K" mod | DX200 > Fourté | VE8 | IER-Z1R | SE5U | Legend X | Flamenco

    My Reviews:
    Head-Fi | Headphonesty
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