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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Assimilator702
    Simon Philips drums are very well recorded on all 4 of Hiromi Trio Project releases. One thing I listen for asa drummer is the high frequency attack of the stick on the clear heads Somin uses. There should be a very bright impact sound followed by the lower fundamental of the drum. On the DM6 I got the “THUD” with no high frequency stick/attack sounds and the bottom end wasn’t very filled most tracks the interplay of Philips drums and Anthony Jackson’s bass guitar will show a headphones weakness especially when Jackson hits some higher notes and they’re in the same space as the tom toms. Again combine the attack of the stick on the head with the blossomed low end, a higher note in the bass followed by a lower note on the bass should come through very distinct and separate. Also on the more chilled out sections of tracks you can hear the buzz of the snares being excited by the bass guitar. Not on the DM6. The DM6 abbreviated much too much info. Cymbals which should have a bright decay sounded muted or played through a heavy blanket where you hear the loudest fundamental but not much else. The decay sound being much shorter than it should.

    Hiromi’s piano is electronic so the sounds are very consistent and of course when they occupy the same space as the drums nothing should be blurred together which I heard on the DM6. Many times I didn’t need to analyze anything since I would rip the things out of my ears fairly soon after putting them in.

    Using some electronic tracks from Lady Gaga which accompanying with her voice is a multi layered synth. The first I use is track #1 Aura from Artpop. The synth sound has a low frequency element, the middle fundamental tone and some higher frequency notes in the edge. The DM6 would eliminate the high frequency element of that tone in a way a heavy blanket would affect the sound. Gaga’s voice lost much of its full bodied presence and all SSssss sounds were as a VERY low level. That’s just the first 2 minutes of the track. At around the 2 minutes mark of Applause right before the chorus she breathes in through nose and it’s recorded at a fairly loud level. No set should have a problem playing that under 1 second sound but yet the DM6 didn’t give me the sense she was in my ear as other sets do. Every budget KZ and CCA plays it fine..... not MY DM6 set.

    Metal guitars. Take a Doom band like Khemmis which on their Hunted album has a very forward and aggressive guitar tone which is bass heavy, mid forward with some upper end fuzz. The DM6 played it through a heavy blanket once again with the upper midrange portion of the guitar tone that would JUMP out and cause pain but the meat of the tone was too polite, tipping me off something wasn’t right with either my set or I’m simply repulsed by the tuning.

    Most Metal was simply off sounding again muting most of the brilliance of any guitar tone and only presenting a portion of what should be. Most of the middle range and treble was muted but contained several spikes in the upper mids and lower to mid treble. It was like listening with a blanket over you r head but being punched in the face every few seconds. A very odd sensation and not enjoyable by any means. And that’s my overall description of the DM6 tuning. My first pair of DIY speakers sounded better before I ever tuned them.

    Metal tracks that had a very distinct click type bass drum sound combined with a healthy low end like the drums on Formshifter from Allegaeon had the click portion non existent along with all the detail like the slappiness of the head which my DT 990 600 ohm and my HD 650 all portray. Those are 2 very different tuning s and they still give up the goods. The DM6 sound like a muffled mess with this album which I know very well having listened to it dozens of times t the gym. Hell even my cheapo JVC FX35 portray the click portion of that bass drum. Most times I forgive a set for not playing this album well but not when it gets so much more wrong.

    Any headphone will give a slightly different presentation of a given performance and there’s a certain range that’s acceptable and sometimes even desirable. The DM6 did not fall anywhere within that range for me. The only music I didn’t find much to criticize was say a very soft sounding Spanish guitar with nylon strings. The range that the DM6 plays in didn’t make the few recordings I listened to sound too bad.

    This is by no means a thorough review but only a few quick examples I could think of from the top of my head. I sent my pair back but still haven’t received word from Linsoul or the address in Texas I sent them to over three weeks ago. Linsoul usually has very good CS but this is starting to worry me. Luckily I purchased through Amazon so I hope I don’t get screwed out of my $200. I would have sold them myself but I’m mot sure if I had a faulty set or not.
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  2. guliver
    Do you have a link by any chance?
  3. mxzrnn
    First time posting in head-fi, still loving my Dm6
  4. ufospls2
    Hey Guys,


    So I’ve been doing a bit of research on BGVP and there isn’t much information out there, that I can find anyhow. I know they are a Chinese company, but that is really all I can find apart from the poorly translated generic “about” section on the companies facebook page. These particular DMS were sent to me by Linsoul Audio for the purpose of review. I *Think* Linsoul and Penon audio are your best bets for getting your hands on a pair of these if they pique your interest.

    As I said in my original quick impressions of the DMS, more and more, I’m finding that I don’t have a set in stone preference in terms of sound signature. The only thing that seems consistent is that I enjoy a healthy bass response, but even that seems to have been toned down lately. Why? I’m not really sure. I’m not strictly looking for neutral, or v shaped, or w shaped etc….I just listen to various gear and try to find stuff I enjoy the sound of, which is the best any of us can do, I suppose.

    Anyhow, the BGVP DMS is actually a bit more expensive than I would usually recommend for a “budget” pair of IEMs, retailing at $169USD. Though I didn’t personally purchase this pair and was sent it for the purpose of review (thanks again, Linsoul) something like the Tin Hifi T2 at $50USD is more what I have in mind for a “budget” pair of IEMs. So with that being said, these have to do more than just “not suck” they actually have to be listenable and do something more than “let me enjoy a couple tunes.” Do they do this? Actually, yes, they do. I was surprised. I was expecting a generic overly bassy and bright sound signature, but the DMS are a bit more nuanced and mature sounding than expected.

    The DMS arrive in a nice little box, with more accessories than I expected for the price. Now that is not to say it is outright premium feeling, but it more than does the job. You get S/M/L/ of what look like Spinfit knock off tips, S/M/L of some sort of wide bore single flange, and S/M/L/ of standard single flange silicon tips. The cable does the job, nothing more, nothing less. I do have one gripe here, and it is the MMCX connectors seem almost…soft? I haven’t had any loose connections yet but they just don’t lock in nicely like some others I have used in the past.

    Now, on to how the DMS sound.

    BASS: The bass is definitely north of neutral, and a bit bloated sounding at time. However, for the music I tend to listen to (electronica, rock, jazz) this bass actually works out quite well. I really don’t enjoy bass light, lean signatures, so the north of neutral nature of the DMS works for me and my ears. I can see these being a great earphone for someone who enjoys electronica and is looking for something around the $150USD price mark.

    MIDS: The mids are a bit recessed sounding to my ears, making these a slightly v shaped earphone. The mids aren't super thick and warm, and if you tend to favour acoustic music, you might be better off looking at other models of earphones.

    TREBLE: The treble isn’t as elevated as I thought it would be. A typical V shape “Chi-Fi” IEM, at least the ones I have run into in the past have been a case of BASS, mids, TREBLE!!! Anyhow, not so here. There is a little bit of sparkle to the treble, but it is not over done and is actually fairly pleasant with the right types of music. Sibilance hasn’t been a marked problem so far, but I have winced once or twice with a loud crash cymbal. All in all, not too bad, but not the most refined treble I have heard.

    The technical side of the DMS is where they show their MSRP a little bit more, and I don’t usually correlate price with performance. Everything is just sort of…average? Average soundstage, average detail, average imaging. Nothing is jumping out, grabbing me, and making me go…”….wow!” Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Sometimes you need a piece of gear that doesn’t make you go “….wow!” But just does the job well all around. This is what the DMS does. For the MSRP, they don’t have any technical skills that wow you, but they present the music well, and that is really what you are looking for at this level. If these cost $2000USD, I’d be singing a different tune.

    Comfort with the DMS is 75% great for my ears. My left ear finds them VERY comfortable, the right side? Not so much. Its workable, and certainly isn’t causing pain, it just isn’t as comfortable as the left hand side. I guess I have weird ears.

    All in all, I’m happy with the BGVP DMS. They aren’t blowing me away for the MSRP, they aren’t “giant killers,” but they have a pleasing tone that works well for the music I tend to listen to. Would I spend $160USD on the DMS if I was in the market for a pair of earphones around that price range?I think I would. Now, BGVP has released the “ArtMagicV12” for $1,299 and I’m a bit more skeptical of that one, but I would love to hear what BGVP can come up with less budget constraints.

    If you need an IEM under $200, enjoy a slight V shape sound signature, these are worth consideration I think. They may not be the last word in technicalities, but they have a pleasing tuning, and do their job well, with a decent set of accessories. For $160USD, you are up and running with a great sounding pair of earphones, and can slowly figure out your sound preferences from there on out, and move up the price ladder if you feel like it. As it stands, the DMS might be all you need :)

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2019
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  5. HungryPanda
    The DMS are one of my favourite iems at the moment. I'm using large shallow wide bore tips to get the best sound for my likes
  6. borjok536
    Ive been using dm6 as my daily driver for almost 3 months after my Fidue A83 right earpiece lost until i got a good deal of a second hand fidue a83 yesterday im still blown by how it sounds, i still love dm6 though, but fidue a83 for me sounded a bit better on opus1s. i even like it a lot compred to my It04, i dont know why. im still using my dm6 and it04 from time to time, and fidue a83 will now be my daily driver.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2019
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  7. MattAsAHatter
    I thought the IT04 only did a couple things that were improvements compared to IEMs like DM6. Imaging and a little better bass impact. Enjoyed both the DM6 and IT04 for their own merits!
  8. Hi-Fi'er
    Received my clear DM7 last week, unfortunately they are going back to Linsoul.


    1. I can see inside the shell where one braid of the wiring is hanging out into the air and is not connected to a driver.
    2. On one of the IEM's 4 tubes (left one), one of the tubes cavity is not completely open as on the other side (right) is.
    3. On both pair, the opening of the cavity is not the same. If you look at the left opening it's smaller than the right of one of the 4 tubes.
    4. On the right IEM, there is debris inside the filter. It's small but it is there.
    5. No balanced cable option for the same cost of 3.5 mm that's included.
    6. Shell has bubbles in it and not evenly made as to spec. or what I would call German quality as it's advertised. See #7.
    7. One side has different molding lip on the outside of the shell. No effect of fit in any way, but it's there and I noticed it.


    1. Pleasing even sounding IEM's. Nothing is bloated or harsh. Balanced is my best word to describe them. They are not at much in your face as like the Andromeda's, but for $299 they are very decent.
    2. Not sibilant, very decent treble.
    3. No MMX connection issues, connected and removed 10 times with no looseness on L & R.
    4. Very nice supple cable.
    5. Nice clear strong shell but not flawless. Not horrible, but not amazing either.
    6. Nice different sizes of tips included.

    As much as I have enjoyed the sound I can't keep them due to quality issues. I've seen $100.00 better built with less production issues/faults.

    Unsubscribing from this thread. Good luck to all. :slight_smile:
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2019
  9. tichyztech
    Man this has to be one of the most useful posts on here thus far. Thank you for taking the time and effort. I've been working nights for a while . I will be going through the songs you have mentioned in the post tomorrow.
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  10. niron
    If only you could change the tips and cable - The veil would have just disappeared.
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  11. Assimilator702
    I tried every tip under the sun and none of them improved anything. Foam tips reduced the treble spikes a bit but did nothing for the heavy veil. Changing the cable did nothing to improve the sound.

    The DM6 are either tuned in a way that doesn't agree with me or I had a bad set. There's no consensus on what is normal considering the different ways different brains perceive sound.
    I enjoy many sets that others praise so I don't think I hear drastically different than the majority of well trained ears. If you read reviews from major publications they find fault with much of the tuning. And this is from people that have reviews the best of the best from the top manufactures.

    I enjoy my DMG so apparently BGVP knows how to design a good sounding iem.
  12. niron
    I have a ton of headphones/earphones in my personal collection including the Campfire Solaris / Atlas and some other high-end earphones and I find the SQ of the DM6 to be way above their average price range. WAY. So either it's a faulty unit or a matter of taste.YMMV
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2019
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  13. Assimilator702
    That was very helpful in understanding the mysterious and unpredictable reactions people have to the DM6 and DM7. How can some people ABSOLUTELY love them while others like myself believe they were tuned by hearing impaired people? Clogged tubes will do it. I never went over my DM6 with a magnifying glass to check each tube but I'm willing to bet they weren't formed properly. I sent them back a received a 70% refund so I can't check mine unfortunately.

    FYI Linsoul gives a 12 month warranty but after 30 days they have the right under Amazon rules to charge "up to" a 50% restocking fee. I fancy talked Rae into 30% which still sucks but better than 1/2. So O basically PAID $75 to experience first hand the inadequate and inconsistent craftsmanship BGVP. I can't dog on the CS of Linsoul too much but BGVP should be standing behind their product 100% considering they KNOW what's going on but they still continue to pump out more units than they can reliably manufacture.

    Well I just got a pair of TFZ No. 3 and they are immensely more enjoyable 5ham the DM6 EVER WERE. **** I got so many headaches from my DM6, BGVP should pay ME for damages.
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  14. loungecat
    Just a question, does anyone use an amp with the Dm7?
    I have seen the Ba300s and wondered how this would improve or inhibit the sound, paired with the M11.
    Or would I be wasting my time, and money
    Regards Steve
  15. MariusAB
    Yeah i said long time ago that bgvp has serious problems with quality control and manufacturing. It was with dm6 and seems became even worse with dm7. Mine dm6 after tfz 3 is unusable and is in the box somewhere. After I harsh and unnatural treble Tfz 3 is uncomparably better in my opinion. But if someone was lucky and got better dm unit. Then it could be different story.
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