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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. TooPoorForHiFi
    Let the HYPE begins...

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  2. capnjack
    They’re a bit rich for me - 1200 ish
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  3. Hans-NL
    Although they look fantastic, I'm gonna pass here as well. Still hoping Chris goes a bit more in depth regarding the differences in dip switch settings.
    Also strange to see that BGVP has switched from MMCX for all of their other IEM sets to 2pin for this Art Magic.
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  4. Cevisi
    after 4 months of
    becouse their mmcx suxx
  5. JRichardson1228
    I mean, I appreciate the sentiment... Hopefully they are just more careful with product roll-outs in the future. It seems like they need to slow things down a bit to re-establish their footing. They've grown a lot in the past year, but don't seem prepared for that growth, yet they're still pushing new products onto the market.

    Third? Did I miss one outside of the DM6 11/11 sale (which technically wasn't their fault imo) and the faulty MMCX connector on the DM7?

    Me too. I was surprised he didn't touch on that at all given the length of the video. I remember him being more thorough with that first IEM he received with the dip switches (can't remember what the brand was at the moment).
  6. mmoderni
    Pulled the trigger on the V12, never had a bgvp...let's see how they sound.
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  7. Windigo
    I have listened to my DM7 a fair bit this last week and they sound amazing. Sadly I am sensitive to the frequencies in the upper mids/lower treble that are a bit elevated on these and it hurts for me after a while. I have decided to sell them if anyone is interested. I have the blue ones and I live in Sweden.
  8. Tony51
    I actually passed on the dm7 and went for the Tin Audio P1 plannar iem. Man they sound great and don't agitate the ears, plus the bass on them are great. They don't like power so don't run them on cell phones without a power amp.
    I'm running the Hiby R6-Pro dap paired with the Fiio E12 portable amp. Bad ass!!
  9. rr12267
    Have you tried burning them in for a 100+ hours. I thought the same at first but his really smoothed the treble out for me. I used the freeware from Jlabs.
  10. Tony51
  11. OldDude04
    I'm a little surprised to read this. I sold mine the day they arrived because I found them severely lacking in bass. I tried all kinds of tips to be sure of a seal, I tried different cables to attempt to darken them a bit. I tried different amps so power wasn't an issue. All to no avail, they had very little sub bass, even when I attempted to EQ the lows in. My DM7 are a much better sound imo, all across the board. The build of the P1 was nice, like little tanks.
  12. Tony51
    Strange to say the least. Maybe you received a defective pair? I like my P1 more than my dm6.
  13. OldDude04
    Unfortunately, I don't think I did. I've seen plenty of reviews saying that these are bass light. Maybe you and I just like different amounts of bass, I'm an admitted basshead.
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  14. Tony51
    That might just be the case. I luv bass but I'm not a bass head and I found them not to be bass shy at all.
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  15. ufospls2
    Has anyone else had ears on a pair of these? Any thoughts in general? Certainly an interesting comparison to the QDC Anole VX at half the price. Tempting to try.
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