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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Mouseman
    If I remember correctly, the higher-end models are 3D printed out of resin with some fancy German 3D printer. I think it's probably for BA positioning, since there are so many of them to fit.

    I agree with you, I think the feel of the DMGs is fantastic. The Pinnacle P1s are also metal, and I like their fit and feel.
  2. twiceboss
    Hey, i just request a return from Amazon, Linsoul as a seller. Just wondering if their support is excellent or not.
  3. rr12267
    PM @OldDude04 he has mentioned that linsoul has excellent customer service.
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  4. twiceboss
    Ok thank god. I m just scared if Linsoul do a multiple review of the unit before approving the refund.
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  5. OldDude04
    Linsoul was awesome. I messaged them about my DM7 issues, they were back to me super fast, asked me to send to an agent of theirs in Texas, once he received my return, they shipped out my replacement from China. Was a painless and pretty quick process. I received my first pair on the 27th of May, sent them back a few days later, and received my replacement pair on the 14th of June. All the while they emailed me updates on what was happening. I could not be happier with Linsoul's customer service, and my DM7 now.

    Don't know if it matters, but I bought directly from Linsoul, not Amazon with Linsoul as the seller.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
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  6. twiceboss

    Im in the situation of returning it without asking for replacement. Im just tired of dealing with chifi. I just pulled a trigger for andromeda so, what i want now is just return for good.

    Do they ever listen to the customer that want to return for good?
  7. Hi-Fi'er
    You won't regret getting the Andromeda's. Not one bit. Buy once, cry once, you done.
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  8. twiceboss
    Thats the plan. Because i remember back then when im doing the headphones end game. Tons of $300 $500 headphones before the HD800.

    Yes, this time, i dont want to waste more time anymore. Return everything and get the best one before it's too late.
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  9. Hi-Fi'er
    If it helps, I have not heard everything under the sun, BUT I've heard quite a bit ( I know others will outrank me-of course) but it will be extremely hard to find something that is better for less in regards to the Andromeda's. Of course more money can get you more, but you will not gain a lot to make it worth it. The Andromeda's check a lot of boxes for me. I did order the DM7 out of curiosity though. Nothing in my profile comes close to the Andromeda's, but I am hoping the DM7 will become second favorite in my profile list.
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  10. twiceboss
    Do you have es100? Im planning to pair the andromeda with it for on the go.

    I personally "okay" with DM7 but it is not my preference. It is really comfortable though. The details are good too but it is not controlled to make you hear every single thing.

    So basically i bought 3 different IEMs at one time thru amazon, KPE, DM7, EX800st and the plan is to keep one of them. It turns out ex800st has the exceptionally different feeling into it. I dont feel like using IEM with this ex800st. Not crazy details but open-back headphones feeling. I played ASMR with ex800st and yes, the feels are frxxking amazing! I will return KPE and DM7 and keep ex800st for the sake of unique and it is really good tbh!

    My Andromeda is going to be the end game for my on the go general listening.
  11. twiceboss
    @Hi-Fi'er i just realize that u have zs5. Is that version 1? If so, can you comment on the sound signature of zs5 vs andromeda. Yes, tbh zs5 to me sounds really unique and 3D.
  12. JoshG1217
    The ex800 is great. The XBA Z5 is even better. Like the ex800 with better mids a little more detail. Same spaciousness. These two are the only iems I have ever listened to and liked. I always thought iems sounded tinny and crappy, but love the Z5's
  13. chinmie
    the EX1000 and EX800 open-backness really venture to the earbuds realm. there's exciting stuff going on there that can genuinely rival their performance at a more competitive price
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  14. niron
    The problem these days is that you never really know who's sincerely subjective about a product and post a real and objective opinion and who's getting paid to express their "experience" (and i'm not suggesting any of the aforementioned members are).
    Last edited: Jun 19, 2019
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  15. tichyztech
    Indeed unlucky dm7 customers complaining about the mostly loose left connector. But it's a connector issue and not a sound quality degradation issue. I'm no expect but logically only way this can happen is if the wires are touching the mmcx connector moves right?
    Mine came yesterday took 4 days to UK impressive! I got the clear black, the connector is not loose on my set. For me they do sound miles better than my beloved DMG, listening to Yosi -Letter. I'm treble sensitive.
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