bgvp dm6

    [SOLD] WHITE BGVP DM6 IEM w/Braided MMCX Cable $100

    SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. SOLD. SOLD SOLD What's up Headfi Gang-gang... What I have is the popular BGVP DM6 IEMs in white. These are used, but in perfect condition with braided mmcx cable for $100. Will provide extra case and tips for the DM6 too. I will take care of shipping. Deals will be done...
  2. D3soLaT3

    [ SOLD ] BGVP DM6

    Selling BGVP DM6 in very good condition. The color is Obsidian and will come with the original cable and box. Shipping and PayPal fees are included in the price. Will consider trading for Schiit Heresy, JSD Labs Atom, Ifi Zen Dac, but really just let me know what you got. Please message me with...
  3. ValeryPaul

    Hobby clean up BGVP DM6 New price!!! SOLD!

    BGVP DM6 Lots of value here.
  4. F

    Best IEM for 200$? (DM6, CP, IT01s, etc.)

    I would like to know what is the best IEM for 200$: I have seen this video ( ) that is a sound test of various IEM and listening to it I really liked the iBasso a lot (not the best bass but really clear mid and high), also the DM6 is doing good. I was...
  5. abhijollyguy

    BGVP DM6 (CT07 - Rose Purple), Tenhz P4 Pro (Carbon Fiber) - From India

    Up for sale are my beloved BGVP DM6 (Rose Purple) and Tenhz P4 Pro (Carbon Fiber). I am from India and would prefer selling it within India but can ship worldwide as well if you can cover the shipping charges. My asking price: BGVP DM6 (Rose Purple): USD140 + $20 (Shipping Charges) Tenhz P4...
  6. Mirimar

    Sold: BGVP DM6 (RED)

    Purchased late last year and in excellent condition. Comes with all original accessories. I will cover PayPal and shipping within Australia. International buyer please PM to discuss shipping.
  7. rantng

    SOLD - FS - BGVP DM6 Blue

    Great condition as shown. Includes stock cable, 4 sets of eartips & brush. Price includes shipping within CONUS & fees. No trades.
  8. jason96

    BGVP DM6 IEMs Ocean Blue (CT03) as New, Complete

    BGVP DM6 IEMs Ocean Blue (CT03) as new (Only listened 3 times), complete with all tips and includes Unused/New KZ Startips. They are mint, without any scratches or damage (see picture). I bought them from Linsoul and decided sell them because I got a new set of IEM which suits me better. The DM6...
  9. F700

    SOLD BGVP-DM6 to sell - transparent red

    Here is my 1 month old pair of BGVP-DM6. They are mint, without any scratches or damage (see picture). I bought them from Linsoul and sell them because I got a new set of IEM which suits me better. The DM6 come will all the accessories and the original box. I am shipping worldwide from...
  10. redrol

    FS: BGVP-DM6 in Light Clear Blue

  11. robm321


    Let me know if you are interested in selling these. Thank you. Rob
  12. Ollie the bear

    BGVP DM6 white SOLD

    SOLD DM6 for sale with upgraded pure copper cable Nicehck. Used moderately for a little over a month.
  13. trauty


    no longer for sale
  14. drag0nslayer

    SOLD New Custom Clear BGVP DM6 With Pure Copper Cable

    Selling My New Box Packed Custom Designed Clear Transparent DM6 With 2.5 mmPure Copper Cable. Box Contents: Custom Designed Clear Transparent DM6 x1 2.5 mm Pure Copper Cable x1 Other Accessories Like Tips As In Usual DM6 Box The reason for selling: I've ordered two now its spare. Price: $209...
  15. TooPoorForHiFi

    **SOLD** FS: (Like New) BGVP DM6 Clear/Transparent-Purple 5 Balanced Armature Drivers IEM

    This sale DOES NOT Include Stock or Any Cable. The cable came DoA & the Seller Linsoul wont honor or warranty them. I had to order a new set of Cable. Tested & They work flawlessly. Waited over a month to listen to these and ended up having fit issue. Consider it faster Shipping & less wait...
  16. dewy22


    For sale, BGVP DM6 in ocean blue color. Used them for a few days, so they are in excellent working condition. All the eartips are new. Looking for SOLD shipped with no PayPal fee. CONUS. Please PM if you have any questions.
  17. Kitechaser

    SOLD...BGVP DM6 Clear shell

    I have a DM6 Clear shell purchased from Penon Audio. All accessories included, like new, barely used. The reason I am selling is because it is getting very little use, I have other iems that are hogging up all my listening time. Will ship anywhere in the US. 48 states. I paid $209 for it Thank you
  18. strawed

    SOLD: BGVP DM6 - Clear - Like New

    For sale is my BGVP DM6 (Clear) IEM's in like new condition. Just got these a few days ago, listened for a few hours and since they do not synergize well with my DAP, I've decided to keep looking. Original box and accessories (all unused) are included, with the copper & silver-plated mixed...
  19. Terco

    (SOLD) BGVP DM6 (Clear Shell)

    Only 1 week of use, the headphones are in Mint conditions. PayPal & Shipping included
  20. Hawaiibadboy

    BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

    Pictures are welcome. All colors offered and a pic of each type would be cool RED courtesy of @chinmie Ok, I am making a final effort to explain to everyone how things work, regarding the "fake shippings", and everything else in general. First of all, we know about the demand, and...