1. T

    [Closed] For Sale: BGVP DMG (hybrid) in Europe

    Selling my red BGVP DMG - as shown in picture. Originally purchased from in October 2019, still under warranty. Specs (from Amazon): QUAD BALANCED ARMATURE DRIVERS AND TWO DYNAMIC DRIVERS WITH A FOUR WAY CROSSOVER: The BGVP DMG features four proprietary balanced armature drivers and...
  2. Torac

    BGVP DM6 - For Sale

    Looking to sell my BGVP DM6, barely used and well looked after. I am selling as they don't get much use since I have decided to stick mainly to over-ear headphones. I am looking to get £113.34/$140 which doesn't include shipping to allow me to ship worldwide, although would prefer to ship within...
  3. theUKMrT

    BGVP DMG - mint - for trade in UK.

    Pair of black BGVP DMG available to trade for other iems. All packaging & accessories included. Sorry, UK ONLY.


    BGVP DMS IEM 6BA+1DD Hybrid Earphones. To achieve a more professional driver configurations, DMS adopts SWFK-31736 Knowles driver for high and extreme high frequency, two DEK-60318 drivers for mid and low frequency, one 10mm macromolecule driver. These make the sound more flexible and...
  5. tx-sil

    SOLD BGVP DMG with upgraded cable 60 USD

    Bought my BGVP in Janurary. Had it as my commute IEM for 3 months. Got a new pair and a new player so selling both the DMG and ES100. See in pictures, I bought a $30 upgrade cable for DMG. All accessories for DMG are included but the original box is gone. DMG asking for 60 USD, buyer pays...
  6. Baten

    BGVP DMG 2DD-4BA-Hybrid - as new

    Selling my BGVP DMG. I've had these for couple weeks but don't seem to use them over my headphones so these can go. PM if interest or check out the auction thanks for your interest, cheers
  7. Lurk650


    Need to sell gear that doesn't get much playtime anymore. Comes with box, stock cable and 4.4 balanced if wanted US 48 States only. PayPal.
  8. V

    BGVP DM6 - My opinions/What do you think?

    Here's a link to a bunch of pictures: TL; DR You need a good source and a good file to enjoy these properly. They reveal the amp, DAC, as well as the quality of the recording. Given that is taken care of (which is not too...
  9. Schwibbles

    SOLD: BGVP DMG - Blue

    SOLD!! Had these for a couple weeks (got them Nov 14th) and it's time for them to go. They sound great if you like a v-shaped sound signature but they have a bit too much bass for my preference. Excellent detail and very comfortable. They have been used for about and hour or two and stored in...
  10. Hawaiibadboy

    BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

    Pictures are welcome. All colors offered and a pic of each type would be cool RED courtesy of @chinmie Ok, I am making a final effort to explain to everyone how things work, regarding the "fake shippings", and everything else in general. First of all, we know about the demand, and...
  11. TonySunshine

    [SOLD] BGVP DMG like new

    Hi All up for sale is a pair of BGVP DMG iems. Just not my cup of tea. I am the first and only owner, bought it new from Penon. Put ~10 hours on it. All tips/accessories are brand new and unused, and so is the cable. Asking price includes shipping and paypal fees to CONUS Local pickup in Bay...
  12. BGVP DMG


    Enjoy Life, Enjoy Music Double array balance armature combination / Graphene coaxial dual dynamic / Patented four-way frequency division scheme / Upgradeable cable design / Seven-axis CNC high precision sound cavity / Ergonomically comfortable to wear Ergonomic design, amazing resolution DMG...