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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Hi-Fi'er
    Nope, don't have es100, it's not in my profile.
  2. Hi-Fi'er
    The KZ ZS5 is only $35.00 firstly and was bought as a throw around on the go. I believe they are the v1. How does it compare to Andromeda? It does not in any way or form, it can't. Different ball park all together.

    Simply put the Andromeda are clear and precise and every detail in the song is there and heard and nothing overlaps or is missing or bloated. The Andro's layering and depth is wonderful, and is clear and precise and timbre is right on the money. If the music is recorded a particular way they will show it exactly the way it was recorded, nothing is added or subtracted. For me, there is nothing the Andromeda's do wrong. Vocals (depending on recording) at times give their positions as they are are nose to nose with you and the artist is singing directly at you. No middle row, or front row garbage, right there live!

    I do have my IEM's ranked in my profile, hoping the DM7 will be #2 but I'm not sure yet and doubt they will supersede the Andro's but may shame the rest. Will see.

    • Campfire Audio - Andromeda (Balanced)
    • BGVP DM7
    • Trinity Audio - Phantom Master 6 (Balanced)
    • Final Audio Design - Final Audio Heaven VI
    • Final Audio Design - Final Heaven III [Massdrop]
    • OSTRY - OSTRY KC06
    • HIFIMAN - RE-600S V2
    • Trinity Audio - Atlas (Balanced)
    • Creative - Creative Aurvana 3
    • KZ ZS5

    Of the top list, below are the ones that impressed me for the price at the time;

    • Trinity Audio - Phantom Master 6 (Balanced) <Can't get anymore but are very detailed/accurate, kinda Andromeda's little baby brother to me.
    • Final Audio Design - Final Audio Heaven VI <Amazing mids and forward mids like crazy, Which I love, highs are super smooth. Bass seems ever slightly bloated.
    • Final Audio Design - Final Heaven III [Massdrop] <Amazing mid forward but less than VI in all aspects.
    • OSTRY - OSTRY KC06 <Great all rounder, but treble edgy at high volume. Mids recessed.
    • HIFIMAN - RE-600S V2 <Super flat neutral, nothing is added but all the detail is there, highs rolled off a bit. Bass is super flat.

    They all have their good and bad, but the Andro's takes the best of all of them and mixes them into an audio blender with a sprinkle of balance, realism, 3D effect, and even layering.

    I love mids and the ONLY think I can say the Andro's don't do on the same level IS the mids as the Final Audio VI. No one does mids like Final Audio can. The Andro's mids are NOT as forward in comparison, but that's OK as after long listening sessions, the Finals get fatiguing with being so in your face, for all day listening and as taste matures and develops over time I've learned to appreciate that, hence why the VI are lower in the list but those mids are amazing!

    I'm hoping the DM7 does something similar.
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
  3. twiceboss
    Thanks for a precise comparison! Looking forward for my andromeda!
  4. Hi-Fi'er
    You are welcome. I think it's really impossible to not like them unless you are a bass or treble freak or other. I forgot to mention one thing the Andro's do that no others I have can, and that is they never distort no matter how much bass you EQ in or is already in the recording like Techmaster P.E.B. for example. I come from a card audio background and the Andro's remind me of back in the day when a system was perfectly tuned and in phase and balanced, and clean and clear, quick and accurate and imaging was there and not all mashed together. You can play anything with them and it all sounds accurate. Do listen to them balanced, and you will remember what I say here is true.

    Again I hope the DM7 are similar or a tuned down version of the Andro's or close.
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  5. shigzeo Contributor
  6. B9Scrambler
    You are not alone.
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  7. shigzeo Contributor
    Indeed, I can’t be. The DMS is so wonderfully realised, and in general, designed, that I expect to be part of a group.
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  8. kkfaile
    Hi, what size are the ear tips for dm7? Are they 5mm?
  9. Colors
    EX800 & Andromeda are an excellent duo for any IEM collection. I’d argue throwing in a single BA IEM in there to appreciate the coherency of a good quality single BA setup.
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  10. twiceboss
    Since you suggest a single BA. I went for single planar instead. Tinhifi p1 :) bought it since its rreally a steal for $149!

    But true, having the ex800 and andro are such a complete combo!
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  11. Cevisi
    Got the p1too i am so excited to hear them
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  12. twiceboss
    Fyi, i just tried ex800st tape and hole mode. What! This is fostex th600 that has been cramped into a small iem. Pftt cant believe the performance/signature can be this different.

    Oh my oh my im totally blown. The detail of the bass is out of my mind. The down low, the mid low, the high low, and the rumble. All lows are pronounced..

    Edit: i also add eq. Increase a tad of lows and tame down the 6-8khz
  13. smasherat
    I just got the BGVP DM7 from drop and I'm extremely disappointed in it. Probably have about 20 hours burned in so far. It sounds so dark and veil and unlike what other reviewers have described it as. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Do you think I have a defective unit?
  14. Eddie C
    Give it lots of time for burn in, my DM6 sounded like garbage the first week I got then, now with a custom diy cable I'm still at awe of how good it is and contemplate whether I should hop on the p1 bandwagon or if im fully satisfied enough haha
  15. OldDude04
    Neither of the 2 DM7 I've had were veiled at all, and I've compared them to the DM6 and Fearless S4. To me the DM7 is everything I liked about my DM6 with a smoother but still very detailed treble and better mids.
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