1. leicamaster

    Creating a Stax Lambda system?

    Hello all,   At the recent Head-Fi meetup in CT for the NYC area I tested ESL-1's Stax system -- he brought a pair of Sigmas and Lambdas that sounded INCREDIBLE. I became enamored by the electrostatic system. I want to set up a Stax system myself for, preferably, under $600 or so. I've heard...
  2. Mzisman4

    How to remove dust from stax lambda?

    I picked up a set of stax lambdas and and srm1-mk2 inexpensively.  Since my last thread, I have had the amp restored (re-soldered and modified for pro bias).  My sr-30 sound clean.  My lambdas still have significant buzzing in the left channel at both frequency extremes.  There is also a...
  3. Dutchess of York

    The Stax Lambda Thread

    As someone in the middle of a stax transition, Ive spent many hours on the black hole that is "The Stax Thread". Hopefully we can break it down into some sub-categories so future head-fi(ers) dont develop carpal tunnel in their search for electrostatics. How about limiting this one to the...
  4. librarian

    Entering electrostats - where's the sweet spot for a nice setup?

    I'm not in any hurry, as I haven't collected the cash yet. But I think that I somewhere along the road will get into electrostats. I have only listened to HE-60 and a Stax model which name I forgot. These HE-60 are pretty high end, and they sounded incredibly good. What I recall is impressive...
  5. Pixio

    Which kit would be the best option for Stax Lambda?

    Hi   I want to buy Stax SRS-X170 but I have limited budget and I was wondering which source should I choose. I am thinking about two options: 1) Audiotrak Prodigy Cube which I own so I will be able to afford SRS-4170 2) Buy better DAC/CD player and buy SRS-3170 instead 3) SR-307 combined...
  6. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SR Lambda Pro

    I'm referring to this article:     and would like to solicit opinions about this set.  Also, there are so many listings for the Lambda Pro on eBay that I get confused regarding which one to consider.  In the article, the author mentioned...
  7. mudihan

    Stax SR-Lambda (normal bias) one side has no bass

    I have a pair of 6-pin Stax SR-Lambda that's driven by an amp + SRD-6. The left side, however, has minimum bass. There is little channel imbalance or any observable distortion on the left side, just a lack of bass. I have switched speaker cables, reversed channels in my computer, even resoldered...
  8. marios_mar

    What speakers sound like STAX LAMBDAS?

    Any suggestions? Do the QUAD ESL speakers come close to the LAMBDA sound?
  9. evalon

    Stax Lambda SR connector pin configuration?

    Hi all,   I've been so fortunate to be able to borrow a couple of Stax Lambda SRs which I'll shortly be listening to with my new headphone amp. However, I don't know the pin configuration of the connector - any of you can help with this?   Greetings from Denmark,   Jesper   Hi...
  10. Sprockethead

    How many hours straight can you wear a "comfortable" set of headphones?

    I have been on a quest to upgrade my sound quality at work. I invested in a pair of Yuin PK1 earbuds and a Fiio E11. I wear headphones of some kind nearly 8 hours each day, taking them off for brief periods. I thought that the PK1s, since they were earbuds, wouldn't be noticeable. But they hurt...
  11. Keithpgdrb

    Stax lambda NB - Left side seems weaker - Help

    I've had my stax setup for a while, and I've always felt that the left side was slightly weaker.  I blamed it on my amp for the longest time, but It may not be the problem.  I would like to find the problem once and for all.  First, I would like to rule out or confirm that its the stax setup...
  12. inburrito

    Size of Stax Lambda Pro vs. newer models

    I am the new owner of a Stax SRM-T1 and Lambda Pro earspeakers.  The sound of this 20 year-old system is quite exemplary.  I have only one issue: the headphones are extremely large, especially from the front.  I normally wouldn't care, but I work on a trading floor and these things produce...
  13. stemartin31

    Which amp. with Stax Lambda Nova Signature ?

    Hi, May be this subject have been discussed, so sorry. I've a Stax Lambda Nova Signature and I found an old SRD7 (for 45€) but in normal bias mode. Do you know if I change it in Pro bias by changing components, the results will be better ? With this Stax earspeakers, which amp. is the...
  14. Fishfood

    First Day With Stax Lambda Sigs and SRM-T1

    Wow. Loving them. Never owned a high end headphone before. Bought these because my speakers are Quads. They are spacially wonderful, low noise, bass is better than I expected, and very comfortable (surprisingly.) Using with a very high end vinyl system. Only complaint would be that they sound a...
  15. Stevebobwe

    STAX Lambda Pro Cables

    Received some Lambda Pros and I'm having an issue with the right can dropping out. I'm sure it is an issue with the cable because in one specific location if I kink the cable a bit it fixes the issue. Does anyone know where I could pick up a replacement cable, or anyone who would sell me one? I...
  16. wgwolanski

    Help finding DAC for Stax Lambda Pro

    Hello, Soon I am going to acquire a pair of Stax lambda pros and the Stax srm-1/mk2 amplifier. I have only recently begun to be interested in to the headphone game with some ath-m50's (big jump to stax I know xD). Im planning on mainly running my new earspeakers through my pc. Currently, I just...
  17. DarkSleip

    Stax Lambda (and variations) vs. Sigma

    First off, the sigmas have the special form factor for the soundstage, and the lambdas have a thinner diaphragm. Unless they are the pro's.Either way, What are the characteristics that could make decide for one of them?
  18. BoxBoxBox

    Would you sell your whole collection for just one SR009/amp

    With the expense of SR009/amp, would you sell all your components/headphones and just end up with one? Or is there still enough variety in sound that it is worth holding onto other headphones/amps/combos? I am trying to figure out if I should save money for a few months to get the Stax set-up or...
  19. model2220

    Vintage STAX Lambda

    Hi,   I've inherited some very old STAX Lambda earspeakers and they sound great...but they are falling apart.   Does anyone know where I can buy replacement parts for these vintage cans? I need a new headband and new earpads.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  20. Towwers

    Most Comfortable Headphone you own!!!!

    I´m looking for the most comfortable headphone. A headphone that you can practically use all day long!! A headphone that when you put it in your head you only feel PLEASURE .    Post the headphone you think would win the title of the MOST COMFORTABLE. 
  21. nehcrow

    Anyone found their headphone nirvana yet?

    Just curious... or are you guys only going to satisfied until you've gotten the Stax SR009? ...Because I've pretty much reached my pinnacle, the Alessandro MS-Pro's. They are definitely end-game for me! Heaps of clarity and detail yet doesn't render My Bloody Valentine's 'Loveless'...
  22. ebmp19

    What are the most comfortable headphones?

    I'm interested to see what you guys think are the most comfortable headphones. I have beyer dt 770s and they are pretty comfortable I think. 
  23. Mzisman4

    Stax SR-Lambda pro static and other issues for a first timer

    I just got my Stax gear (SR-Lambda Pro, SRM 1-MK2, SR-30).  I excitedly plugged in the lambdas but to my disappointment there is static on any bass note.  It's especially bad in the left ear.  The SR-Lambdas are professional but there is no label on the amp.  I'm assuming this means it is normal...
  24. jaycalgary

    Stax Sigma wood mesh housing?

    I have a pair of Lambda pro's that get very little use with Lambda sig's around. Again I am looking at the Sigma for their panoramic sound. I was looking  at buying a pair but they are not easy to find. I was running through Ideas to recreate the Sigma housing. So far my idea is to make a...
  25. HeadFiManiac

    Stax 009 for Gaming?

    Are the 009's any good for gaming. I need something that will allow me to image very well.   I will be using a Blue Hawaii.