Stax SR Lambda Pro
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Oct 23, 2013
I'm referring to this article:     and would like to solicit opinions about this set.  Also, there are so many listings for the Lambda Pro on eBay that I get confused regarding which one to consider.  In the article, the author mentioned several amps/transducers to use, and I'm wondering what your opinions might be.  With all the hubbub regarding the new orthos, I've come to the conclusion that Staxs come closer to the music, even the older Staxs.  I was considering getting the Etymotic ER 4S, since its a very neutral IEM, but the majority of my listening would be at my Mac.  I have a pair of UE IEMs that have great bass, and these I use with my iPod at the gym---they serve their purpose well.  So I figured, why get another pair of IEMs, even if they were Etymotics.  Besides, I know I would be getting a great soundstage with open-back Staxs.
I have another situation.  I have a late 2012 IMac 27. I purchased the "Bit Perfect" app for the audio.  ITunes is where I keep my music, but I may convert to JRiver and FLAC if there is not too much hassle.  I do not have a dedicated stereo system.  My IMac is where I get my music. Would I be able to drive a set of Staxs directly from my IMac's headphone outlet (that is the only "audio out" on the IMac)?
I will have other questions, but for now I'd like to know your opinions about the Stax Lambda Pro.
Thank you.

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