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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Mouseman
    The Little Bear is quite nice, I have the balanced version. The XDuoo XD-05 is amazing, if you upgrade the opamps -- I upgraded to the Bursons, and it sounds amazing.
  2. loungecat
    Thanks Mouseman
    So torn now between the two, never realised you could upgrade the Op amps, that's nifty
  3. Mouseman
    You can actually update them in both. I have some updates for the Little Bear, but I haven't installed them yet (it takes two since it's balanced, the standard one only takes one). I'm also going to try putting some shielding in both to help with the RF interference. It's not awful, but there is some occasional noise if my phone gets too close.
  4. Cevisi
  5. Mouseman
    I missed the other part of your comment. I would recommend the Xduoo over the Little Bear, as long as you're upgrading the opamps. You can also add on a Bluetooth adapter that makes it an amazingly versatile unit. It also handles more inputs as compared to the Little Bear -- Line In, USB and Optical/Coax. The Little Bear is only line in.
  6. Tony51
    I read lots of reviews on the xduoo xd-05 with many complaints on it but I've never own one so take my info with a grain of salt.
    If you want to consider non tube amp. I have the Fiio A5 which puts out 800mW, quite powerful, still selling at 129.00 and sounds pretty darn good. The bass boost could have been better textured but not bad. The Fiio E12 (discontinued) has a great bass boost and the Cayin C5 amp puts out 800mW and is on par with the above with a great sounding bass boost. I have all three. Love them.
  7. Hans-NL
    I received both the DM7 and the balanced upgrade cable today. Of course I installed this cable instead of the regular 3.5mm one.
    I've been listening to it for a couple of hours, several albums I've also listened to plenty with the DM6. And yes I'm very impressed so far, for me it is like the DM6 but even better and I can assure you I really enjoy the DM6.

    Only minor issue is that I ordered the pearl white DM7 and received the fully transparent version from BGVP official Aliexpress store. Since my DM6 is also transparent it's a bit difficult to keep them apart. I hope it's easy to get them replaced.

    Some pics below, I hope they aren't to big to post here and are of good enough quality, I'm just using my phone for taking pictures.

    Once again thanks to Hawaiibadboy/BGGAR for the rec!



  8. highlightshadow
    Just had my first real 'Oh my' moment ....

    Hooked up the BTR3 via USB to my phone and using the USB Audio Player app in Bitperfect mode hooked up to my DM6's .....
    Now i've listened to Dire Straits my whole life since a teen.... but fired up Money for Nothing ..... the intro .... wow... just wow... could hear all the different elements moving around but without washing over each other..... got legit goosebumps
  9. davidcotton
    @Hans-NL If you don't want to send them back for replacement, either a)stick different coloured tips on or b) swop a different cable on instead :p
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  10. archy121
    @Hans-NL Going by some reported QC issues by BGVP I would hold onto those DM7 if you really enjoy them. No guarantees that replacement will sound the same.

    As suggested just use different tip colours/cables.

    I look forward to hearing some DM6 v DM7 contrasts from you. Is it THAT much better and in what way ?
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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  11. Windigo
    I just recieved pair of dm7 from linsoul yesterday. I have to say I’m very impressed comming from RHA t20i and Jays q-jays. As detailed as my q-jays but with much more bass and more natural timbre. I have yet to spend some more time with them but so far they sound amazing from my topping nx4 dsd and even straight from an iphone XR. No QC issues on my unit.
  12. JRichardson1228
    It'd be nice if either came with a 4.4 balanced version. That seems to be a big draw for the Oriolus. The design of the Little Bear looks crazy cool, though.

    I wasn't aware these even came in full transparent variants. I thought they all had the solid color on top.
    Last edited: Jul 9, 2019
    Hans-NL likes this.
  13. Hans-NL
    Yeah I already had contact with the official BGVP store on Aliexpress, it would mean I have to return it and I will get the proper version which will take weeks again. I've also been reading there are some quality check issues in general (not with my set), so I decided to keep this one after all. If they're in my ears I don't seen them anyway. Regarding the full transparent version, BGVP told me it hasn't officially been released yet. I also didn't see it as an option yet, only white/transparent, black/transparent and blue.

    Talking about the difference in sound between the DM6 and DM7, it's not a HUGE difference, it's more like a matured and better tuned DM6 if that makes sense. That is if you got a good DM6 in the first place, I for sure haven't experienced things like sibilance and used the DM6 for many enjoying hours. I'm not a basshead but still like descent bass, I prefer a natural sound without the need of using any EQ at all. The DM6 does a great job at just that, and the DM7 is a few notches better at it in my opinion.

    If it matters at all, I used both IEMs only in balanced mode with the Fiio X7II, no EQ at all, mostly 24/192 vinyl rips and some DSD128.

    Also remember that in general people who are having issues tend to post that more frequent than the ones with no issues.
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  14. loungecat
    Hi All,
    My DM7, currently using the standard 3.5mm to MMCX if I want to use a 4.4mm connected to the DM7 do I have to buy a whole new cable or can I use an adapter 3.5MM into a 4.4MM ??

  15. jsmiller58
    New cable.
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