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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. capnjack
    I have 2 pairs of dm6 and I think they sound great (Final Audio E tips and ISN copper cable). I bought the first set from BGVPs own store on AliExpress and they are superb.The second pair I got from Penon, they lasted a week before the left iem gave up (no sound). However after about 3 weeks of BGVP/Penon emails they replaced them and I now have 2 sets that are both excellent. Penon were brilliant throughout the return, it just seemed that BGVP were the slow party in the chain, whether it’s their customer service that’s slow or they were low on stock I can’t say, but it was sorted and took nearly a month to replace a faulty week old iem.
  2. niron
    Not in the same league. The DM6 are miles better.
  3. MariusAB
    perhaps i reconsider my opinion. Testing with freshly received m11 dap and dm6 sounds less harsh more balanced. Extremely detailed and little bit bright but muuuch better than with previous sources. Could it be source question. Don't know yet. This is details monster with m11, more details and much more revealing than tfz3. This is not for all type of music but with live music freaking nice what can i say.. Wish it had more dd type bass with rumble in subbass and a little bit less brigtnes. For my taste it could be perfecto with m11. But only with this nice dap.
  4. Tony51
    The sound is always improved by much using an amp, even if the dap is powerful already. I pair my Hiby R6-Pro with the Fiio E12 portable amp which pushes 850mW of power. Everything at my end and I have dozens of headphones n iems, always improves with amps.
  5. niron
    Now that sounds more like my own personal experience. AND YES, I think it is a source dependent. Try using a pure copper cable to reduce the brightness.
    capnjack likes this.
  6. MariusAB
    From your curent iems how is fearless 8f compared to dm6. Do they have similar tuning? Are 8f less bright and do they have stronger lower part? Your experience is interesting with these.
  7. niron
    The 8f is definitely more aggressive in that sense compared to the DM6. Yes, the sub-bass is perhaps more pronounced and you get to hear even more details - as crazy as it may sound. While subjective, I think it would be safe to say The DM6 are much comfortable listening to for longer period of times while the 8f earphones are better for shorter terms.
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  8. VancityDreaming
    Which earphones do you frequent?
  9. twiceboss
    Get a s8pro i guess. Ok just my 2 cent. People in reddit have different opinions on hearing things. You better do some readings there too!
  10. loungecat
    Thanks Tony.

    For your response will have a look around to see what suits ,I do like the Oriolus BA300S Portable tube Amp
  11. niron
    Depends >> When I travel / commute I use the DM6, at home Solaris but for short listening sessions I use the SF8.
  12. Cevisi
    in wich subs are you looking on reddit
  13. twiceboss

    Not gonna lie, i prefer reddit sometimes! Less paid reviewers that makes thing even less bias.
  14. Tony51
    The oriolus specs shows that it is a weak amp for high impedance headphones. I'd give the little bear b4 a try. It puts out 450 mW and sounds pretty darn good and it is much cheaper
    BGGAR puts out good reviews but never talks about power so I have to do additional homework after his reviews. Even though you will not use all the power, just having headroom power will make things sound better. At least that has been the experience for me.
  15. loungecat
    Hi again.
    Well a bit of time has passed and a lot of YT, yes I do like BGGAR myself, hence the tube amp, but he never did a review on it.
    Will see how the little bear is priced.
    Have also seen this xduoo xd-05
    Little bear is quite cheap, might check out some reviews
    Last edited: Jul 8, 2019
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