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2359glenn | studio

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by silent one, Mar 9, 2012.
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  1. Silent One
    I created this thread as a place to foster the exchange of our audio pursuits with 2359glenn - Member of the Trade, as well as between each other. Some of us may already have or seek one of his custom amp builds, adapters or other audio solutions. And this is a place where we can discuss our activities...enjoy!
    I first met Glenn when I sourced a pair of 6SN7>6DE7 adapters to place in my Woo Audio WA 6 Special Edition amp. Shortly thereafter, he asked if I'd like to audition other tubes and adapters in return for feedback. This was the start of a very satisfying relationship with the designer. And I learned a lot as he continued to solve problems or suggest mods for head-fier's with a wide variety of amps.
    After sourcing tubes and adapters from Glenn for a year and a half, last month I decided I would buy my first amp from him in August. But then he released a 6AS7 based OTL amp. When I saw examples purchased by Xcalibur255 and Clayton SF, it was too much, I had to have one!
    A couple of weeks in now, sitting on about 80 hours, there's new adventure inside the listening room. Will post new pix Fri/Sat. 
    Learning to listen and love... all over again,
    - Silent One
    I am currently using a different rectifier and drive tube than shown in the pix below. The amp accepts rectifiers 3DG4-5AU4-5V3. This morning I have the General Electric 3DG4 rectifier, Tung-Sol 5998 & Tung-Sol BGRP 6SN7GT installed. The amp is still working its wonder during break-in. Will report back with impressions soon. 
  2. rosgr63
    Thanks for the thread SO.
    Glenn's work is first class that goes hand in hand with an excellent and trustworthy person.
    Keep up the good work Glenn.
  3. Lurkumaural
    I'll contribute my appreciation. I don't own one of his amps, but I was in disbelief when I heard the HD 650 on Clayton'g rig, as photographed above at the local meet. You hear about headphone and amp pairings, and to be honest I thought the idea of synergy meant taking a sound that you know and adjusting it... this pairing changed what I knew of the HD 650. I haven't yet heard this headphone out of a high-$$ amp, but after what I heard at the meet, I'm a lot less curious.
  4. Silent One


    Thanks, Lurkumaural. The optimum pairing is by no means an accident. When it came time to voice the amp during the build, the HD650's were the only headphones Glenn had on hand, I am told.  
  5. Silent One
    Just added Black Dayton Audio Spikes - 1-1/2"
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  6. grokit
    She's looking good, if a little lonely on that maple platform!
    Have you come up with a name for her (assuming female gender of course [​IMG]) yet?
    Glen made me a couple of 6F8G > 6SN7 adapters a while back, another completely positive experience weighing in [​IMG]
  7. Silent One


    Thanks. Yeah, I noticed the same thing. Once the Woo cleared out, I found myself looking around the listening room. [​IMG]  No name yet. I did make a suggestion to Glenn that he name one or more of his configs so we can chat better. I'm sure he has other things on his mind, like sourcing...
  8. john57
  9. Silent One
    It's official - john57 has delivered the thread's first unboxing!
  10. kchew
    I may not have one of Glenn's amps, but I do have his 596 rectifier adaptor. Thanks to him I can enjoy one of the best sounding and unique looking rectifiers for my amp. Cheers Glenn, and thanks for everything.
  11. rosgr63
    Beautiful looking amps!
  12. Xcalibur255
    You just had to go and post that picture.  Now everybody knows how often I dust my desk.  [​IMG]
  13. Silent One
    Audio interrupted!
    I was very much looking forward to my listening session overnight to evaluate "spiking" my amp. It was not to be. I'm feeling under the weather with mild flu like symptoms; congested. Everything sounds muffled... even TV! I'm hoping my head and my ears will return to normal by Tuesday...
    Ideally, I'd like to move up to a Maple block 4" thick. And possibly bigger brass footers like Mapleshade has. The current speaker spikes shown in the pix above are the ones used at RMAF the last two years by Mach2music (Mac mini music server) and some other vendors. 
    The pursuit of bigger Maple and bigger brass could change, however. On Tuesday, the 6AS7 OTL amp is getting a new dance partner - Logictech Squeezebox Touch. The current Mac mini music server is using VIABLUE Tri-Absorbers. Since I'll be decommissioning the Mac, I may throw the Tri-Absorbers underneath the OTL amp. Obtain a refund for the spikes and send the Maple block down the hall for kitchen duty. 
    To be clear, I'm not cheap I'm broke... there's a difference! [​IMG][​IMG]
  14. Silent One


    Amazing how your amp blends in with the current theme on your audio rack.
  15. Xcalibur255
    No rack, just the corner of the computer desk.  This place isn't big enough for racks, though I will have to figure out something for the next amp.  That thing will probably weigh twice what this one does with all the chokes and output trannies, it might break the glass.
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