1. drdiem

    Meier Corda Classic/Matrix m-stage comparison

    Hi folks,   Before you say it, yes I know these two don't compete on price. I'm posting just to add data points for others considering either of these two amps since I've just upgraded from one to the other.   I've owned a Matrix m-stage for nearly two years now, paired initially with an...
  2. jude

    Meier Audio Porta Corda MkII Group Buys (One for U.S., One for Europe)

    Meier Audio is allowing us to organize group buys of the Porta Corda MkII portable headphone amplifiers at tremendous cost savings to us. How much? EUR 90.00 + shipping and handling (USD $120.00 + shipping and handling) That is nearly half off the normal price of EUR 175.00 (USD $225.00)...
  3. Skylab

    Review: Entire Meier Audio Headphone Amp Line Compared

    I own the Meier Opera, Aria, and Move. I asked Jan Meier if he would be willing to send me a Cantate to compare to the Aria. He volunteered to also loan me an Arietta so that I could do a comprehensive review of his entire product line, of course I agreed. This is a very complex review to set...
  4. ghart999

    Compilation of portable amps

    I was thinking that it might be worthwhile to start a thread listing the existing portable amps along with their price and website link. No reviews here, just a list. I have spent so much time trying to determine what options I have and would have loved to have a single source to get a list of...
  5. PTom

    Head Fi's Favourite Amp for the Audeze LCD 2: $200-$1000 [POLL]

    Votes for Other Amps    - ALO Audio Pan Am: 3  - Bottlehead S.E.X.: 1 - Darkvoice 336SE: 1 - Schiit Asgard 2: 1 - Woo Audio WA7: 1   -----------------------------   I thought it would be fun/informative to see which amps are the most loved among the Head Fi community for driving the...
  6. Argo Duck

    Meier Audio Daccord

    New equipment from Jan Meier is always an occasion. In the last few hours Jan announced technical details of his new DAC in the Meier Audio Stagedac thread. More information at his website.   Some notable differences from the Stagedac., e.g. looks like careful attention to jitter control...
  7. sunjigglet

    Is This CMOY Amp and Crossfeed Circuit Any Good?

    Hi, Sun Jigglet here. I'm looking into purchasing a $50 CMOY amplifier on ebay (the ones built by "ampedup77", in particular), and I was wondering if they are well-built/ of acceptable quality. Here's the...
  8. scootermafia

    Corda Arietta Internals

    Anyone have pictures? If you do post a good interior pic, provide your paypal email and $3 is yours. Also, anyone know a good 3rd place to buy it? It's $225 shipped factory direct but they're being slow in answering my emails over the holidays, and TTVJ wants $290 + shipping (ugh).
  9. Shoggy

    Review of Meier Audio Corda JAZZ with ƒƒ-technology upgrade

    *** UPDATE: read my opinion about the ƒƒ-upgrade here *** A few words about myself and this review My name is Sven, I am 29 years old and from Germany. My favourite hobby is the PC and everything technical around it. There are always things that catch up my attention and this time it was my...
  10. MRK 54

    AC Power Plug for Stepdance 2.

     I need to find the right plug for my amp so I can use it at my work shop without the battery dieing. My 15v source is a  GS-PSA-153. The Meier Stepdance 2 will automatically use the higher amperage above 9v. I dont know where to buy the right plug.
  11. BananaBaby

    where to buy RKV Mark II ?

    please give me a link to order this item online   or give me a shop adress in Germany to buy   thanks
  12. ferrari993000

    headphone amp crossfeed circuit

    hey, does anyone know of a good crossfeed circuit for amps with an on/off switch. Thanks. Any help is appreciated
  13. Pantocrator


    In my attempt to choose a portable amp, I am trying to find differences in features. The 2move has crossfeed, which is touted as highly improving the soundstage (you can tell where the instruments are as if you were using speakers instead of headphones.) Does the Predator use this, or does hot...
  14. Morph201

    Meier OPERA Owners

    If there's a "unifying" thread out there, I missed it, but I'm starting this one anyway! I'm not sure how many OPERA owners there are out there in the head-fi world, but here's a thread to post your impressions... good, bad, or indifferent! It's time we unite... I will post my impressions in...
  15. edvardd

    Portable amp for LCD2

    (Edit) Here you can discuss views about portable amps that go well and perhaps not so well with LCD2. Are there some amps that have better synergy with LCD2?   Some suggested amps   -Ray Samuels Sr-71b -Ibasso PB1/2 -Justin AudioUHA-120 -Justin Audio AHA-120 -Meir CORDA...

    are the k701's for me?

    I've had the dt880's for about a week now and I really like their sound, but they can be kind of bright sometimes. I really love the clarity and detail of the dt880's but I find the treble to be too forward I guess is how they say it. I've heard that the dt880's are clearer than the k701's but...
  17. Jodet

    Meier Audio is now selling the Nuforce HDP

    On their website.   Go figure.   This one has me stumped.    It's like a Toyota dealership selling Honda Civics.    
  18. Jan Meier

    The past and the future of Meier-Audio

    Dear headfellows,   People who check my website more frequently may have noticed that over the last few months various models became sold-out and have not yet been replaced. This has led to many speculations and questions whether or not I will continue to produce headphone-amplifiers.  ...
  19. GTAS

    Meier Audio Porta Corda II

    I have a Meier Audio Porta Corda II and was wondering the approximate resale value is for it. Any ideas?
  20. FLCL

    Portable amp recommendation for DT880's

    I've purchased a pair of DT880 Pro's(250ohm) and would love to find an nice portable amp that goes good with them. I've read around that Super Macro IV and hornet are good for them.   Though in some posts it seemed as though Super Macro was good for smaller groups of music and I listen to a...
  21. epocs

    DACs with 2 outputs

    I was wondering how many DACs you guys know that have two outputs?   I saw the Stagedac by Meier audio is one of them, with an output that is at a set volume level, while the other is volume controlled. You guys know of any others?
  22. 50an6xy06r6n

    Entry-Level Portable Amp?

    Curiosity is taking hold, and I'm starting to wonder how an amp would change the sound of my headphones. Nothing definite yet, but the thought's there. If i were to get an amp, it would probably have to be portable, as I spend a lot of time away from my desk, at school, etc. So now to the real...
  23. wdahm519

    Meier, Audio-GD, or other amp and dac for DT990/250 05 Ed.

    Hey guys,   Its time for me to upgrade my DAC and Amp.  I'm currently using a Total BitHead as my amp and dac both.  I like the sound, but I really need my DT990's as well as my other headphones to shine.  This purchase will be geared towards making the DT990's sound the best that they can. ...
  24. MRiNiCK

    What amp to use for Ultrason HFI780 or Phiaton MS 400

    I'm thinking of getting one of these headphones. Fo usage of outside  and computer. What amp should i get with these. I mainly listen to rock hip hop
  25. JensL

    Shootout: Lake People G99/2 vs. Meier-Audio Corda Opera

    This time I’ve borrowed an amplifier made by a company that I’ve never heard about; Lake People. They’re a German company, and make sound-equipment for the professional market. The amplifier is the G99/2 (exciting name?), and got nice specs. Here’s Lake People’s official webpage for the...