1. Pustik

    Woo Audio 22 vs DNA Stratus vs Cavalli Liquid Fire

    I'm wondering which one in the long run will be fun to have? Woo Audio and DNA Stratus have much flexibility, you could try many tubes, play around to find your own sound. Or and this is more philosophical question would you want to settle down for something as cavalli liquid fire where amp has...
  2. andiide

    Experience with Malvalve Headamp three

    Hi,    I came across a German headphone amp at the German CanJam. It is the Malvalve Headamp three. What makes it special: it is both suitable for electrostats (Stax) and dynamic headphones. Would be a great device to clean up my gear. I am currently using a Stax SRM-007t for my Stax SR-007...
  3. romnation

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire - What tube types are supported?

    I lost my manual for the liquid fire and can't find any information online. What tube types doe it work with? 12AU7? 6dj8?   Please advise.   Thanks!
  4. dBel84

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire is finally here

    As one who has been listening to this amp for nearly a year, it is with no small amount of celebration that I post here to let you all know that Alex Cavalli has finally released his first production amp. There were times that I thought the entire endeavor would collapse into itself and that the...
  5. KB

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire Headphone Amp

      Hey Guys,   I have a number of these Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire Headphone Amps on the way. I will be selling them first come first serve. If anyone want to be first to nab one please PM me. I have one in my shop and its a very special amp, crazy good.             Ken
  6. mwilson

    REVIEW: Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire Headphone Amplifier

    REVIEW: Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire Headphone Amplifier     DISCLAIMERS/FINANCIAL INTERESTS   None. Unit was purchased at close to full retail price from a dealer.     PREFACE   I am not a reviewer per se. Many a member on these forums is able to articulate the substance of a...
  7. runeight

    Cavalli Audio - Liquid Fire

    Folks, I'm creating this LF thread to discuss the current LF and possible future incarnations of it.   Many of you have written privately saying how highly you regard the LF. Some of you have decided that it's the best headphone amp around and have stopped looking for another amp. Some of...
  8. iim7V7IM7

    HD800 + $1,000-$2,500 Amp = Sonic Bliss?

    Hi,   I had an earlier post last week where I was asking about tube amps for an HD800.  But I have been thinking a bit more broadly about it and considering also solid state or hybrid amplifiers as well. The thought for a tube amp was because so many experienced HD800 users preferred them, and...
  9. azynneo

    Want your opinion amping / sourcing hd800

    I do have an HD800 with my old anedio d1 atm, I sold a few things to be able to get higher end amping / source   My budget is gonna be 2k~3k   Should I get a ZDSE and upgrade my dac OR should I get a Cavali LF and keep my anedio?
  10. Freazy

    Looking for a great DAC to match the Cavalli Liquid Fire

    Hey guys,so i need some good advice here so what better place than to ask the members at head-fi. So i will be receiving my Cavalli Liquid Fire in a short while so i will be looking for a great DAC to match the LF. As of now i'll have to use the DAC section of my Burson HA-160D, that's no...
  11. mike1127

    Beyerdynamic T1

    I have literally been listening for about five minutes to the T1, so it isn't burned-in yet, but I think this headphone is The One. I've been looking for something in the league of the Senn HD800, AKG K1000, or even the K701 is remarkable and worth considering.
  12. zachchen1996

    The absolute BEST amp for the LCD-3 (only vote if you have heard the mjolnir and at least one other amp, preferably most on the list)

    Set on getting LCD3s, preferred its sound to the hifimans in general by a wide margin. Heard LCD3s with the mjolnir and gungnir and loved it. But I have only heard the LCD3s with the mjolnir amp, are there other amps that are better than the mjolnir FOR THE LCD3s in your opinion? Only vote if...
  13. gmahler2u

    did anyone review the Cavalli audio Liquid fire?

    I like to know about liquid fire?  can this amp drive lcd2,hd800, he6?  is this amp for high power headphone only?     Thanks
  14. sachu

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire

      While my opinions when it comes to headphone amplifiers is well known, there is no denying the fact that Dr. Cavalli has put out a cracker of an amplifier in his newest and first commercial offering, the Liquid Fire. Especially given that I have heard all of his designs in the last 5 years...
  15. tangsta

    Cavalli Liquid Fire + HD800?

    For those of you that have heard the Liquid Fire with the HD800s how did you like it? I have both a LCD-2 and a HD800 and am considering whether the HD800s should be paired with another amp.
  16. windowphone7

    where can i do a pre-order for the Cavalli Liquid Fire or Liquid Gold

    Hi   can anyone tell me where i can do the pre-order for the Cavalli Liquid Fire or Liquid Gold? i visit Mr Alex's website but can't even see those two products on the list and don't see the way to contact him   thank you
  17. oqvist

    Amp recommendations for Audeze LCD-2

    Please chime in what your best amps are for this headphone or educated guesses compared to previous ortho experiences.
  18. Icenine2

    Has anyone pre-ordered the Cavalli Liquid Fire amp

    It is a beauty.  Only 20 built for the first run.  I really want to know how this stacks up to my Woo WA22.  The guy at avguide hasn't posted big review yet and has listened to both.  CanJam reports as I recall were very positive with the LCD2.  ...
  19. Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire

    Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire

    FEATURES: Fully DC Coupled Hybrid – No Caps in the Signal Path Tubes Provide the Voltage Gain Transistors and Mosfets Provide the Power Output Separate HV and LV Regulated Rails for the Tubes and Transistors 6922 Differential Amp Input Stage 6922 Voltage Gain Stage with 6922 Current Source...