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Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by oqvist, Jun 4, 2010.
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  1. ripwallet
    Maybe i'll save up and wait for the Deckard, need to move to something since my Valhalla 2 won't be the best choice for the LCD-2. 
  2. SP Wild
    The Valhalla2 is actually a good tonal match to the LCD2.

    Just a matter how loud you wanna go.
  3. ripwallet
    Worth trying out before i sell it? Would i just throw it on high gain and see what happens and  loud enough as in not enough power? Relatively new to amps trying to educate myself.  
  4. SP Wild

  5. WayTooCrazy
    Hi, I think I'm addicted. I keep looking at new DACs and Amps for my headphones. Worst part is, I don't use them all that much. Ugh. So, I decided to plug the LCD-2f back into the Deckard and clicked through Tidal Hi-Fi. Hmmm, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. They sound GREAT together. Do I really need to replace, or do I just want "shiny" new toys?
  6. SP Wild

    You want shiny new toys, you want to explore what they have to offer.

    I know this, we are all somewhat afflicted, that is why I am here, because I am no different to you.
  7. Lohb

    ...it's the mirage of believing the next shiny one that has got you curious just out of reach is finally the last one....fun if you have the money to burn in the quest of getting every last bit out of your headphones.
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  8. WayTooCrazy
    I agree. The "balanced" possibility is drawing my attention lately. I keep telling myself that it won't make a big enough difference (sitting 3ft from the amp) to justify the cost of replacing the Dac/Amp and new headphone cable. Though, if the Jotunheim is as good or better than the Deckard... that is probably where I'd end up going, as I could probably sell my Deckard for what I paid and almost make an even swap for the Jotunheim.
  9. exsomnis
    What does balanced cabling have to do with your distance from the amp? Anyway, I can tell you from experience that the difference between a well designed single ended system and a well designed balanced system is zero.
    Sure, there are benefits to having a grounded signal going through balanced cables and having much less interference getting into them but signal interference in RCA cables only really affects you when you're going into the realm of hundreds of feet. Even then, that's only when your RCA cable is unshielded - and any decent RCA cable will have that shielding. 
    Some people (on here too) will tell you that balanced mode is undeniably better but they've never double blind tested the comparison between single ended and balanced systems with sound level matching. 
    Don't make the mistake either of comparing the single ended output vs the balanced output of any amp that has both, because they are not equal. The single ended output circuitry is usually added for convenience and an afterthought, and thus the quality is not as high. 
    That said, there are very good balanced amps out there but to get the full benefit of them you need to be balanced from DAC till headphone - and that will cost you. Then again, there are single ended amps that are just as good too, But if you want to listen around (we all do), by all means, take the plunge. Just setting your expectations there.
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  10. opero
    Hi everybody,
    I have a new LCD-2, very happy about it. I would like to buy a nomad amplifier (or dac, whathever), with the particularity of be plugged through my Zen Tour Antelope (audio interface), which has a SPDIF connection (in/out). Do you have a nomad amp to recommend me with a SPIF connector behind, under 500$ ? thanks
  11. WayTooCrazy
    If I was determined to take my LCD-2F around the house (to a different room than where my Deckard is located), or over to a friend's house or even the Patio. What would be a good suggestion for a portable/transportable DAC/Amp that powers them fairly well like the Deckard does?
  12. sludgeogre
    Look no further than the Chord Mojo. It's really the best option by a mile, especially from a price/performance perspective.
  13. WayTooCrazy
    I was thinking the same thing, but I've also been reading that the DAC on the Mojo is Fantastic... but the amp is a bit on the weaker side, and probably won't drive the LCD-2f well. There was also a reference to synergy and the LCD-2f not being that great. I'm sure people have tried them here...so I figured I'd ask.
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  14. x RELIC x Contributor

    Mojo doesn't have a separate amp, it essentially drives headphones from the DAC's line out stage, so no, the amp section isn't weak.... there isn't one. The output power of the Mojo is 600mW @32 Ohm with 500mA current delivery. I find it drives my LCD-2.2 very well and I have some other quality gear to compare in my possession (see my profile).

    Now, as far as synergy is concerned then that's an entirely different matter. The Cavalli Liquid Gold adds a certain warmth and has a wider soundstage, but it adds that to all my headphones, even much easier to drive headphones, not just the LCD-2.2. I barely use 1/8th of the volume on the Liquid Gold. From a power perspective the Mojo is fine and I personally like the pairing. From a synergy perspective you need to demo the gear to know for yourself.
  15. WayTooCrazy
    Unfortunately I don't really have the opportunity to demo prior to purchase. Would you be content listening to the LCD-2 and LCD-XC (another headphone that I really want) through the Mojo alone? I'm looking to take this rig (HP Spectre X2, Mojo, LCD-2f and soon LCD-XC) as a Transportable setup as I move around the house (and especially the patio) a lot. I even intend to bring it to family's house who are interested in headphones as well. I have a Deckard, but I rarely turn it on as when I'm at my desk or at my listening area, I never reach for headphones (instead I prefer speakers).
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