1. Todd

    New from Weiss - the DAC 204 IN STOCK A TTVJAudio.com

    HI All, The newest creation from the Swiss company Weiss is now in stock at TTVJAudio.com. The Weiss DAC 204 is a more affordable way to get into an outstanding Weiss DAC. Price $2895 The DAC204 is the most versatile and affordable USB DAC offered by Weiss. It can be permanently connected...
  2. warrenpchi

    Weiss Engineering DAC50x (DAC501 and DAC502) Review

    NOTE: If you can't see the embedded video above, please CLICK HERE to see the video. While new flagship headphones are released fairly often, new reference DAC and amplifier releases are much fewer and farther between. And yet, in this day and age where digital audio is ubiquitous, they are no...
  3. Todd

    Weiss DAC/Audeze LCD-5 High End Loaner Program @TTVJAudio.com

    HI All, We are going to try a few high end loaner programs with new rules for participation. This is the first with more to follow. These will be limited to 5 people. The Weiss DAC 502 is a premium high end DAC that feature a single ended and balanced headphone output. Weiss DAC are currently...
  4. hq136185925

    I found the most satisfying sound settings on a computer with Bifrost multibit 1

    Dear Schiit I modified the Bifrost Multibit and then I found the most satisfying sound. I hope Schiit engineers try this out. Here is my PCHIFI with Schiit Bifrost Multibit 1. Modified the original I/V OPAMPs to ADA4625-2 2. Changes USB to UNISON 3. Under Windows10. set sound as 16bit 176400Hz...
  5. atomicbob

    yggdrasil - gungnir MB - bifrost MB - a terse, ribald comparison

    Having all four of these Schiit multibit DACs is a considerable privilege. Comparing them to other DACs with printed words is challenging at best. These need to be heard, preferably in level matched A/B comparison to other DACs, to fully appreciate the advancements achieved by Mike Moffat and...
  6. ArifC3

    Is everything about plugging in to a confounded computer?!?!

    Hi Collective!   Thanks to you guys and gals, I'm now full-on into either 'Hi' or 'pretty decent' Fidelity music.   So - my situation and epiphany - I only ever used to listen to CDs directly, as I refuse to prostitute myself to Mp3 bit-rates and the like.   Then I discovered things like...
  7. 944135692

    A Weiss DAC2 or a W4S DAC2?

    I'm looking for a upgrade of my dac1 hdr, and really confused about the tow DACs. Anyone who had compared the tow of them?
  8. Sonido

    How good is the Woo Audio WA7 built-in DAC? Is it as good as Schiit Bifrost?

    I've read great things about the WA7, but mostly as a complete package or mainly about the amp. Haven't heard much about just the DAC itself. Anyone use the WA7 as a standalone DAC and compare it to other DACs like the Bifrost?
  9. W

    Beyerdynamic T1 DAC to Headphone OR Preamp/amp to Headphone

    Ladies and gentleman, new owner of Beyerdynamic T1, please bear with me, I have 2 questions (newbee here oldbee everywhere else!)   My current equipment includes an awesome DAC (maybe at any price), a Weiss DAC 202 that has an headphone out jack and a dedicated built-in headphone amp...
  10. Tuberoller1

    DAC Popularity Check (2013 Edition)

    There has recently been a huge increase in the amount of different DACs out there, so I wanted to see which ones are the most popular by a NEW poll.  Personally I have a Metrum Octave, but am looking to upgrade.    So, copy the most updated list, paste it in the reply box and add your cable...
  11. azynneo

    Super tough decision on wa5le or weiss minerva

    I'm in the debate of buying either a wa5le amp and keeping my anedio d1 or buying a weiss minerva and getting an amp (maybe a zana deux).
  12. Silent One

    2359glenn | studio

    I created this thread as a place to foster the exchange of our audio pursuits with 2359glenn - Member of the Trade, as well as between each other. Some of us may already have or seek one of his custom amp builds, adapters or other audio solutions. And this is a place where we can discuss our...
  13. Magick Man

    An audiophile and petrolhead's journal: Buckle up!

    Headphones, amps, and cars. Oh my! Wait a second! What's this thread about? It's about me, and like-minded individuals, discussing; high-end audio gear, fast cars, and the people we live with. Personally, it's about me trying to keep my hobbies and marriage in a state of balance, which...
  14. Steve Eddy

    DACs or Music Servers With Integral Volume Control

      I'm trying to compile a list of DACs or music servers which incorporate volume control. Doesn't matter if it's in the digital or analog domain.   So far I'm aware of offerings from:   Cambridge Audio Wyred 4 Sound Antelope Audio Berkeley Audio Labs Resolution Audio Lavry...
  15. palchiu

    Wadia 121 decoding computer

    I've google some info about Wadia's DAC, and found this. http://www.wadia.com/products/decoding/121/   I found two different panel of 121, @wadia's site should be latest version.     Wadia's newest digital statement   The Wadia 121Decoding Computer is a high performance DAC with...
  16. PedroH

    Upgrade Meier Audio StageDac - help me choose my new DAC at any price

      I want to buy a world class DAC and I do not have budget restrictions up to 10.000 USD.   My current office system is: - MacBookAir with Decibel serving AppleLossless files, including some 96KHz 24bit high resolution files - Audiophilleo 1 (USB-SPDIF transport) - Meier StageDac...
  17. vkung

    Vancouver Head-Fi Meet - January 14, 2012

    Good news !! Here is the Location and Date Date    : January 14, 2012 Time   : 12:30pm to 4:00pm Location : Broadway Church, 2700 East Broadway (Slocan & Broadway -- 5 minutes walk from Renfrew Station ) Room      : Board Room  (enter from Slocan)   Hello all,  In order to keep...
  18. DarknightDK

    April Music Eximus DP-1

    Given the excellent review of the Eximus DP1 on 6 Moons, this DAC/amp is on my shortlist as an excellent DAC / headphone amp all in one solution. I've been trying to find other user reviews here on headfi and am surprised that there are none so far.    Anyone have this in hand? Would love to...
  19. agoston.berko

    Anedio D2 DAC release

    Anybody knows some information ?

    High End Dac / Pre > Computer as source

    What are some of the better Dacs / Pre to consider for using computer music files as source to drive amp and speakers.
  21. c64

    Topping headphone amps any good ?

    Noticed quite a big range of these full sized headphone amps now on mp4nation any reviews or opinions on them ? heres the specs of the top end one   Topping TP41 Class T Digital Amplifier & Headphone Amplifier   The Topping T41 audio amplifier is based on a Tripath TA2021 circuit...
  22. Stitch

    European made dacs

    I cant help the itch, upgraditis is kicking in.   Is there a list of manufactures sorted by country? I know there's Jan Meier and Hegel but thats about it. Any other euro companies that sell dacs?   Edit; 15-07-11@23:36h Decided to sum it all up in one post. Maybe handy for future...
  23. grokit

    The best of the best...

    We could be in a new "golden age" for headphone listening with what the first decade of the new millennium has brought to the table. I was just wondering what people think might be the very best that current headphone technology has to offer regardless of price. Here's my suggestions…...
  24. Tuberoller1

    Best DAC from $1500 to $2500 (or so) Can anything beat the Eastern Electric Minimax?

    I currently have an eastern electric minimax dace with a mullard tube in it as well has a musical fidelity v-link asynchronous usb->spdif feeding it.  From what I've read the EE seems like a giant killer (especially with the MF v-link feeding it).  My question is, how much would I have to spend...
  25. DogMeat

    DAC for my Celestion SL6si 's ?

    Foolin' around with my gear, want to see if I can make these great little speakers sing from my iMac. They are harder to drive than the Celestion 3bs's I have running in the small spare room QUITE NICELY off a Qinpu. I think a tubie is the best way to do justice to these FINE speakers that got...