Looking for a great DAC to match the Cavalli Liquid Fire
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Jun 23, 2011
Hey guys,so i need some good advice here so what better place than to ask the members at head-fi.
So i will be receiving my Cavalli Liquid Fire in a short while so i will be looking for a great DAC to match the LF.
As of now i'll have to use the DAC section of my Burson HA-160D, that's no good off course as the main focus was on the amp section off the HA-160D and not on the DAC section.
Keep in mind i use the John Kenny MK3 USB to S/PDIF converter with the Burson.
I mainly listen to classic rock,hard rock,metal and some electronic stuff to (The Prodigy,nero,justice,etc...)
My budget is between 1000€ to like 3500€.
USB input  must be Asynchronous up to 32/192Khz but most will be in this price range
I had some DACs in mind like:
-Antelope Zodiac Gold + Teddy Pardo power supply or Voltikus
-Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 (i read this is a great DAC for the price)
-Ayre QB-9
-Calyx 24/192 usb dac
-PS Audio Digilink III DAC
You can give me your honest thoughts about what you would choose would be right here.
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I think I'd get the good PS Audio DAC for the LF.

NAD m51 is supposed to be nice. April Music Eximus DP1 is nice but prolly overipriced for what you get.

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Already know which one you bought. Have fun once that LF gets to you. 


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