1. LAMM LL2 Deluxe

    LAMM LL2 Deluxe

    Here is the before/after modifications.
  2. SoundApprentice

    Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 to DAC2-DSDse or Schiit Yggdrasil?

    I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong thread.   Currently have the Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 (standard, non DSD, non femto clock edition).   The Schiit Yggdrasil hype train has caught my attention. Formerly not a fan of the lower end Schiit stuff I have heard, but this thing seems to be on...
  3. Brian153

    Phonitor 2 DAC

    Hi, I was thinking of purchasing a Phonitor 2 in the future and I was wondering if the Phonitor 2 works well with the following Digital Converters (which I plan to connect to my laptop)? I will use the AKG K812 Pro as headphones.   - Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 Digital To Analog Converter - Wyred 4...
  4. DjAmTraX

    Decision time! Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 or Mytek DSD-DAC?

    Okay, I am on the fence on which to get. The Mytek has headphones out which I like and DSD file support for the future. The Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2 is well received and proven to be a great DAC. The Mytek is new so no reviews yet, but it Mytek is well respected by the Pros. Your thoughts?    ...
  5. koiloco

    Wyred4sound DAC2 DSD or Yulong DA8

    Hi DAC warriors,  I have narrowed my choices down to these 2 DACs to try out next and have couple questions :   For those who are lucky enough to have owned both, which one would you prefer for strictly SQ? For Yulong DA8 past/current owners, any problem with build quality/operation...
  6. Padawan38

    MHDT Labs Pagoda ?

    Hello I'm looking for great DAC around 1000 Euros (I'm Europe based). I'm very interested into the MHDT Pagoda but haven't seen any reviews nor direct comparison to other DAC. I know M2Tech Young, Mytek 192, W4S DAC2, Hegel HD25, VDAC+VLINK, Atoll DAC 200. As a reference I also have recently...
  7. Strat-Mangler

    Wyred4Sound DAC2 vs Burson HA160D : who wins?

    Might be springing for a DAC in the next few months and am wondering which one out of those 2 would sound "better."   Obviously, it's all subjective, but if anybody has had experiences with these units, especially to compare, I'd appreciate hearing about your experiences.   Thanks a...
  8. nspindel

    Anyone in NYC area want to do a shootout between your Wyred4Sound DAC2 vs. my Benchmark DAC1 Pre?

    Title kind of says it all.  I have the Benchmark, but I've heard so many good things about the W4S that I'm curious to compare one to the other.  So this is an invite to a head-fi'er in reasonable driving distance to Stamford, CT to bring their W4S DAC2 over for a test drive in my system:  ...
  9. hedphonz

    Wyred4sound DAC2 + HD800'S - What HP amp ?

    after just acquiring the HD800's i realise my Graham Slee Solo amp isnt up to the task of driving them properly so am looking to upgrade with a suitable SS amp and based upon what im reading here amps like the phoenix, phonitor, lehmann BCL, luxman P1u etc come to mind.   As im not able to...
  10. BrucYSN


    I Just wanna to know how's their cable. I brought the power cords and ICs along with the DAC-2 altogether. I know ignorant is bliss. I just can't help to wonder how is their cable compare to other cable dedicated company at similar price? 
  11. BrucYSN

    Possible upgrades from Wyred4sound dac-2?PWD?

    Like the title, I currently have the PWD in mind. it's a shame they don't have better USB implementation.  Any defects on the PWD sound wise and synergy with amp/preamp?    I'd also like to know if there are other options.   Would like keep the budget under 3k and has to have balanced...
  12. voyager123

    Is the M2Tech Young/Hegel HD20 up to the level of an Anedio D1/2/Wyred4Sound DAC 2?

    In my country only a few DACs are avaible ,especially in the 1100 € price range, including the M2Tech young and the Hegel HD20. I'm very curious if anyone compared these two to the medium priced ESS Sabre 9018 based Dacs.
  13. runswithaliens

    Wyred4Sound mPRE - balanced DAC/Analog Pre-amp/Headphone amp

    W4S mPRE Expected to be shipping this month according to website. Product page: http://www.wyred4sound.com/webapps/p/74030/117839/803982   Looks like it could be a very nice all-in-one desktop unit for $1099.00. Certainly has almost everything I am looking for for use with a computer...
  14. powerlifter450

    Wyred4Sound microdac

    W4S has a new $400.00 budget DAC using an ESS chip. Has anyone heard this one yet? I can't locate any reviews.
  15. spraggih

    Wyred4Sound (W4S) DAC-1: Upgrade to Lavry DA-10?

    Hello everyone,   I have a DA-10 using optical from my MacPro. It sounds good but a bit dark and I would also like a little more energy in my DAC. All of that may sound like I want a colored/coloured DAC - maybe so...     BUT... if the W4S has the same timbre and tone as the DA-10 that...
  16. HiFiGuy528

    New! Wyred4Sound µDAC-HD headphones amp/DAC unboxing

    "µ" is Greek for "M" so it should be Micro DAC, not U-DAC. Sorry about that.  I'm using it in Class A right now with the Beats by Dr. Dre Solo HD. Holly cow! this thing sounds GREAT!  
  17. smoothlondoner

    Advice needed on a DAC upgrade

    Hi Folks. I'm looking to upgrade from my cyrus DACX+ which I use with a cyrus external power supply also. I have been considering Chinese  & Us alternatives to get more for my money. DAC@S Ive been looking at include  Schiit Gungnir Naim DAC (used) Lite DAC 83 Audio GD...
  18. ozhead

    USB DAC made in USA?

    Are there any made in USA USB DACs? My second option would be made in Europe.     Thank you!
  19. grokit

    Balanced DACs $600 - $1600, the segment explodes

    Along with seemingly everything else, there's an abundance of new mid-fi DACs coming out of the woodwork lately trying to challenge the next tier up.   Some of the models that have been catching our eyes lately:   Yulong D-18, D-8 (1) Shiit Gungnir (5) Woo WDS-1 (1) Wyred4Sound...
  20. Freazy

    Looking for a great DAC to match the Cavalli Liquid Fire

    Hey guys,so i need some good advice here so what better place than to ask the members at head-fi. So i will be receiving my Cavalli Liquid Fire in a short while so i will be looking for a great DAC to match the LF. As of now i'll have to use the DAC section of my Burson HA-160D, that's no...
  21. themouse

    W4S DAC 2 - Airport Express - Jitter

    I stream music from a Hard Drive via AirPlay to three different rooms. A MacBook Pro in room 1 is an AirPlay target and outputs via USB to the DAC2 and on to a headphone setup. It works perfectly. The other two rooms are also AirPlay targets thanks to two Airport Expresses each leading to their...
  22. Audiophilehi

    Woo Audio WDS-1

    Hi all, Has anyone received the Woo Audio WDS-1? It's high on my list as well as the Wyred Dac-2. Thanks
  23. smoothlondoner

    Advice needed on a DAC upgrade

    Hi Folks. I'm looking to upgrade from my cyrus DACX+ which I use with a cyrus external power supply also. I have been considering Chinese alternatives to get more for my money. DAC@S Ive been looking at include  Lite DAC 68 (tube anologue stage) Lite DAC 83 Monarchy Audio NM24...
  24. ramarge3653

    Help with selecting a DAC

    Hello,   I’m considering on purchasing my first DAC, but I really don’t know where to start.  First let me explain and detail my current setup.   It’s a vinyl setup TT: VPI Scoutmaster with a Dynavector 17D3 cartridge Phono stage: Aesthetix Rhea (tube phone/pre) Marantz PM11S2...
  25. jyleong

    Volume control: Amarra - W4S DAC-2 - Woo WA22

    I am mainly running 24/88 and 24/96 source from Amarra 2.4.1 via USB to the DAC-2 then via XLR to the WA22. I see that there are a few people on this fourm who run the same configuration.   I am currently running Amarra at max volume (0.0 gain), the DAC-2 at fixed volume with max volume set...