1. egokun

    Any portable/full can that sounds like Sennheiser IE8?

    Hi everybody. I am a proud owner of a Sennheiser IE8. I also own three headphones: Audio Technica AD2000, Sennheiser HD 558, and AKG K518 DJ (Euro model of K81, if I'm not mistaken). As much as I like all of them, the IE8 is my absolute favorite when it comes to PRAT and engaging sound. To my...
  2. audiophile6500

    High-End Headphones That Bring out the percussion in music.

    Hey guys, I've purchased a W3000ANV, and I'm going to be getting my other "dream" pair of headphones. I play the violin, cello, and percussion. So here's how I would like it to be: 1. A tight, punchy bass response; not too little, not too much 2. Thick, warm mids with a "fun" sound to them...
  3. -xX-Mew-Xx-

    Extremely Cheap/Fake Senns, AKGs etc..

    Does anybody know where i can find fake HD800s, HD600s or just a fake high-end copy. Something around $10 . Doing some modding/projects. No beats fakes, try Grado or Senns fakes!
  4. TabooPc

    Worst Headphones Above $100/$300

    Title says it all. What do you think are the worst sounding headphones above $100? What do you think are the worst (sounding + quality) headphones above $300? Just curious to see what comes up.
  5. XLR8

    [Q]Which Grado has largest cup size?

    Simple really, of all Grado releases which has the largest cup volume?
  6. Folex

    What Audio technica drivers are these ?

    Friend order a pair of ad2000 drivers and got these. Not entirely sure what they are. They aren't ad2000 or ad700.    
  7. Folex


    This was a project that started together with Casper Aug 8th as an idea and today about a month later has become a reality. Unreal professional work done by casper. Able to take all the ideas I had and put them into my new favorite headphone.    Absolutely LOVE these headphones.    What...
  8. Elephas

    Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 impressions & pics

    I've owned the Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000 headphone for about a week. About a month ago I discovered Head-Fi and bought the ATH-A700. Upgrade-itis struck sooner than expected and I found myself back at the headphone shop and buying the AD2000. I would like to present my impressions of the...
  9. Rednamalas1

    I have WOOD!! Review of ESW10JPN vs. AD2000

    AD2000 Vs. ESW10JPN review Equipments used: ATH-AD2000 with ~500hrs of use ATH-ESW10JPN with ~200hrs of use Gilmore Lite w/DPS Keces DA-151 Dell XPS M1210 (FLAC, foobar2000, Asio4All) iAudio X5L (FLAC) Build Quality, Fit and Design: ESW10, as we know, have wooden-lacquered...
  10. nyrocker

    Mapletree Amps do OK with AT's ATH-AD series??

    I'm shopping for a new tube amp and currently own Audio Technica ATH-AD900 headphones.  In addition to the amp purchase I'm also thinking about moving up to the AD2000Xs, so I want to get the amp choice right.  The Mapletree amps are appealing due to price, size and simplicity but I'd like to...
  11. Trae

    ATH-AD2000MKIV Review: The AD2000 Evolved

          Before you get all excited about some all new Audio Technica headphone, the AD2000MKIV is a major modification of the AD-900s. They have AD2000 drivers in them, a Pro700MKII driver plate (basically the front ring that is around the driver unit and screws into the headphone enclosure-the...
  12. meyner

    Difference/Imrprovement between ad2000 and ad2000x?

    Hi, i was looking through the forums to find my answer to this question but i just couldn't seem to find it. Would anyone be kind enough to post a link/thread that clearly shows the difference or can someone who owns or has used both headphones to some what explain the difference/Improvement?
  13. meyner

    Question regarding AD2000/AD2000x difference and amp pairing

    I'm looking to buy AD2000 or AD2000x and a amp to go with it. Considering the fact that the impedance for both headphones is pretty low (in the 40's) i was wondering if a small amp like Fiio 7 would be good enough? Also would the Fiio 7 amp match well with the headphone since some headphones are...
  14. planet

    Windfall loan of gear for home auditioning: Phonitor, LCD3, HE-6, T1, more...

    First things first: This is my first post on head-fi, and I have very little idea what I'm doing.  I have a modest 256-320kbps mp3 collection across many genres, mostly classical, electronic/trance, soundtracks, 80s rock, and a bunch of other stuff.  I've spent upwards of $200 on in-ear phones...
  15. Kouzelna

    Review: Glow Audio Amp One w/ Denon Lawton D2000, K701, HD650, ER-4S, Audio Tech AD2000, DT880/600

    ( Photos at End )   Kouzelna Productions Presents   In Conjunction with Head-Fi Entertainment   *-*  The Glow Audio Amp One  *-*   Tube Headphone & Speaker Amp   With Onboard USB DAC     Starring Venerable Players:   Denon “MD”AH-D2000, modified by Lawton Audio...
  16. ronrad

    Beyerdynamics T1 in Seattle and compare to AD2000?

    Hi,   I just picked up a set of AD2000, which I like the sound on, although not quite as blown away as I'd hoped, and I haven't made them as comfortable as I'd like yet.  I'm looking for an all round set for lots of genres, typically jazz, electronica, guitar oriented.  At any rate, the T1...
  17. Bureiba

    Amp for ATH AD2000/W1000x

    Hello,   I'm thinking about picking up a W1000X and AD2000 over the next few months and was wondering if there is an amp that would work nicely with both? They're both low impedance cans (40-42ohms), and I don't want to spend any more than $300 - so was thinking about the Matrix M Stage or...
  18. Adamora

    Purchasing the AD2000 in a few moments! but i have one question...

    Do people find the AD2000 at all Sibilant?
  19. Gradofan2

    Amp for HE500's... AND... HD650's, AD2000's, RS-1's, and MD5000's - Mission Impossible???

    I realize the answer to my question may be buried in many of the posts related to the HE500’s – but, I’ve read them all, and don’t recall a good answer.    Looking for some help in identifying a SS or Hybrid amp that is <$1,000, which drives both my low to moderate impedance dynamic phones...
  20. Adamora

    Disappointing AD2000 Build Quality

    First the thin earpads which i had to stuff with a breathing tube for fish, now the cables feel like one tug and thats it, kapoot, how the hell did this kind of QC get past Audio Technica?   By the far the weakest headphone ive purchased.   Anyone else with the same problems?
  21. tranhieu

    Broken AD2000 coil fix

    During my midnight listen I discovered the left driver went on and off as I twiched the cable, and few minutes later it went completely dead. Scared as I was (they are my friend's phones), the diy spirit within was awaken and after 4 hours with sweat and tears, the AD2000 were revived. I learned...
  22. psychoplast

    Looking for a DAC/AMP under 300 for AD700's and eventually AD2000's!

    Hey guys,    atm ive been listening to AD700's happily, but ive been looking around for a solid DAC/amp to buy, especially since the headphone jack on my laptop is totally busted :(. ive been looking at the FIIO E7, Nuforce uDAC2, and the ZERO, but i cant really tell the difference in...
  23. AzraelDarkangel

    Grado PS500 vs. Audio-Technica W1000X and AD2000?

  24. AzraelDarkangel

    Ultrasone PRO 2900 vs. Audio-Technica AD2000?

    anyone have both
  25. AzraelDarkangel

    Audio-Technica L3000 leather earpads on AD2000?

    do they fit...