1. Moondrop Starfield II

    Moondrop Starfield II

  2. ChrisOc

    The Head-Fi Members' Poll for headphones - 2022

    We have had a poll for In Ear Monitors (IEMs) for a couple of years, and we thought we should include our brothers and sisters who prefer headphone, so here it is. It is the time of year for you to vote for your favourite headphones of 2022. Your Poll Team members are: @dharmasteve @gLer...
  3. ChrisOc

    The Head-Fi Members' Poll for IEMs - 2022

    Another year! Planar Magnetic drivers took off, does that mean other drivers did not feature? It is the time of year for you to vote for your favourite IEMs of 2022. Your Poll Team members are: @dharmasteve @gLer @ChrisOc We will be available to answer your questions. The Poll starts at 0.00...
  4. TRI iOne

    TRI iOne

    TRI Audio is a premium subsidiary branch of KBEAR, which produces their high-end in-ear monitors at an attractive price range. Thus, here we have the brand new iOne as their latest flagship addition in their i-Series line-up, which has a configuration of a single-dynamic driver and retails for...
  5. SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    SMSL C200 DSD 512 USB 1/2 BT 5.0 Coax Optical 2.6W Dac Amp

    Includes USB Lead, Remote Control, Mains Lead. 2.6 W over 16 Ohms. 4.4 and 6.35 headphone output jacks. RCA unbalanced TRS balanced line out. Coaxial, Optical, Bluetooth 5.0 LDAC/AptX HD, SBC, AAC, USB 1 and 2 (Software Driver required for Windows) 2 Gain modes - Low 0 dB High 11 dB ES9038Q2M...
  6. Wasaabi

    What Does “Hu-Fi” Mean?

    There is a word "HuFi" in the Chi-Fi group. In Chinese, "Hu" has the same pronunciation with the word "糊", the latter means muddy and boomy when describing sounds. So "HuFi" refers to warm, bassy monitors with weak resolution. As an example, the curve below is a "HuFi" one.
  7. ChrisOc

    The Head-Fi Members' Poll for IEMs 2021

    Another year of very interesting IEMs. Which IEMs were the best? It is time to find out what your thoughts are on the matter. Your Poll Team members are: @AmericanSpirit @dharmasteve @Nimweth @ChrisOc We will be available to answer your questions. The Poll starts at 0.00 GMT on the 7th of...
  8. TankedThomas

    Please Help Choosing Chi-Fi IEMs... For My Mother

    Title pretty much says it all (but my post is needlessly long anyway). My mum wants some new earphones because her current pair are busted, so I've been looking at the KZ range. She doesn't need anything fancy, but I just want to get her something nice that should last (bonus that you can...
  9. GS Audio GD3B

    GS Audio GD3B

  10. F700

    Oriveti OV800 and O800 IEMs - The official thread

    The loan unit of the OV800 arrived today. They look fantastic. It's basically the O800 with switches for enhancing bass and treble. The graph looks great and while the OV800 retains the great sub-bass from the O400, they are smoother in the upper-register. More to come after some proper...
  11. DQSM Hermit

    DQSM Hermit

    1.Product Name:DQSM Hermit Metal HIFI In-ear Earbud 2.Brand:DQSM 3.Model:Hermit 4. Type: Earbud 5.Impedance:16Ω 6.Eerphone sensitivity: 112dB/mW 7.Frequency range: 15-24000Hz 8.THD: 0.3%@1KHz 9.Plug interface: 3.5mm 10.Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm 11.Cable Material :with 32*4 Litz...
  12. Barusu Lamperouge

    India Audiophiles, Join in!

    Hello! I'm curious to know how many audio enthusiasts are there in India? We should connect and share our experiences about this unique and affordable form of Hi-fi audio in India. Share our new discoveries and impressions about the audio gear in general. Looking forward to connect with many...
  13. Softears RSV

    Softears RSV

    RSV reference sound tuning 3-way-system with 5BA high efficiency linear phase ANOTHER LEAP FORWARD Based on the success of the company's current flagship RS10, Softears reconsidered some key concepts of the original design. Even though the RS10 holds its ground as a reference in-ear monitor...
  14. V


    There you can discuss Yongse ys1 and see their measurements
  15. HuoYuanJia

    Softears - Discussion & Appreciation

    While preparing my review, I have requested the product descriptions from Softears, so now I have more info to share. (Though to me, Softears is still kind of mysterious and there's a lot I could not figure out.) Anyway, I think it is worth updating the first post. The original post is hidden...
  16. B

    Budget IEM dilemma

    Hello dear the next best audio device chasers, I am a new member and I am in a dilemma, which I am sure I must solve myself, but need some inputs from you guys. I am by no means an audiophile and I am just here to enjoy the music without getting too much attached to the technicalities. Before I...
  17. OpenHeart OH2000

    OpenHeart OH2000

    Key Features Headphone Type: Over ear+On ear (Open back) Construction: Metal Impedance: 32Ω Earphone sensitivity: 118dB/mW Frequency range: 20-24000Hz Interface: 3.5mm + 6.5mm Driver unit: 40mm Dynamic unit Included with Headphone 2 x Over-Ear G Cush Ear Pad (105mm) 2 x On-Ear S Cush Ear Pad...
  18. th1nk

    Chi-Fi IEM recs?

    So I don't have any nice wired iems, and was hoping to get a recommendation on some chi-fi wired iems based on what I like/dislike about my current and past headphones. Going chi-fi because I'm happy to use AliExpress and everything else is super marked up in Aus. I'd like to stay under $100 AUD...
  19. Tin Hifi T2 Plus

    Tin Hifi T2 Plus

    SPECIFICATIONS Driver unit: 10 mm woofer Impedance: 32 Ω ±15% Sensitivity: 104 ± 3 dB @1 kHzV 0.126V dB/mW Frequency range: 20 – 20000 Hz Cable/Connector: MMCX, gold plated Tested at: $59
  20. 7Hz i99 IEM

    7Hz i99 IEM

    7Hz 7Hz was founded in 2018 as a team of engineers and audio enthusiasts who came together to test their skills in the realm of audio. By focusing on quality drivers and using precise circuitry design, 7Hz aims to deliver the most efficient setups that best shine the drivers’ natural abilities...
  21. J

    Looking for sub 50 (maybe considering around 70 if it's a good deal) chi fi iem

    Hey all, Im looking for recommendations for sub 50 chi fi iems, since i intend to buy a pair when my internship ends as a little reward. (head-fi'ers can have a little chifi, as a treat) Asfar as I know, I think I prefer forward mids (id almost say a very mild inverted v shape) with tight...
  22. ElBrinkmanno

    Help choosing iems under 200

    Hello there! This is my first post in here, hope you can help me! Ok, so I've been looking for iems for some time now and wanted to get something to commute while getting some good music and to be able to relax and get into deeper more critical music sessions. The budget I currently have is...
  23. Focus Audio Vocal

    Focus Audio Vocal

    Focus Audio Vocal Specifications: ● Sensitivity: 105dB ● Impedance: 16 ohms ● Driver Configuration: 10.2mm high energy magnetic tesla, double cavity dynamic driver ● Frequency Range: 5 Hz- 40 kHz ● Plug Type: 3.5 MM ● Interface: 0.78mm 2-pin ●...
  24. TFZ S2 Pro

    TFZ S2 Pro

    Specification: Unit: 11.4mm graphene Tesla magnetic group driver Technology: 2-way crossover Impedance: 36ohm Sensitivity: 105dB/mW Frequency response: 5Hz-40kHz Mini power: 8mW Plug: 3.5mm straight plug Cable: 2pin 0.78mm silver-plated detachable cable Cable length: 1.2m Package: TFZ S2PRO 7...
  25. Moondrop Starfield

    Moondrop Starfield