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Anyone found their headphone nirvana yet?

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by nehcrow, Aug 14, 2012.
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  1. David1961
    I haven't found my headphone nirvana yet, but I believe a quality source improves the SQ of any headphone.
  2. pp312
    And you knew it'd be me, right?  [​IMG]
  3. LugBug1
    Haha right!
  4. preproman
  5. LugBug1
    Thats coz you've got too many headphones! [​IMG]
  6. longbowbbs
    It's "Nirvana" not "Nirvana's"  [​IMG]
  7. preproman
    Thats coz I don't know whats - what. [​IMG]
  8. Hubert481
    my nirvana: TH-900+BHA-1
    I heared a lot of cans including 007, 009, HD800, LCD3, HE-6, T1, GS1000, K701, ...
    Only sennheiser orpheus was also nirvana :)
    I am interested what model sennheiser will release in about 2 years (2 cans similar to orpheus ... rumors...should be released...)
  9. mikek200
    Have to say,coming very close,,,not sure ,how much better it can get
    HD 800......Schiit MJ & gung
  10. johnwmclean
    I've settled on...

    Amarra / iTunes > Buffalo 32 DAC > KGSSHV > SR-007 MK 1 (S/N 70060).

    I've been content with the set-up for around 9 months or so. If I was to throw coin at it now I'd re-build the DAC with the latest iteration of the Buffalo DAC from Twisted Pair Audio.
  11. DefQon
    I almost schiit bricks when I looked at your sig and saw that your powering your HD800 and HE-6 off the X-100 power amp, thank goodness I looked at your actual post after this haha.
  12. reddragon
    pretty satisfied with what i have now which is nothing comparing to you guys, my combo is also portable which is ibasso dx100>sony z1000. im sure i will itch with upgraditis in no time though
  13. Mkvy
    I have,
    Grado ps500... It plays any trance fine, and I'm listening to some ambient / psy chill right now, something I have never done before, just an amazing sound from the deepest drum, to the highest notes... My bose qc3 is no where near this clarity... Neither my shure 535 inner ears...

    The grado ps 500 is another order of magnitude by far
    I think I've found my audio nirvana, in the Burson Conductor & ATH-W3000ANV combination.
    Such a luscious, musical sound.. makes me smile every time. If someone told me I couldn't upgrade for the rest of my life I don't think I would be too disappointed :)
  15. K3cT
    Yeah. They are called speakers. 
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